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A weekly live show on Google+ and YouTube,  The Wisdom Factory is a forum for visionaries, open-minded experts from many fields, Integral thinkers and practitioners, artists, entrepreneurs, health professionals, and evolutionary leaders.

In this show, you will have the opportunity to meet interesting people who will invite you into their often surprising perspectives on otherwise well known subjects, or they will tell you something that you have never heard before. You will come out of each episode with an “AHA!” and a deepening of your own understanding of the world.

Your hosts in this show are Heidi (Adelheid) Hörnlein with her husband Mark Davenport. They met a few years ago while engaging online on topics similar to those they want to talk about here with their guests.

Mark’s long life experience includes many years in education and in drug and alcohol counseling. He is a dedicated fan of Ken Wilber and Integral theory and life practice. Both he and Heidi are committed to help spread the Integral worldview as best they can.

Heidi, too, has a rich life experience and has completed many professional courses. At the moment she works as a transformational coach, relationship counselor, and voice therapist—all to help people wake up to their innate potential. She works mainly online, and together with Mark organizes live events and retreats in “Paradiso Integrale” in Italy, which is also the location of their Cultural Association.

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Pre-announcement of SEASON #4 of THE WISDOM FACTORY


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Starts on November 18  2016 with

Ashton Applewhite


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Our latest eBook: inspired by Season #3 – Stop the RelationshiT – Grow your Relations


Season #3 of The Wisdom Factory “End the RelationShit- Grow Your Relations” has  ended on April 8.

Stop The RelationShiT Speakers

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 The Wisdom Factory – Heidi & Mark were present at the INTEGRAL EUROPEAN CONFERENCE in Hungary in May 2016, with a workshop on INTEGRAL AGEING – a challenge to take on.

You can read the preview at the conference blog.

For the recording of the workshop, please visit the Integral Aging Page. or our new AGEING – website



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