Two women and two men coming together to discuss ways of being in the world which genuinely express the power we have as men and as women. In this first excerpt of the one hour long conversation we consider the influence of culture and the time when we are brought up.

Gender roles are quite stable in traditional societies. When we grew out into “higher stages of development”, from “blue” to “orange” in the color terminology of SPIRAL DYNAMICS the gender roles began to shift and open up to the other sex. In regard to power women more often than not believed that their power lies in imitating men.

In this part of the conversation we talk about our own experience regarding power and explore the natural inclination of men and women to what they prefer to be and to do. In the feminist fight for women’s rights and more we often don’t even notice that not only women were caught in stereotypic gender roles, but also men. Men were considered disposable, doing the hard work and going to fight wars. The expectation that men would protect women and children, not only in personal life but also in form of regional and national conflicts where they were expected to die if necessary. 

How can we protect life without continuing with these expectations and roles?

Participants in the conversation:

Jon Freeman, Prof. Dr. Barbara von Meibom, Heidi Hornlein, Mark Davenport

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