Women Matters – A series with women in the Wisdom Factory

February 7th at 7 PM CEST/ 10 AM PT

Exploring Eros


Bettina Hartmann, Heidi Hörnlein, Gertraud Wegst, Monika Schmidt and Tammy Lea Meyer discuss what a feminine contribution would be in public discussions.

Feminine qualities can be expressed in women and men alike. We women need to be aware of them and embrace them more as our natural way of expression – instead of trying to copy masculine ways of being. The ideal would be a complete integration of both qualities and the ability to chose which one is appropriate when.


STREAMED LIVE HERE on February 7th 2017

Sensing and Silence – introducing feminine Qualities in our Public Discussions  

1:18 Introduction by Bettina  Experience in masculine dominated work places. It is important to know when to use which qualities.

3:15 Bettina talks about “Reinventing organizations” by Frederic Laloux. Possible new practices to integrate the values.

4:22 What do we mean with “feminine” and “masculine” values

5:08 Gertraud: different understanding of “Focus”: doing versus providing

7:27 Summary of what Gertraud presented

8:15 Bettina: Acknowledge the polarities and be conscious of them:. Goal oriented and process oriented. Where we use which one? What is rewarded? What should we practice? What enriches the conversations and the solutions?

11:32 Gertraud: about solutions, we need both qualities in specific times

12:45 Heidi: Why are you straight forward or why are you holding back? What would enrich your life? Imagine to act differently first. What is listening, what is the benefit?

14:01 Bettina suggests to do a short listening/silence practice – sensing and silence

16:50 After the silence minute: sharing the experience Heidi

17:52 Bettina: sacredness and gratitude, expansion of the energy field, importance of doing it and talking about it.

19:50 Gertraud: A feeling of going deep and out, awareness on the field between us, expanding the awareness.

21:30 Gertraud tells an experience of the exercise proposed in the business environment

22:49 Silence arises out of the listening,

23:39 Public discussions: you need a good facilitator? What are the skills?

24:28 Bettina: “Theory U” conference about TRUST. The exercise is not difficult and still people cannot do it outside the setting. We need to be able to hold the space for the silence. Vulnerability and discomfort.

26:21 Facilitator needs to be comfortable with being in the silence and to hold the space

26:42 Embrace the silence? What happens? What does it ask from you as participant and/or as the facilitator?

28:45 Preparing the silence experience by telling what might happen, it is ok. Creating a safe space

29:36 Gertraud: Be whatever there is! Being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Trusting connectedness can arise out of the process. FAcilitator needs to be able to create that space, like e.g. appreciative inquiry, check ins, good leading questions etc.

Moderation and Being with the people. True to the outcome. Skillfulness and being.

33:56 Summary: Presence and process

34:05 Why should we engage in these things? What is the bigger picture? What is the benefit?

34:45 Theory U: when people are stuck: the importance of entering the space of “not knowing” for solutions and for being innovative, to invite the collective intelligence to resolve the big issues in the world

36:55 Heidi: Solutions don’t come out of doing and thinking more of the same old. We need the whole spectrum of possibilities to come in and the solution will come through.not just waiting for things to happen

38:44 Active silence, active presence,full emptiness.

39:23 Gertraud: Explains: Brainwaves, hemispheres, thoughts, Focus on left hemisphere = extrapolation of the past. Synched hemisphere and heart and gut create coherence: extremely more impulses can come through to find solutions emerging.

42:20 “If this company would be a BEING, what would it say?”

43:10 Everybody has experienced similar situations (of silence) – and they know it. How can we inspire people to look out for these moment

44.32 Bettina: it is important to introduce it as a practice. The story of a kindergarden practice. Building success stories by finding out the helpfulness of these practices like presencing and silence

47:01 Heidi Becoming comfortable with uncertainty – the example of pregnancy as a natural condition of women. We have uncertainty now all over the world

47:57 Bettina: presenceíng and silence helps to resolve problems in conflict situations. “Pregnant silence”. Connection on a deeper level even when disagreement: something new can emerge when we allow silence. Otherwise we end up killing everything – or et super anxious

50:04 Heidi: the need to be clear and have a practice to calm ourselves: Heidi shares her experience of the state of hightened fear and coming back to a new level. The urge to act and speak up. A new stage and new qualities. Others hold the space for me and I invite others in.

54:00 Being in fear means that you are unable to handle anything – living in the reptilian brain

54:41  Gertraud: holding space = holding safe space for people to feel safe enough to shop up. Nancy Klein: timetothink.com: what do people need to really THINK

56:01 Heidi’s addition to the “safe space”, Gertraud: 2 parts of “safe space”: I need to be brave to provide safe space for others. +give room that people can share. Storytelling. “Ahimsa” – harmlessness: “nothing in me wants to harm you, you don’t need to defend yourself, I am in a peaceful mode.”

58:47 Story: Meditation teachers in Harlem. Peaceful to the core so nothing happens where you go.

1:00:00 Take aways: Bettina: we had a pregnant silence and emerging words, introduce practices in every day life and be spaceholders ourselves.

1:01:17 Heidi: a new idea about offering a daily practice

1:02:40 Every hour music playing for 1 minute, bringing people into silence: the experience of Bettina: “Traffic control”


Gertraud Wegst. Portrait.

Gertraud Wegst

Tammy Lea Meyer

Tammy Lea Meyer

Heidi Hornlein

Heidi Hornlein

Bettina Hartman

I would like to assist in bringing about consciousness and sustainable happiness in all our interactions, at every waking hour. At the supermarket, in the backyard, at Work, with friends, in bed, everywhere. If we include lucid dreaming, even in our sleep ? But particularly, my area of expertise is within teams and organizations, and my favorite book since 2015 has been Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux – it describes how wholeness, purpose and self-management is the new paradigm for organizations. I have a degree in engineering and certifications within project management, risk management, process facilitation, (group) coaching, etc.. having worked for 25 years in all sorts of Danish and international corporate, governmental and independent companies.

 I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark; I meditate and do yoga daily, and I am part of various integral practice groups, both online and In Real Life. I love to walk and ride my bike everywhere, and in my spare time I do gardening, read books, watch movies and spend endless hours online: to interact, to learn and to collaborate and co-create globally ♥.

 I find that the world has been run mostly on masculine, rational and action-oriented values for a very long time – now it’s time to allow both feminine and masculine values to work together! So that we can create new ways of working, not only in corporations but also in politics, in associations, etc. This requires not only a high degree of personal awareness of both talents and shadows, but also a high degree of awareness when communicating: Being aware both of myself, the other, the field between us as well as the collective consciousness. All while leading a conversation with one or more people … Not so odd, that this often doesn’t work out as intended!

Monika Schmidt

Monika is a native Bavarian and grew up as the youngest of three. As a mother of two, she went through the wide range of educational everyday experience throughout thirty years. In her professional life she is engaged with all levels of school education up to university as well as in coaching and consulting with all, students teachers and parents.

Monika started her “life in social media” in early days of Facebook, but turned out as an evangelist with Google and Google+.
A huge caesure in her life was to be diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago. Like an earthquake, nothing looked like it was before. She is trying to verify the basic believes she held. Now she tracing the changes about what it means. The “role” of being a women-wife-mother-individual has changed several times in her life and is still being created new, every day. Glad to be here!