The Wisdom Factory Presents …
The Gold Key Release With Lawrence Gold

Somatic Education

Free yourself from limitations and break through to your innate potential – become an effective change maker!

Become part of the Beta Testing Team for a worldwide spreading of Lawrence Gold’s incredibly effective “Somatic Education” training which holds the potential to create PEACE on EARTH by creating new mental pathways in whoever is practicing these Wisdom Technologies.

The Wisdom Factory, hosted by our non-profit PARADISO INTEGRALE, has invited Lawrence Gold to lead you in a process which will free you from old pain and conditionings.  It is a 7-week deep dive into transforming your mind and body responses, leading you in a new sense of well-being and empowerment.

The training will be delivered in form of group coaching sessions accessible only to people who have registered for it.

You will have the chance to be taken personally through the processes, live on Google Hangout and you will witness the experience of the other participants and discuss your own outcome of the sessions in a private community on G+.

If this is what you have been searching for, please submit your name and email below and we will share with you a short video where Lawrence demonstrates the effectiveness of this technique:

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