Meet amazing People who are involved and concerned with practices which can make the world a better place. They are sharing with you their story and their insights about how to grow ourselves, discover our life’s purpose and to become an agent for positive change. Our guests come from many fields. What ties them together is their broader view on reality, their ability to see problems from multiple perspectives and to search for solutions which are integrated and able to catalyse the necessary changes we need to survive and even thrive in the future.

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Heidi opens the Wisdom Factory shows by gathering female friends and talking about the call for women to leadership and how the participants handled it in their lives. As they represent different generations, it is interesting to witness how the challenges have changed during the last century.

3:40 Monika: Only about 10 years ago Monika came out and started to edit the Magazine of the INTEGRALES FORUM (Germany) and founded the “Female integral field of consciousness”. HOW TO GET WOMEN TO THE FRONT IN A MALE DOMINATED FIELD?
6:25 Monika talks about her perception about Mia and Lisa and the way they speak as native Americans
7:00 Living in Denver versus living in Austria
7.40 Hangout hoasts mute themselves when they are gusts on a show and about Mia’s crown
8:54 Lisa Engles: Welcomes the INAUGURATION of the WISDOM FACTORY
9:20 About the HIRL with Mia in Denver and the success summit.
10:15 About Lisa’s upbringing as a “latchkey kid”, independent and alone “I didn’t care – I just do it”
13.38 the difference of growing up in the 40ies and in the 70ies
14.34 It was very different for Monika who lived in USA in the 70ies and noticed the difference when she came ack to Austria in the 90ies
15.10 “triple aries” – Birthdays of Lisa and Mia
16:09 Mia: “I am just a blond version of Lisa” In the 70ies nobody talked about the things. Isolated as a kid, only now with social media you share about yourself
18:40 Gravitation towards the male driven industries – leadership begins with local politics
19:35 Leadership women? NO real role model available
19:57 Lisa: Leadership started in her 30ies wit MUSIC. “I wasn’t the leader, but allowed IT to lead”
20:13 aries in the audience
22:14 Heidi Message received: “You are only a women” which limits possibility
24:35 Singing for integration of the cerebral hemispheres
25:13 Momika asks a question to Lisa and Mia: “Have you ever considered yourself to be the TOP or a CORNERSTONE”
26:07 Lisa answers “A unique expression”
27:31 Mia: Depends “on the time”
28:15 about the SUCCESS 3.0 Summit
29:31 Less Women presenters on the summit -Lisa: “they hold the space”
33:15 Feminine and male qualities in the different levels (Spiral Dynamics). “The emerence of new levels of the “feminine” whivh is not determined by gender”
35:00 Heidi had to fight against men – Lisa: “social agreements” – “overcorrection in the 70ies
36:12 Shoutout by Mia for Ande Lyons for her creating a balance between men and women energies.
37: Monika “you can empower men as well when you are a powerful woman” Mia in the men’s world
37: 46 difference of age and of the place where you are: MONIKA: “Amazing how Lisa is sure of herself”
40:00 what is the mission for yourself for the rest of your life?
40:35 Mia: living in purpose
41:20 Monika: be centered and in contact with your creativita .- you are on edge with grandchildren…
42:37 Lisa: live as fully as she can in her unique self expression
43:10 Mia about the Success summit
43:55 “It takes a village to run these habgouts”
44:08 Music of the cyberspace
44:55 Lisa’s feedback for Heidi who reamins mute in the hangout
46:33 Singing BYE BYE!

NOVEMBER 26th 2014
Bence Ganti is the creator of the “integral flow therapy” which he presents in workshops in Europe and US, in the moment of the talk there was one scheduled for Portugal, where Paula resides.. He also has founded the Integral European Conference which in May 2018 has its 3rd edition in Hungary.

2:00 Introduction of the hosts Heidi Hornlein and Mark Davenport
3:05 Introduction to Bence Ganti
4:12 Introduction of Paula Soares
4:55 Questionto Bence: What is the FLOW
5:11 Advanced state of human consciousness, to be understood in 3 aspects.
5:27 first aspect: flowing everyday life, here and there
5:56 2nd aspect: a deeper way od being, first researched by Mihai
Flowconcept. “a peak experience” a special state of mind where we lose ourselves in an activity, loss of separate self sense
9:05 in Wilber-talk (integral terminology) and Spiral Dynamics
9.45 “Translation” into understandable speek.
10:13 Paula shares her experience within Bence’s workshop in Budapest: “2nd tier way of communicating”
11:15 What is 2nd tier? Mark answers
12:36 Paula: about this new form of communication: focus on the subtle elements which had been excluded. Connecting to the field.
14.10 Bence: the third aspect of FLOW: when you become ONE with what is – this is not only a personal experience, but you are connected with a much larger reality. YOu are a “channel of the field” equals your deepest self expression
16:02 “we are tapping into a shamanic realm” – a depper reality which is un-accessable for the thinking mind
16:30 How to get there?
18:20 Flow in making music – soul movement
19:38 Mark asks: Have we forgotten this experience or is it to learn? Bence answers
21:25 about the workshop of the Flow Experience in Portugal and Integral Portugal (Paula)
23:56 The “Wilber Combs Matrix” on screen and Bence’s explanation, the levels of development. Connection between theory and practice.
28:25 Zuzu’s comment about AQUAL
28:50 About intimacy: we see where exactly we are. Bence: “it is very good to have knowledge AND experience
30:25 Heidi’s personal experience
31:32 Laboratories for visionaries: many people are changing agents and technology makes connection easy
32:32 Question Margherita: “It looks like Higher Buddist Teaching from a scientific point of view”. Bence answers Integral connects these things together.
33:58 “Why do we need the Integral Flow stuff?” Buddism cannot explain everything, for instance relationships. we need Western psychotherapy for that. Needs integration: evolution and state experiences
36:06 Bence emphasizes relationships and the need of refinement of the Ego for everyday life
“Growing up and Waking up”
37:30 Bence presents his activities
39:11 Paula’s activities in Portugal
40:45 The Portugal Constellation – an integral attitude is “Bringing together
43:40 “A constellation is a space for people to say what the cannot say in words”
45:14 Comment by Adam MUsic
45:52 Good bye songs
46:35 About next week’s show

We are called to give up our position of WAITING for a better world and to step up to CO-CREATING the future. Harmony and One-ness is created by the joint effort of individuals, by YOU and ME, by people who are willing to give their contribution – and this means to DEVELOP THEMSELVES into higher levels of their being.

Here we present a truly advanced approach for personal development, the INTEGRAL FLOW THERAPY created by Bence Ganti. He is holding numerous live workshops with enormous success. In our show we have invited also  Paulo Soares with whom he had a workshop in Portugal only a few weeks ago.

About Bence Ganti
Bence Ganti MA, is an integrally oriented clinical psychologist, Vipassana meditator and internationally known speaker on Integral Theory. He is also the creator of Integral Flow Experience group process. He divides his time between Europe and the US, in the San Francisco Bay Area. In Europe he created the Integral Academy of Hungary in 2006 one of the biggest integral schools in Europe. He was also one of the masterminds and directors of the 1st Integral European Conference (IEC1) in May 2014 which drew over 500 people from 25 countries and 4 continents. He is a speaker at integral conferences around the world. He gives Integral Flow Workshops and Retreats in different countries like Germany, Russia, Hungary, Portugal, Bulgaria and the United States. Bence is one of the living embodiments of the international integral movement connecting American, Western- and Eastern European cultures and integral communities.

About Paola Soares
Paula Soares is a Professor at the Department of Visual Arts and Design at the University of Evora in Portugal. She holds a transdisciplinary and pioneering Phd on ‘Creative Processes and Levels of Consciousness’ (Poetics of the Soul – University of Evora, Portugal 2003), and has been doing research in action within Integral Creativity approaches along with New Methodologies in experiencing the Matrix of Human Consciousness. Paula is the Integral Portugal organizer of Bence Gánti’s Integral Flow Workshops in Portugal.

Lynne Feldman is a cancer surviver and connoisseur di integral theory. She has written a book about her approach to her healing which is applicable to others, too.

0:00 – Introduction of the show
3:18 – Introduction of Lynne Feldman
5:51 – Lynne’s story, the beginning
7:10 – Triple threats
7:35 – The warring camps, how to “marry” them
8:28: – Walking through the quadrants
10:55 – How Lynne looked at each quadrant
12:20 – “The Curse of the Greenbergs”
12:50 – The research began
13:42 – “Quit reading so much. It’s driving you crazy.”
14:15 – Genetic testing of tumors and chemotherapy
16:03 – “Chemotherapy has never killed a cancer cell.2
17:10 – “Statistics won over.”
18.00 – Heidi’s experience
19:14 – Tetra-arising
19.55 – Patricia Kay, author of “Cell-level Meditation”
21:25 – the “Master Cancer Cell” and over consumption metaphors
23:13 – Chanting, transformation, and motivation for writing a book
24:30 – “The helper” and other “false selves”
26:00 – The corporatizing of cancer, like Pink or Shemale
28:45 – 32:53: Truth claims – all 4 quadrants
30:00 – Keeping my mouth shut.
31:20 – her site: www.integralhealingbook.com
34:20 – Margherita’s take away
35:30 – Energy healing modalities
36:00 – Cure vs. Heal, myths and facts
38:00 – healing may include dying
38:50 – Integral Healing available at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com
39:50 – more on chanting and music therapy as integral
42:00 – we sing!
45:20 – announcements and goodbyes


If you got the diagnosis of cancer – what would you do? Operation, chemotherapy, radiation, all the treatments which normally are offered and which seem the only possible ones? there are sources that state that chemotherapy is to 97% ineffective – but you get all the negative side effects and most likely you will die because of them. 80% of cancer doctors woulnd’t use chemotherapy for themselves if they should have cancer. – So WHY WOULD YOU? Just because the doctors say it, because they are obliged to tell you only what they are allowed by their professional orders, because they are NOT allowed to doubt openly the mainstream medication – which gives huge profits to certain institutions?

Fortunately we have free access to information and we can chose other ways and get professional guidance which is not woowoo or based on superstitious beliefs. All kinds of alternative medicines have developed in the last century, from Homeopathy to Energy Healing. Connecting all these paths would be the task of “INTEGRAL MEDICINE”.

In today’s episode we talk with Lynne Feldman the author of the book “Integral Healing ”.
She will tell us about her own path after the cancer diagnosis and about her understanding of healing in the integral level of consciousness.

Lynne is a New Jersey-based lawyer, teacher, and minister. Her 2014 book, Integral Healing tells the story of how she healed herself of two forms of life-threatening cancer using a unique healing approach inspired by “integral philosophy,” a practical model that combines scientific and spiritual perspectives. Feldman has been a pioneer in the integral movement, serving as a founding member of the Integral Institute and the Vice Chancellor of Integral University. Feldman has also enjoyed two successful careers. As a practicing lawyer since 1986, she has handled both civil and criminal cases, including multiple appearances before the New Jersey Appellate and Supreme Courts. She has also served as a High School teacher for nearly 20 years, and was honored by the New Jersey State Legislature. Feldman is currently retired, and serves as an ordained minister helping victims of serious illness to cope with their disease.

You can Contact Lynne at:    Lynne.lawteach@gmail.com

Find many more relevant conversations or contact Heidi & Mark at www.TheWisdomFactory.net

DECEMBER 10th 2014
Tom Golden rises his voice in defence of men who are very much under attack nowadays as the creators of patriarchy and the evil doers against women. This is actually not true. Tom Golden has written a book about the rehabilitation of men today.

MEN ARE GOOD:It sounds strange to hear that, doesn’t it?  Yet in the din of so much public (and private!) debate about the roles of men and women in this century, we can forget that half the people on the planet have their own unique, though somewhat unfashionable, worth…just because they are men!

Since women stepped up and claimed their liberation in the 60ies, men more and more got confused about themselves, what their role is in life, their worth as a human being, as a husband or partner and so on. In their attempt to free themselves women demonized men as the oppressors and the only cause of their suffering. To be born as a boy in some environment was BAD, like being something just tolerated and seen as inferior. It is time to come to a balance and consider what REALITY is, time for women to give up defining themselves by their relationship to men, and time for men to become whole as human beings and claim their rightful place in human society.

Time stamps

03:40 – Introduction of Tom Golden, LCSW
04:45 – How Tom got into men’s issues
06:05 -The “Eye Contact” issue and other male/female client issues
07:19 – Cross-cultural grief, “subcontracting” men’s duties
08:30 – Ask men what they are DOING, not what they are thinking/feeling
09:15 – The key to men’s healing is ACTION, women’s expectations
11:25 – Meditation is a key
13:20 – Differences between men’s and women’s biochemistry; the testosterone flood
15:20 – 2D-4D, the amazing “test” to measure that testosterone flood
17:20 – Spouse’s influence on gender propensities
18:20 – Politicalization of nature vs nurture
19:50 – Transmen, tears “dry up”, emotional processing slows
22:57 – The glass ceiling?
24:34 – Shelly Taylor began testing women and stress: “Tend and befriend”
25:48 – Men’s response to stress: do something or go inactive “and grind on it”
27.50 – Oxytocin under testosterone or estrogen seems to determine the response difference
29:45 – Shelly Taylor: “The Tending Instinct”
30:31 – Recent research has been almost all on women
30:50 – What do we (men and women) need to do now? Limitations of consciousness
32:35 – Gynocentrism and why feminism could “take over” in the 60’s
34:00 – Ken Wilber: It’s for Survival! (video)
35:30 – Men have three choice: work, work or work
36:55 – What is the role of women in helping their men? Give up that role?
39:04 – A man’s way of healing through action: Eric Clapton
41:58 – Heidi gets the “transmission.”
43:08 – Beethoven’s example
44:30 – Men’s expression either through their creativity or through their shadow
44:50 – Ask a man: What’s the toughest thing about this for you?
45:45 – Final remarks, announcements, goodbyes

About Tom Golden
Tom is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from the Washington DC area. He is an expert in MEN’S ISSUES. He has written several books to help men to grow up into a new way of being. “The Way MEN HEAL” – the title of one book – is different than the way women heal. As a public speaker and clinical social worker Tom brings these news to MEN and WOMEN alike: MAN ARE GOOD, maybe not in all individual cases, but as a species they are just as good as anybody else. And they have, like women, learn to overcome the restrictions and conditionings which patriarchy has put on all of us.

About Heidi and Mark
We both were attracted to Integral Theory many years ago which literally changed our lives – not only in the understanding of the world and ourselves, but also by giving us the possibility to get to know each other, to meet, marry and to create this show together.
We are counselors and coaches – more in the Detail section – and we run a retreat – and guesthouse PARADISO INTEGRALE in Italy where you are welcome to stop by.