March 29th at 10 AM PT/ 7 PM CET

Live It! Revision Your Life with Zara Altair


Simple daily acts can enrich your life at any age. As we age creating daily positive acts can eliminate fear, keep depression away, enrich life, and brighten our attitude.

Often authorities approach aging with big theories and big words like affirmations, cognitive resonance, neuroscience. These are great theories but enacting on a daily basis works best with actions that transform life into a daily appreciation of life.

Discover your Wow! and Ahh! moments. Increase your awareness. Growth through daily small increments builds positive change. Brighten your outlook on life

Zara Altair

STREAMED LIVE  HERE on March 29th 2018

Live It! Revision Your Life with Zara Altair

00:00 Introductions of Zara and mechanics

04:00 How she got started

00:00 Links to her books

06:16 Connections with singing and history with Heidi, we all like Ravenna

09:40 Zara’a presentation: “Do it, Practice it, Live it” Mind/Body connection and a little practice on using eyes for details (Heidi and I both “fail”).

15:15 Ageing and exercise; 50 reasons to do it.  Darebee and The Hero’s Journey

17:10 Importance of Intention for daily practice

17:30 Starting with the mind, an eye exercise

21:01 another method for training the eyes: Kim’s game, fun! Do it at home!

26:50 Online games, like Uncharted, Sniper Elite, or The Last of Us, are helpful for building mental skills

30:50  Heidi asks if online games are for older people. Well, yes!

32:00 Ooh! And Ah! Create them both every day

34:10 Highly recommends Darebee for a multiplicity of FREE online exercises and various skill levels. Some examples of very brief videos to demonstrate

38:20 How do handle resistance, very personal advice

41:40 special kudos for David Amerland’s “The Sniper Mind” demonstrates the great plasticity of the mind

52:10 Dwelling on limitations is not helpful, but be realistic! And always be able to stop if necessary!

58:25 Compliments on her presence from guests

1:01:01 She demolishes all excuses!  Don’t measure yourself against anyone but yourself

1:08:30 Thank you’s and good bye’s

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When I did my first steps into social media, especially G+, some years ago, Zara Altair was among the first people who reached out to me, answered my questions and gave me encouragement to learn and proceed with my plan to become visible to the world and share my message. Zara already was fully engaged in G+. she had her own weekly show on Hangouts “Midweek Zap” with guests who are celebrities in the field and who gave advice on how to create one’s online presence.

I was blown away by her willingness to learn all that complicated stuff which older people are inclined to leave to the young ones who have grown up with computers. She became an authority in the exploration of technical questions like Search engine Optimization and what not. Later she dedicated her time more on writing and several fun-to-read novels have already seen the light.

One thing which Zara can teach to all of us older folks: YOU CAN DO IT! Just begin, figure out how things work, go on as long as you find it useful and then find the next thing which you are interested in exploring.


Zara Altair is a writer of fiction and non-fiction. Her research interest is Italy under Ostrogoth rule in the early 6th Century. Her stories are mysteries set in this period when murder was not a crime. She has taught writing from Kindergarten through University levels with an emphasis on bringing what is in the mind and heart out in words. Her Master of Arts in English Literature and time as a Graduate Fellow in Pacific Basin Studies – Political and Economic Assessment reflect her diverse background.

In the mid-1990s, Zara stopped reading self-help books. She posits that all change comes from internal motivation and believes we can train our brain to lead a positive, active life.