February 15th at 10 AM PT/ 7 PM CET

It’s Time to Prepare Your Life Transitions with Gina Donaldson


During our life we are faced with innumerable transformation which we have to undergo if we are prepared for them or not. They just seem to happen to us and, most of the time, we navigate our way through them in uncertainty and distress. If we knew how to go through transition times, if we had someone to guide us, we could handle the challenges with far less pain and psychological suffering. From childhood on we were taught that we have to get by somehow, get out of it ourselves. Some of us are successful, others not. They develop illnesses, are involved in accidents and what not. Hopefully they survive.


It's time to prepare for life transitions


00:00 Introductions and mechanics

02:14 About our guest and she thanks us!

04:15 About her business: You’re never too young to die!  She explains our resistance to “death planning”which, paradoxically, once done gives great peace of mind

09:10 Heidi asks for “nuts and bolts” of gettings things in order

10:00 File it where you can find it!  Some tips…and a response to Heidi

11:43 Gina shows off her very fat “family resource” file in 8 sections

11:50 Section 1- Legal stuff – the foundation! Check local rule for what your WILL must be like.  Power of Attorney is important. Heidi recalls her experience and asks questions about our own circumstances

20:45 Section 2 – Banking is so much more complicated these digital days.  Details!

23:50 Section 3 – Investments: Where’s your money and who’s managing it? A financial plan is essential.

26:50 Section 4 – Paying bills, what are they, how to they arrive and get paid. User names and passwords! Advice re: passwords.  Lists or spreadsheets, keeping up with changing pw’s! She advises printing it out somewhere as a backup.

30:35 Section 5 – Key documents – Keep original documents. PAPER!

34:50 Section 6 – Social Who will miss you? Affiliations, clubs, who’s going to look after the pets, roles in the family, do both know how to cook, how to do the banking? Paper address book?  Bucket list? All social media accounts.

41:25 “Connections with others is the strongest indicator of long life!” 41:54 Going into Final section: Advanced care and life decisions –
who are my doctors, what kind of extreme care is ok, what kind of funeral? burial, cremation? What kind of supported living, what if I get dementia, what help do I need

(Gina reminded us after the show, “It was pointed out to me that I didn’t mention the “Insurance” chapter which includes home, life, fire, critical illness and travel.”)

44:10 Heidi asks how Gina handles people’s fear of doing this research? As if thinking about it might attract it! Actually, doing it lifts the “load” of uncertainty and not doing it is like not cleaning up after yourself

50:00 What’s it like to do this work?  It takes time but less than you’d think.  Once made, it’s easier to update annually.  It’s doable!

52:00 Do you work online?  She does!  But she does require the help of others and has a local field of competent attorneys, etc. for the BC area.  The rest of us will have to find our own advisors within the context of her help.

53:27 How to contact Gina: on Facebook at Personal Passage Planning.

Her website:


54:00 Some of the earlier passages: start as soon as you’re adult, practice with life as it changes, TALK MORE with family!

56:10: Links to her books on our site at:

57:40 Wrapping up, final words. Thank you’s

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Sooner or later we all have to face the final good-bye. We use the same tactics here: ignore the fact of our mortality and hope to outsmart God. That’s why so many of us are resistant to preparing for that event with the shallow excuse: “I don’t care, I won’t be there anymore”. But others are and they have to deal with what you leave behind, your relationships, your belongings, your support and wisdom and all what you had been. Why are we so reluctant to prepare for that?

Gina Donaldson has specialised in guiding people for all types of change in human life and especially she encourages us to be get advice for the last transformation which we will face one day – hopefully not sooner, but later.


I am an accredited expert in Change Management with over thirty years of professional personnel administration, business consulting and life experience. My life has always been about transformation. I have served in the Royal Canadian Navy at a time when women were not treated equally and there were very few senior officer role models. I was a trailblazer and given great opportunities to guide organizational change.  After the Navy, I was the first non-technical Manager of a Diagnostic Imaging department in Canada and later also Cardiology. My role was to create the first shared service for both a children’s and maternity hospital. My last career was as a Change Management consultant with both Fujitsu and IBM.  I have training in critical incident response, counselling and suicide intervention. I am also a Reiki Master.

My Service –  I started creating Personal Passage Planning in Jan 2016 and formally launched it in Sept 2016. My inspiration for creating Personal Passage Planning arose from seeing the aftermath that followed the death of a parent, spouse and a child.  Friends and family were deeply grieving and yet there was so much work to be done. Even if they were the executor, they were in no way prepared for their role or the process. They also had to search the home for required documentation and were frustrated by all those passwords on cell phones and computers.  Why?  Well, in the time leading up to death they continued to hope for a better outcome and then were overwhelmed by the reality that the end was drawing near. They couldn’t bring themselves to have the important conversations about what needed to be done and what comes next.   I bring a systematic and highly tailored approach to change.  My passion is to enable people to deal with change through a thorough, compassionate and respectful approach that is worthy of their trust.  I guide my clients in understanding the importance of preparing for life events and creating a personalized “Life Log”. Together we create this go-to resource contains key documentation, information and client instructions so that they and those they entrust “Know Your Way”. Clients learn why it is up to them to take responsibility to “Know Your Way” and the importance of lessening the burden on others and loved ones who may step in to assist them or find themselves left behind.  My key areas of interest and professional development are ageing and grief


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