Final Panel Discussion

What does CONSCIOUS AGEING mean and how is it expressed?

This event was streamed Live  on April 7th 2017CET

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00:00 We introduce the show

04:00 Guests intro themselves: first Ann Roberts

08:00 Lynn Kreaden

10:50 Miriam van Groen

13:05 Bettina Hartmann

16:25 Monika Freuhrwirt

20:25 Tom Christensen

25:25 Martin Ucik

30:50 Ashton Applewhite

36:52 Jon Freeman

41:10 Hans Parge

45:50 Lowell Ann Fuglsang
52:10 Back to Miriam who has to leave soon: What is she curious about  and asks  how we (Mark  & Heidi) have changed.

57:44 Monika asks Jon’s question about how can we change what/how what we think  and so to Jon.  he responds re: the information changes what we consider to be reality…and read my book!
01:00:05 Lynn is back and recalls how she grew aware of ageing after surviving breast cancer tx at age 56 which propelled her into a growing intimacy with death, investigating the relationship with sex, intimacy and love and older age.

“Intimacy isn’t just about fucking!”

01:06:35 Ann jumps in reflecting on her long term relation with her husband and how that has developed after leaving the work world.  She’s learning how her body can lead her to healing and learning what she may be handing on to her children and grandchildren in terms of cultural baggage.

01:10:00 Tom is back with two thoughts.  First, we are a self selecting group of “curiosity addicts”. Second, falling into a conversation during meditation shows how automatic are the ways we go about in our everyday life.  How can we interrupt those automatic habits.

01:12:33 Mark and Heidi bounce off Tom’s remarks as applied to (their own) couple work

01:14:13 Bettina returns commenting on Tom’s idea of interrupting habitual patterns and the work of Bruce Lipton who stresses the idea of influencing the expression of our genes (which we once considered our destiny).

01.18:15 We call on Jon to speak on Epigenetics but he diverts to the importance of constellation work and how “the field” can generate very real family members, for example.  This he sees as how immense the flow of information is! Lynn responds with the idea of “emotional genetics”.

01:21:51 Tom responds excitedly re: the progress of cognitive complexity where we can look not at the past but on toward the future, past our ego.

01:23:42 heidi picks up on Tom’s remarks as reflecting the purpose of The Wisdom Factory and proposes regular meetings from these premises.
01:28: 20  We invite last words, from Martin, Ann, Zoom or not? Acknowledgements of the online audience.

Conscious Ageing: Final Panel Discussion

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