APRIL 8th at 10 AM PT/ 7 PM CET

Non-pharmacological healing with body-mind practice


We fear old age because it seems to us to be synonymous with “ill and helpless”.  This can be the case, and probably is the case more often than it actually would need to be. Poor health in older years more often than not is the direct consequence of poor health in earlier years and of caring poorly for ourselves to become and stay healthy human beings.

Dr.Roger Jahnke presenting on stage


Non-Pharmacological healing with Mind-Body practice with Dr.Roger Jahnke

00:00 Introductions and orientation
01:48 Dr. Roger Jahnke and his introduction

03:10 His background, getting into Chi Gong

05:10 Now he trains others to Chi Gong and Tai Chi teachers who teach people to teach themselves, “an enthusiastic citizen with a strong intention for the potential of the human race…”

06:15 The false promise of normal medicine. Without vitality, even when he works with hospitals, because of the system

9:00 He sees humans a self-regenerating biological system which is infused with a mental-emotional capacity and a spiritual “feature”, a body-mind-spirit (the three treasures)
10:25 Yes, your health problem was caused by you…but… it’s free!

12:38 Heidi quotes an Indian guest’s critique of the pharmacological industry. So she asks how do we know what’s really good for us?

14:02 Roger’s comeback: stop being hypnotized by “everybody’s doing it”  Some examples!

16:00 A few slides, a definition of immortality that includes a concept of ourselves that is eternally well, cannot get sick, and does not die. He expands.

21:30 He asks why not at some point have a panel of like minded people from among our guests and audience. Details…

25:00 We feel confused so we follow the trend of being confused.

27:18 Heidi asks how do you get people with clearly unhealthy habits, for example, smoking, to stop?  Don’t we need a consciousness shift first? “Teach what you aspire to know.”
30:25 His website, contact info, etc. shown on a slide

33:30 He responds to motivation to change with “spiritual alchemy.” Then he describes his spirituality: the Transphysical Paradigm

36:10 How to find a way into a mind-set change to a kind of egalitarian governance, etc

38:10 “How can I reveal the wellness that is present?” Heidi and Mark both add remarks.  How do get get the courage to just “jump over” the edges of the current paradigm?

41:37 Roger replies: Destiny!  Some do it and others cannot. Anomalies!  Examples from quantum physics.  Paradoxes.

46:00 But everyone deserves a chance to try. Comments by a viewer

48:00 Growing number of studies re: Tai Chi, Yoga and Chi Gong!
50:40 A breath practice: filling belly and then the chest with air, holding for a count or 3 to 7 (or so) and very slowly exhaling,  then one or two normal breaths and then repeat, for as many cycles as you wish.  This nengages receptors in the chest that produce neurotransmitters that produce a feeling in well-being as you exhale. Write down what you feel in various parts of your body.

Mark reports a feeling of expansion, Heidi reports an altered state of consciousness.  

1:00:00 This is the free “medication” that the body produces itself!  Roger proposes a second session, possible group activities.  Goodbye’s


Health is a state of mind

In our society illness means: go to the doctor, get a diagnosis and then do medications to abolish the symptoms which had made you become aware that something is wrong with your body. We expect that the healing comes from somewhere outside of us and we are willing to spend a lot of money on drugs, health food and what not. But “The Most Profound Medicine is Produced in the Human System — FOR FREE!” That is the conviction of our special guest Dr. Roger Jahnke whose mission it is to “train 1000s to Inspire Millions to Heal Themselves For Free!”

We need a true shift in consciousness, especially away from the victim mentality toward the attitude of grown up human beings who are informed about what they can do for their own benefit and who are willing to go all the way to reach the desired results. It is difficult to do so in a society with so many contradictions as ours: The celebration of youth on one side and the promotion of unhealthy lifestyles on the other side. The stigmatization of people who are actively caring for themselves in a genuine way as opposed to the continuous offers of quick solutions for everything which don’t do anything other than postponing and even increasing negative situations. Many of us are caught in the contradictions of our lives: Knowing somehow better and still not being able to really be proactive and consistent in doing what we understand we would need to do.

We are curious about what our guest, Dr. Roger Jahnke, will share with us about his projects and his successes in teaching people how to take their health into their own hands. If you are interested to read something in preparation for our live conversation, please check out the links below and/or get the books listed here on Amazon (just click on the respective link):


Roger Jahnke, OMD, the creator of Tai Chi Easy™, is a doctor of Chinese Medicine with 35 years in clinical Chinese medicine, 9 trips to China, plus 45 years of combined Qigong (Chi Kung) and Tai Chi (Taiji) experience.  He is the Founder of “The Healer Within Foundation” and the Founder and Director of the “Institute of integral Qigong and Tai Chi”.  He has trained well over 1000 Mind-Body Practice Leaders who have taught many 1000s of citizens mind-body practices — Tai Chi and Qigong.  He has lectured at AMA, American Hospital Association, American College of Health Care Executives, Mayo Clinic. He serves as a consultant to hospitals, social service agencies, and corporations in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CAM / IM), wellness, and medical cost reduction.

Dr Jahnke and the IIQTC have been involved in numerous research projects. In 2005, Dr. Jahnke was appointed to co-convene a National Expert Meeting on Qi Gong and Tai Chi in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the National Blueprint for Active Aging. The panel of experts agreed that the major challenge to the wide dissemination of these profound practices has been the exclusive dependence on masters or experts to transmit the teachings.

Dr. Jahnke is the author of “The Healer Within” (Harper San Francisco, 1999) used in body/mind programs worldwide. His most recent book, The Healing Promise of Qi (McGraw-Hill, 2002) has become an instant classic in the western literature on Qigong and Tai Chi.


The breathing exercise