Dr. Keith Witt

Loving Completely: How we can learn to keep our intimate relationships alive.

When we fall in love, life seems light and easy; the spark of happiness and creativity is alive within us, and we believe and hope that this feeling will never change.

Well, we know that the period of infatuation won’t last forever, and often people think their love is dead and that separation is their only option. What if we had the power to keep the spark alive and even to deepen our connection, instead of slowly coming apart with disappointment and frustration?

Dr. Keith Witt’s work addresses exactly this: How can we wisely navigate through the stages of a couple’s life together and grow individually as well as as a couple?

Streamed live January 29, 2016

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About Dr. Keith Witt

Dr Keith Witt

Dr. Keith Witt is a Licensed Psychologist, teacher, and author who has lived and worked in Santa Barbara, California for over forty years. Dr. Witt is the founder of The School of Love, at www.drkeithwitt.com, where he offers his School of Love lecture series, blogs, Therapist in the Wild webseries, and Integral Conversations audios and videos on health/love/relationship/sexuality/spirituality/development/psychotherapy-related topics.

Keith’s work has explored Integrally Informed Psychotherapy, intimacy, human development, spirituality, and sexuality yielding five books (Integral Mindfulness, Waking Up, Sessions, The Attuned Family, and The Gift of Shame), three TEDx talks, and lectures and classes taught across the U.S. Waking Up and its companion volume, Sessions, are two of the first texts on Integrally Informed Psychotherapy. His popular audio class, Loving Completely, is offered through Integral Life. Keith has conducted over fifty-five thousand therapy sessions, led many groups, and has been a contributor to Integral Life and the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice.

In presentations around the country—including Integral Life’s What’s Next, Integral Theory Conferences, and his ongoing series The Shrink and the Pundit with Jeff Salzman—Keith has explored love, intra and interpersonal relationships, and development from multiple perspectives, weaving neuroscience, Integral Theory, wisdom traditions, and numerous forms of psychotherapy into a coherent cosmology of love and development.