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The Science of Possibility – The message of Jon Freeman

Jon Freeman is  a "regular" scientist who,at a certain point in his life, understood that science, as it is still practiced today in main-stream, is much too limited for to give good answers. Rupert Shaldrake in his book "Science Delusion" point out clearly (and with scientific accuracy) that the science practiced still today [...]

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The Feminine Aspect in Decisions and the Theory U

The Feminine principle finally enters into business and organizations. The masculine principle has dominated our lives for centuries. Businesses were constructed according to them, other organisations as well. Everywhere on the world the patriarchy has made us believe that things need to be in a certain way: hierarchical structure in power and responsability. Since about [...]

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Do you want to understand why things happen?

Pre-election times in America - everybody seems to have become crazy.  Word fights, a fierce friend-enemy mentality. But do you want to understand why people respond this way? and why things happen as they happen? Integral Theory gives some very good answers, so that you can see what is moving people in which direction. [...]

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Is consciousness a function of the Brain?

Mainstream science believes that CONSCIOUSNESS is a function of the brain, or at least strictly connected with our brains and cannot exist without a brain. The eastern Wisdom Traditions know for a long time that consciousness has no intrinsic connection with the brain, although it has some correspondence. The Western Science has had a hard [...]

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The Healing Path of a Cancer Surviver

INTEGRAL HEALING with LYNNE FELDMAN If you got the diagnosis of cancer - what would you do? Operation, chemotherapy, radiation, all the treatments which normally are offered and which seem the only possible ones? Lynne Feldman is a cancer surviver and has written a book about her healing journey called "integral Healing". Normal medicine [...]

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Time to leave your spouse? -Conscious Uncoupling saves you from pain

We all know how terrible a separation can be - is there a better way? It seems to be inevitable that pain and distress come up, even overwhelms you, when it comes to a separation, especially from a long term partner, but also from children, parents, friends or even pets. Traditionally there are [...]

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Martin Ucik – Falling In Love With Someone Good for You

Going Solo, Conscious Uncoupling, Calling in the “NEXT” One, Serial Monogamy and Polyamory are widespread phenomena in modern and postmodern societies. We can see it as a necessary developmental stage in the liberation of women and the changing gender roles that have emerged as a consequence. But what about those of us who want [...]

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