Lisa Engles and Kim Carpenter

Creating and curating relationships as the fundamental tool for bringing your message into the world.

Many of us have insights and experiences which they want to share with others to help them to reach similar fulfilment, realisations and levels of growth. The question is HOW? Speaker’s corner in Hyde Park is not really very efficient. neither does writing a book which doesn’t really sell. Publicity like big enterprises? – who has the money to do that? So what can a single person do when they are passionate about bringing out their message into the world? – The same thing we did when we lived in a limited local environment: we talked to our neighbors and friends, we got them interested in what we were doing…and a few were inclined to listen more closely to us and even to buy our products. So we might have become “famous” in a small circle, but certainly our message had only a limited reach.

Today with internet and social media the situation is completely different: we CAN reach a large number of people. But how can we make sure that they actually perceive our message? – the same “old” way: by creating relationships online, by talking to each other, inspiring each other and creating interest in our message. And when we create a network of interested people we co-create a treasure of helpful and often transformational information and practices which have the power to change the world.

This is exactly the mindset of Lisa Engles who is co-creating with Kim Carpenter structures to help change makers to really get out into the world and be heard with their message.

Streamed live March 18, 2016

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About Lisa Engles

Lisa Engles

Lisa Engles

Lisa is an evolutionary entrepreneur and visionary coach, author, speaker and consultant. She is the founder InnerState Coaching where she helps people who feel like ‘something has to give’ to find their internal compass so that they can make decisions that help them regain momentum and awaken to their highest potential.

Lisa is committed to using her gifts of connecting and communicating to reach a world-wide audience through her google hangouts: The Power of Practice and Hangouts with Visionary Leaders. She believes that humanity is collectively experiencing the symptoms of awakening but is largely unaware of how to navigate through the turmoil and upheavals. Her hangouts address the inherent challenges and opportunities of the consciousness shift while also offering innovative ideas and practical resources and tools for the journey.

Lisa has mastered the art of creating deep and authentic levels of connection with her audience and has quickly risen amongst her colleagues to be seen as an expert in harnessing digital potential in service to human and social potential. With over 20 years of coaching experience, Lisa is known for her compassionate, creative and intuitive abilities. She is the creator of The Awakened Visionary coaching program, Hangout Strategies for Visionary Leaders program, is the author of Breathe Run Breathe: Ancient Breathing Secrets To Turn Your Daily Run Into An Effortless, Revitalizing and Mindful Practice and the creator of the Breathe Run Breathe fitness program.

Website: I want to do as much good on this planet as I can while I’m alive. And hopefully leave some things in motion to create even more good after I’m gone.

About Kim Carpenter

Kim Carpenter

Kim Carpenter

Kim says about herself:

What jazzes me most is thinking about the magical intersection of business and philanthropy. How can we use all of the really good stuff about being an entrepreneur, business owner, or company leader and combine that with our personal passions for creating positive change in the world, to create real, tangible positive change in the world?

Yes, I’m talking about changing the world! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Nobody is coming to save us. We’re it. Let’s get crackin’!

So, what part do I play in all that? I help social change agents create businesses that make a difference while making they also make a living. Part business coach and marketing guru, and part activist and passionate supporter of children’s rights, holistic education and women’s empowerment.

I am the VP of Strategic Operations for Lisa Cherney (, The Speak To Sell Mentor for Lisa Sasevich, and I have managed and/or built 3 businesses to the million dollar mark.