There is no difference between men and women – really?

  There is no difference between men and women - really?   The threat to freedom of speech. Men and women are equal, right? There are people who declare in public that there is no biological difference between men and women and that our idea of gender - if we are a woman or a [...]

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There was a time when the earth was flat

Now we know the truth - do we? We read in our history books that there was a time when the church insisted that the earth was flat and Kopernikus found enough evidence for its round shape. But the people in power refused to even look at the facts, it just couldn’t be in [...]

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Why is this Friday black? – Noticing for the first time.

Do you have any idea why this week’s Friday is considered black? I had never heard about that special Friday before I entered in close relationship with people living in USA, and when I first heard about Black Friday, I really had no idea what it could mean. Black activities? Yes, I know [...]

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After the inner and outer shocks – Now what?

Beginning with outer shocks - earthquakes Do you know how shocks feel like? I guess you do, you might have been shocked many times in your life and overcome it somehow. Was it a physical shock or an emotional shock? Here I am talking about both, the inner and outer shocks and the connections between [...]

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The Science of Possibility – The message of Jon Freeman

Jon Freeman is  a "regular" scientist who,at a certain point in his life, understood that science, as it is still practiced today in main-stream, is much too limited for to give good answers. Rupert Shaldrake in his book "Science Delusion" point out clearly (and with scientific accuracy) that the science practiced still today and [...]

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Are you an AGEIST and don’t even notice it?

Are YOU an AGEIST? It's not a long time ago that I first noticed that I am behaving as an Ageist. I didn't even know what that meant, actually I had never heard about it before. But then, yes, Ashton Applewhite made it very clear to me, that AGEISTS are not only the others but we [...]

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I am enjoying Aging – what a surprise!

Elderly Couple Bent on Cane Most people believe that getting older is horrible and that we will be afflicted by all sorts of things, illnesses, missing abilities and so on. I believed that for sure and I remember the day when my first husband turned 40 - which was a catastrophic day for him. [...]

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Staying young – no, thank you! by Heidi Hornlein

Today the most important thing in life seems to “stay young”. But if you ask me if staying young  would be my ideal, I can only say: no, thank you! Spring of Life - full of dreams Looking into the past When I look back to my young years, 16, 20 (when I [...]

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A Five Year Old on the Nuclear Button

Jeff Salzman is one of my very favorite Integralists.  He's great at putting an evolutionary view on the most terrible events, helping me see what's positive and forward moving in almost any situation, sometimes practically "talking" me a "lullaby" so I can dream peacefully in the midst of war and mayhem. But his message today [...]

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Sexuality in Human Life – Christiane Pelmas

Sexuality in Human Life  Words of a therapist engaged with people who have problems in this area of their lives Even in the 21st century sexuality is still a huge taboo, similar to ageing, death and life-threatening illnesses. After the Women's Liberation Movement in the 60ies of the last century things seem to have [...]

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