November 20th at 7 PM CET/ 10 AM PT

Exploring Eros


The last three meetings of Women Matters talked about women and sexuality, personal experience and how it is seen and handled in our society. It is hardly surprising that almost all of us had experience of abuse, which was the topic in October  while we had started the series talkong about women and sexuality.

The previous conversation  had so much traction on all of us, so that we felt the need to continue with the topic and explore even deeper. So this time we go into a more abstract concept of EROS, what do we understand when we name this word and how does it express in our lives?


Streamed  LIVE HERE on November 20th 2018



0:00 Intro Heidi from The Wisdom Factory

1:00 Presentations. Gertraud Wegst: Appreciation

1:45 Elizabeth Debold: A gender futurist

3:00 Viktoria Duda in Hungary: Hypnotherapist and past life regressions, people’s existential program. Creative writing.

5:00 Trying to get Monia into the conversation who initiated the topic

6:00 Heidi explains where she got to know something about Eros

7:12 Monia succeeds to come in. Greetings and she starts with “what do I understand when you hear the word EROS: Monia version: her experience: reloading Eros. Most important in relationship and community. Sexual is the easiest way to define Eros. Also as energy on higher chakras. Open up your heart and listen differently

10:10 Gertraud. Eros is for her Life force, forward going, to be balanced with Agape. She is curious what Monia and elizabeth would share.

11:55 Heidi shares what she thinks Eros is: the red line through her life

12:50 Viktoria shares her experience with the “universal lover” who said “ am you and you are me, I created you and you created me and what I try. to do is to make love to you”

Universal consciousness. Eros, ability to love, purpose of material existence.

17;45 Elizabeth: Eros is also the creative aspect of the Universe. The life force which wants us badly and we are it. It manifests in different ways. She wants to take EROS out of the sexual, because we can get stuck in embodiment. There are many different levels of Eros. Move to self transcendence stabilized in Agape. These are not ideas, but actual forces to which you can become sensitive for. Movement in the field of consciousness in which we can tap into by sexuality. “Create create” Eros expressed in creativity which explosively arose with modernity. Human beings as agents of this creativity, = eros on a non-physical level. Eros exists also as spiritual impuls. Developing the capacity to move between these levels of life force is one of the great adventures of our time.

Co-creativity of a shared embodyment of the life force

23:48 Viktoria adds from her experience. Love making of the universe is on any level

24:52 Monia shared an experience with a massage,  heart chakra opening and re-loaded Eros which she had many years ago by tantric experience. Now using that energy in creating a group, a feel of meeting others and connecting. Unity and transcending at the same moment = eros. Once you know eros, agape is the next step.

27:50 Monia talks about Andrew Cohen’s teaching, we-space experience.

28:50 Monia asks if this teaching influencest Elizabeth’s relationships with Tom Steininger

28:59 Elizabeth: yes, but they have developed different from what Andrew was doing. Full embodiment and also deep interconnection. Non-separation and transcendence which moves you from behind and through your root chakra. Her relationship is a ply between these levels.  Eros happens as unity between us.

31:25 Elizabeth: the difference between sexuality sensation based and sexuality based in this creative force of life. There is something much deeper than the physical experience. Something more primary which she calls EROS

32:44 Monia: a level where there are no concepts, very relaxing. Transcendence of what you are conditioned to be.

33:20 Elizabeth: you are pushed out of your usual role. Gives one courage to engage where before you would not have done, From shyness to warriors, fierceness and boldness “Kühnheit”, which is unusual for women,

35:15 Viktoria: regrets to have to leave. The conversation resonates with her a lot.

36:40 Monia asks Elizabeth to have such a group in Vienna, where she is based. Some organisational talk

37:27 Heidi asks: Is the fact to have become courageous the consequence of EROS?

37:40 Elizabeth: could be! Also when women become older.

38:25 Gertraud: she is listening with big ears. Something resonates much without calling it with words. Good to have it downloaded/reloaded. Wants to connect with Elizabeth.

39:50 Elizabeth to gertraud

40 Monia: re-loading Eros: A force from behind. Once she thought it came from the tantric partner, but now she knows it was Eros, not him. Reconnects with this force via that man, the only source she knew this force from. Now AGAPE comes in. She is more relaxed, needs many inputs, but now it gets deeper.

42:18 Elizabeth speaks about Sri Aurobindo. “The psychic being” who enters from the back of the heart. The next stage of human development.

43:10 Heidi shares her experience with the experience “from backward in”. Cites Alex Gray’s paintings.

43:45 Elizabeth explains the chakras as channels for subtle energies, comes throug from behind our physical body, from the next larger body.  Explains more what the experience means. Afterwards you find yourself open and resonate with things on a different level than before.

46:40 Monia: what does EROS want?

46:57 Heidi ask another question connected with coming in from the back. Heat experiences: is taht connected?

47:07 Elizabeth: Goyenka talks about feeling heat. Meditative practises. Our beings want to work through blockages. Different ways of openings to make us more sensitive.

48:35 Heidi: the heat happens when?

49:02 Monia: Elizabeth’s group in Frankfurt: “The Higher We” www.emerge-besusstseinskultur.de

50:03 Eizabeth does much of the work online. Consciesness travels, non local.

50:52 Heidi calls for the closing remarks.

51:15 Monia: repeats the question: what is Eros wanting from us here?

51:24 A point beyond words, also a point beyond words where something wants to be said. There is a love which can be expessed through the creative ineraction through language.

Languge can be a block, but also an instrument of giving it life between us.

52:42 Eros shing in your face.

53:00 Gertraud is back in the video room. Elizabeth: we all seem to be smiling and shining, a good sign.

53:15 Heidi reminds of Monia’s words in the past: talking with women makes us ignited, alive, happy. What causes women to light up when they open up to each other.

54:05 Elizabeth: we are so deeply taught to be male referenced and disconnected from each other. When it happens then it ks such a relief.  Heidi: Also a shared experience

55:15 Gertraud: How did the previous conversations about women and sexuality feed into this conversation. How can we unleash all these forces, not restricted that they balance each other?



Gertraud Wegst. Portrait.

Gertraud Wegst

Tammy Lea Meyer

Tammy Lea Meyer

Luna Ceovelli

Luna Ceovell

Portrait of Monika Frühwirth

Monia Fruehwirth

Anna Harris

Heidi Hornlein

Heidi Hornlein

Lucy Rist

Elizabeth Debold

Elizabeth Debold