January 6th at 10 AM PT/ 7 PM CET

Tantra at any age  with Michaela Boehm


What if the time of our older age might present an opportunity to finally break free, also in sexuality, and do what we really like to do, enjoy the moment, enjoy the life we have, knowing well that it is too precious to fill it up with stress of expectations of whatever kind? And if so, what can the practices and ideas of Tantra offer in this regard?

Tantra might just be the right practice, not only for young people, but for any age!

Portrait of Michaela Boehm

STREAMED LIVE HERE on January 6th 2017

Tantra for Any Age - A conversation with Michaela Boehm

Time Stamps

00:00 Introductions and housekeeping

03:10 Michaela “corrects” our intro of her  and gives her website:

04:04 Mark asks: So what is Tantra…and she explains it’s not all about sex, which is just a small part of it.  It’s an entry into life that doesn’t cut off anything, using your whole body, without cutting of your spiritual endeavors

It’s a yogic practice so much of those practices are included.

07:13 To listeners, how to comment at

08:00 Back to Michaela and what she means by play, and the difficulties of using masculine and feminine today.  The “classical” ideas.

05:50 Contrast between good relationships and good “sex”: relationships can be “smooth” but good sex requires some friction! Sameness and having a lot in common is good for relationships.  But sexual attraction requires differences.

18:15 More about masculine and feminine, both of which we all have all the time.

21:20 Applying Tantric info to ageing and to being alone. How to nonetheless experience the juiciness of life.

26:24 Coming out of the context of Tantra, i.e: embodiment, mindfulness

30:44 Men and women’s lives are becoming more alike and the consequences, Mark provides “too much information” but to a point.

34:17 Pluses of getting older, limitations of immature experiences

37:42 Animals interrupt but there are lessons in it.

42:49 But back to sex, even if you’re alone.

45:45 The unhelpful role of excess tension and unhelpful beliefs

47:12 Mark wonders how Michaela’s family allowed her to begin Tantric practice at age 16. She goes back to her beginnings, “What patriarchy?” She expresses her debt to her parents, for their love and allowance.

54:56 Can you describe your courses and other offerings? She does!

60:21  Final words, thank you’s, good bye’s, invitations to Masterminding Integral Ageing on Facebook


Like aging, sexuality is still a taboo topic. 60+years have passed since the so-called sexual liberation of the 1960s but do we really feel free and realized in our life as sexual creatures? 

And, talking about the last third of our lives: older people, in our society’s picture, don’t have sex, but live a platonic love life – or better play as a-sexual grandparents dedicated to the wellbeing of the younger ones. Is it this all there is for our golden years?    

As baby boomers, we don’t want anybody to tell us what we need to do or to be – and this refers also to our sexual life. What if our older age could be the perfect moment to finally let go of inhibitions and fears, as well as of the performance anxieties and feeling of inadequateness which many of us had in younger years?

Tantra might just be the right practice!


Michaela Boehm teaches and counsels internationally as an expert in intimacy and sexuality. Born and raised in Austria, Michaela combines her background in psychology and extensive clinical experience with her in-depth training in the yogic arts as a classical Kashmiri Tantric lineage holder into a unique offering of experiential learning. She is passionate about teaching skills that enhance deep intimacy, lasting attraction and give each participant the tools for full embodiment and capacity. Michaela also traveled and co-taught with David Deida for 13 years. Michaela teaches women’s workshops, intimacy intensives for men and women as well as offers mentorships and relationship counseling. She lives and teaches on a small organic farm in Ojai, California where her land and animals inspire her clients to reconnect intimately with themselves and others.