2019, May 1st at 10 AM PT/ 7 PM CET

A Collaborative Relationship with Life


This conversation explores the natural practice of actively participating with your already-present relationship with Life (aka Spirit, God, Buddha Nature, the Tao, the Universe). This discussion applies this relationship with Life to the spiritual practices of intention and cocreation.

Intention is a partnership with Life. When you offer an intention, you initiate a partnership to collaborate with Life to create something together. Both you and Life have a role to play. Your role is to offer an intention, and Life’s role is to present doorways and situations for the thing you intended to unfold. When you orient your intention with the qualities of being formless, collective, equal, honest, and inquisitive, your intention aligns and resonates with Life allowing it to be powerful and far-reaching.

The dance of creation (aka cocreation) is a collaborative process between you and Life as you actualize the things you want for yourself. The dance goes back and forth between you and Life as you offer an intention, Life presents a doorway, you step into the doorway, and Life unfolds your creation. It’s a conversation. You initiate this back-and-forth dance by offering your intention, and Life responds by presenting a doorway. You then recognize the doorway and step into it. Life responds to you stepping into it by presenting a new experience for your creation to further unfold, which you in turn respond to.


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Content around the minute:

0   Intro What is your approach?

1 Michael learned to aim to a collaborative relationship with LIFE.

Aligning ourselves with life, resonate with life.

4 A story: native American spirituality. A prayer in form of WE. “I” doesn’t really exist.

6 The dance of creation, “co-creation” in “Natural way of Being”

7 What does “collaborate with life” mean? Listening? Allow the energy of life in.

9 Martin comes in: men are selfreferential: trying to understand by comparing with what I already know. We-space.

10 Heidi: male way of doing? Carol Gilligan “in a different voice”: women tend to understand themselves by understanding others, men tend to understand others by understanding themselves. > Women listen more

13: “Energy”: a vibration of the experience, what is going on intuitively. Allow all in, trusting. Intuition, > next intention.

16 Examples for “life”. Receptivity. Allowing in, intuitiv understanding of our contribution/role.

18 How to deal with unpleasant things in life? Willingness to feel all that. Dance of masculine and feminine. Receptivity and intention.

22 A good way to integrate masculine energy: dynamic, clarity, confidence, trusting itself, strength. How does the “dance” work?

25 Example: “I want a relationship”> put it out into the Universe, intention, take action. Life will present a doorway to me. We need to recognize it!

28 Pick the right partner!

29 The intention for Michael’s books. What he is doing in his life? Wants to share with people the “natural way of life” in a crazy culture, digging deeper. Needing a new set of skills.

32 Trusting, collaborating, walking in an open way = natural way of being. Getting in touch with our life purpose.

34 The book is like a workshop, as experiential as possible. Practices. Creating a community?

40 Martin: What’s unique about your work? Mentions Wayne Dyer.

What is the practice if you share your vulnerability and others deflects that?

Tolle: Except your situation, or leave it

43    Heidi: women would burst into tears, not good in front of the wrong people. Authentic vulnerability can be shared and put in words. Person in power ultimately need our openness = social reform element. Skills to not take the others rejection on. Brené Brown.

47 Value problems of women. Clarification: What’s about me and what of the other. Don’t take everything on! A skill to learn. In baby steps.

52 Martin some thoughts: Crying is signaling need for help. Explain what you experience, take responsibility for the own feelings. Judge Kavanaugh was crying in the hearing – it is encouraging for Martin that these men show their emotions. Heidi cries with every movie.

53 Michaels information:

Heidi offers workshops at in Italy



We are used to think and believe that life is happening to us, that we have to accept it as it is and that we do not have much influence on how it unfolds. This idea seems to be verified whenever our beliefs come true, whenever things happen to us and we feel the overwhelm of being the victim of outside forces chasing us around.

Yes, in essence, life is happening to us. We have no real influence on being born to which parents and in which location – although certain spiritual schools affirm that even this is a matter of unconscious choice or a consequence of previous lives. I don’t want to go so far, but concentrate on this life here on earth. Yes, we are born with a certain DNA structure, a certain temperament and proclivity. And yes, we are formed in our childhood by our environment, our culture, even in the womb of our mothers. And yes, what we experience in life informs what we think about it and what attitude we have towards it.

But – and this is the message of our guest Michael Hoffman: We have the power to change our beliefs and our orientation towards life. We can co-operate with it instead of resisting, and we can free ourselves from structures which were laid on us and which are not what we really are or meant to be. A powerful message – and not always easy to put into practice!


Michael Hoffman is a spiritual coach, psychotherapist, author, and trained spiritual teacher. He created Transformation Services in 2009 (which became Natural Way of Being in 2014) to help people trust their heart and create the things in their life that they truly want. He also provides spiritual and relationship coaching via online video-conferencing and phone to reach clients throughout the world.

Michael draws on 22-years of psychotherapy experience and 32-years of spiritual training to offer spiritual and relationship coaching, psychotherapy, and in-person and online workshops to guide people to awaken and integrate a natural way of being. He uses guided meditation, Native American ceremony, sharing circles, and other experiential modalities so clients can directly experience their personal truth and what they value at their core.

Michael is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Oregon. He completed his Master’s Degree in Social Work at Boise State University in 1997 with a focus on direct practice and earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 1987. Since then he has worked as a psychotherapist and clinical social worker in private practice, psychiatric and medical hospitals, chemical dependency programs, and with Marines at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton.

Michael also trained with and assisted Bart Anderson, a Spiritual Teacher, Zen Master, and Shaman from 1985 to 2007. This intensive apprenticeship ultimately lead to Bart  “passing on the medicine” to him before Bart died in 2007.  During those 22 years, he was formally trained in meditation, Native American ceremony,  Zen Buddhism, and Jungian dream interpretation. This apprenticeship also guided him to address his own emotional issues and develop his spiritual awareness which created clarity in my work with his clients and writing. He continues to do his own work and grow spiritually through attending meditation retreats with Adyashanti and the Summer Solstice Ceremonies at Deer Creek. He currently lives in Bend, Oregon.

Michael is the author of two books, Your Natural Gift (2013) and Natural Way of Being (2019). Your Natural Gift is a tool to walk people through unfolding their creative and spiritual gifts. Natural Way of Being guides readers to trust their intuition, collaborate with life, and walk with their hearts open. It will be published in 2019. You can learn more about Michael’s work at