Archetypes and the Soul with Marion Lockert  part #2

Heidi writes

If you believe that you have come into the world some years ago and then you will die some day and that’s it, then the consideration of the age of your soul doesn’t make much sense. You need to- at least consider that your soul will last beyond your physical death and, when you were born, it already has been here before in a different form. There is a lot of evidence for this assumption. At the end of the day it cannot be proved with the methods of contemporary science – but neither can be the belief that we live just this present life and nothing before and nothing afterwards.

Assuming that an individual soul is incarnating in human bodies in order to have experiences which are not available in the other realm, we can easily notice that there are consistent differences between humans, in their needs, their behaviours, their though processes and so on

In our first video we spoke about the archetypes of a soul, the soul roles which are distinct between humans. We spoke about the “Healer”, the “artist”,  the warrior, the scholar, the sage, the priest and the king. It is interesting how these archetypes express in a living person and also through the cycles of incarnations of the soul. When we take the warrior as an example: there are many different ways to express this archetype, from direct fighting between individuals to a dedicated activity in service of a “good” thing, like activists for positive changes, who don’t fight with weapons to destroy, but the fight FOR something with all their positive actions, their speech, documentaries and what not. There are many more expressions of being a warrior, I hope you get the point that they are decisively different in their quality.

This leads to the4 notion of “soul ages”. Wherever age your soul happens to be right now, your handling of problems and your overall thinking and behaviour differs from other people with the same soul role, but being  of different age. 

Let’s take a practical example: Manifestations on the street against the Covid measurements (or any other political question). People who actively show up and express their opinion can be of almost any soul age, but how they behave is different. Child souls would be playful, trying to understand what it is all about, but probably giving up soon because they are not considered relevant. Young souls would be the most active ones, more decisive, more noisy and most likely also considering to use violence to demonstrate their fervour. Mature souls would be more considered, trying to understand better, using their intellectual capacities of evaluation and go for it once they have decided that they are on the right side. Old souls are more likely to observe what is going on, trying to understand in detail the whys and hows, the reasons and the possibilities of change, of finding creative solutions. They will write books and give speeches, but they are less likely to march in the first rows of any manifestation while expressing their sympathy or disagreement in other ways. 

I am aware that this is an oversimplification, that also old souls can engage in demonstrations on the street when they feel the need and urgency to do so, while young souls can also participate peacefully and restrict their drive to action to just walking and being part of the event. This might also depend on the actual level within the soul age where a person has arrived.

Every soul age has 7 levels or steps, each is lived within 3 or more lives to complete the learning of the particular step. In the two conversations with Marion Lockert you will find a detailed outline of the main characteristics of each step, the main learning task of the soul incarnated within the present level. I hope you can find some moment of aha which I got when I first met the concept. You can understand yourself better and, most important, other people. So you can stop blaming them or wanting them to be different, as soon as you understand that their path contains other learning steps and different behaviours than yourself.

If you have questions or comments, please write them to us, especially to Marion, who will be happy to answer them.

Here part #1 of the conversations on the archetypes HERE

0:00 Intro Heidi

1:24 Marion -(please excuse some audio distortions.) Her own experience with the archetypes and the intention of our conversations. Knowing the soul ages explains much of what is going on in the world right now.

4:55 Start of the presentation: The desire of the soul for experience in the world.

6:30 The circles of soul ages, each age has seven steps. 

10:40 going through a huge amount of lives, reincarnated in the world. Most young souls. 30% of mature and old souls in Germany, more than most other countries. Older souls are gaining influence in the world.

The cycles:

14:25 Characteristics of our world which are unique. Infant souls

15:25 Recognition of being an individual. Child souls. An example from India. Comparison with human childhood: curious about how the world works.

21:00 The soul comes to the earth to have experiences, no bad or good, just experience for itself. 2 different spheres exist parallel and suffering matters on the earth sphere, not there.

23:55 Suffering is not punishment for anything! The Spiritual world is not moralistic.

25:20 Young souls: characteristics. Examples. Black.white, right-wrong thinking. Inability to take different perspectives, or reflecting oneself..

30:30 warrior energy. Learnings for the young souls in the 7 steps.

35:50 Examples of well known people: PAris Hilton, Trump. 

40:00 The difference between Trump, Obama and Hillary

41:45 Stalin. Warrior energy combined with warrior energy: Friends and enemies.

43:00 FLorence NIghtingale Higher moral view

44:32 More people on young soul step 7  influencers p.e. Putin, Frank Sinatra etc.

46:45 Mature souls: an important step: diving into the inner world, self-reflection etc. example: activists who want to be responsable. Fighting FOR things. Problems on the spiritual level.

49:20 Levels/Steps  of the mature souls. Things become more complicated and complex than for the young souls.. Freedom in dependency and forgiveness.

51: 00 reference to the Corona situation, examples for steps 1 and 2.

55:25 Loyalty to an unjust master. Example.  The difference of the soul and the psyche.

58:00 Sixth step: erase the barrier between guilt and innocence: the parallel worlds connected.

1:01:00 The ways of punishment in young soul and child soul level

01:50 Examples: (full matrix informations): Marilyn Monroe 

02:45 Hillary Clinton

03:40 Angela Merkel 

09:20 Michael Jackson

11:00 Bill Gates

11:30 Postponing Old Souls discussion for the next time.

Download the presentation HERE

Download the Matrix of the archetype-typology HERE

0:00 Intro Heidi

1:20 Marion preliminary remarks about old souls

2:00 Start of the presentation: Being an old soul is not a privilege.What does it need to be born with an old soul?

5:40 Less about doing and more about being. 

7:50 Heidi comments about pPiral Dynamics and what is similar to what Marion says.

8:50 Marion takes up with Spiral Dynamics: Old souls correspond to the yellow level. The levels are not to be seen as good or bad, but as growing levels of understanding and perspective

11:05 Old souls often feel alone – and love being alone. Corresponence to individual life

12:10 Comment by Heidi on the difficulty old souls have with young souls.. Different needs.

14:20 The need to express one’s Individuality: old souls are not necessarily nice and loving!

16:20 Heidi’s experience.: Old souls get inconvenient.

18:55 The capability of loving increases. A wider horizon.

19:30 The learning steps of the old souls’ cycle: 

step 1 finding your own morals: what is right for you. Healer energy.

23:55 Heidi’s comment to step 1.

24:55 Step 2: becoming independent from admiration of others

28:20 Heidi’s comment

29:40 Step 3: sage and warrior energy: display the inner world towards the outer world without compromise.

31:45 Step 4: sage and scholar energy: the middle of the cycle. Fragility begins. If you are not well, the community cannot be well, but no sacrifice for the community.

34:20 Heidi’s comment

35:20 5.step: going ahead without security of the way. Learning: trust an let yourself lead.

36:50 Heidi’s comment., 

39:00 Step 6: Acting by being and not by doing. Examples: Gurus, Nelson Mandela

40:18 Heidi’s comment.

41:25 Difference between Spiral Dynamics and soul ages: Old souls don’t need to ve hight levels of consciousness, but their energies are higher.

45:00 Step 7. Everything is whole

46:55 Examples: Mozart (step 2)

49:40 Anne Frank (step 2)

51:20 Ken Wilber (step 3).

52:50 Albert Schweizer (step 4)

54:25 Dalai Lama (step 5)

55:35 Mahatma Gandhi (step 5) Nelson Mandela (step 6)

56:25 Osho (step 7), Reiner Maria Rilke, not many known as they often have no desire to be famous

57:30 Heidi’s question: old men on the street in India??

58:40 What happens after step /?

1:00:00 The helping energy of who has crossed the energy cycles. Task of teaching on the causal plane.

1:02:10 Why is it so important to know about your soul elements?

1:06:25 You live your soul and your soul lives you, anyway, if you are aware or not. BUt knowing about it is a very helpful means.

1:7:15 FInal invitations by Marion


Download the presentation HERE

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