Trapped emotions, surrogate energy and the Emotion Code

Heidi writes

Since the Renaissance we Westerners tend to see life and the world from a rational viewpoint. We had understood that decisions based solely on emotions often fail and our spontaneous actions often lead into disasters. Certainly, it is better to hold on for a second before responding to a trigger, but as a culture we exaggerate completely by removing our emotions out of sight. We end up believing to make our decisions for rational reasons, but actually we follow our mostly hidden emotions and give some rationalised explanations afterwards.

Whatever is pushed into the shadow is unseen, by definition. And what we cannot see we also cannot know. Without knowing ourselves well, including our emotional settings, we are unable to hold them under our control. We believe to be able to control our emotions by suppressing them, but trapped emotions accumulate and when the pressure is high enough, they explode and wrack havoc around us or within us: destructive behaviour or fleeing into illnesses are the result.

During the last few decades, many techniques have been developed for personal development which goes always hand in hand with the work on our shadows and trapped emotions. In the last meeting of Women Matters, Gertraud shared her experience with a tool called “Emotion code” which she appreciates deeply.

Emotions are part of our energetic body. Energy healing is still far from main stream, but its helpfulness for liberating us from inner bondages is without question. Our energy body can be disturbed when we pick up the emotions or energy waves of others and when we have no awareness, let alone tools, for discerning between this foreign energy and one’s own. Hyper sensitive people are especially prone to be “possessed” by the energies of others.

Hannelie shares her path of liberating herself from the supposition which her father had instilled into her without her awareness. By participating at certain courses she was able to understand this situation and to finally get rid of the energies which she had identified as not her own genuine part. 

This last session before the summer break was again very informative and inspiring. Hopefully you can find some inspiring moments when listening to the recording. The timestamps are below the video.

This conversation took place on July 5th, 2021

men MAtters July 5th

0:00 Check ins Heidi

2:40 Monia in Vienna/ Austria

5:20 Hannelie in Johannesburg/ South Africa

7:45 Gertraud in Frankfurt/Germany (introducing Emotion Code We-flow)

10:15 Monia askes about Emotion Code (Nelson, Bradley)

11:30 Beatrce reporting the July 4th celebrations and more

14:30 Emotion Code explained by Gertraud, an example for trapped emotion. Heart wall.

21:40 Hannelie, a comment

22:30 Picking up other people’s emotions

23.15 How do you detect the emotions? – is there a difference to Vivian Ditmar’s work with the emotional backpack?

25:20 Perceived benefit of the work?

27:30 Heart opening: how do we notice?

28:20 Beatrice: the story of her father and holistic care. Stored rage which she couldn’t understand. Also in her life in response to events in life.

32:00 Hannelie: the need to confront and express the emotions. Feeling the heart open. Carrying trauma – Angry: after 50 years express the primal energy, 

36:20 Gertraud: Body therapy and emotion code.

37:30 What is surrogate energy? Hannelie’s experience

46:20 The difference between surrogation to possession.

47:50 The dream-dancing workshop

50:15 Monia: the catholic church: being possessed. Hannelie confirmes that this is very different.

52:30 “Falling upward” by RIchard Rohr: the two parts of life. 

53:15 Beatrice’s comments. Being afraid of heart open by fear of absorbing too much.

57:15 Monia: Responsability about the impact of your energy on others More explanations by Hannelie. (past life experiences?) 3 phases in shamanic teachings.

1:01:35 Beatrice: intuitive body work: interconnection body, energy, soul… Her experience. No need to wear a Roman armor! Be more present, not holding on to the past.

1:04:25 Gertraud: on sole bath and wearing an armor: the heart  armor doesn’t protect you!

1:06:55 Holes in the Aura? Aura – a future topic?


Gertraud Wegst. Portrait.

Gertraud Wegst

Portrait of Monika Frühwirth

Monia Fruehwirth


Heidi Hornlein

Ann Roberts

Christine Baser Habib

Christine Baser Habib

Beatrice Antonie Martino