Christiane Pelmas

The role of sexuality in human life and how we can use it to grow our relationships.

We all are born with the sexual impulse which urges us to go out and seek the other and fulfill the purpose of evolution. More often than not, sexual desire leads us into long-term relationships where both parties possess the good will to stay together, perhaps forever. But when the infatuation period has passed, we often find that our sexual desire has changed, has become less or different, and we may think that our love has ceased as well. Separation and finding a new and exciting partner is often the consequence, but often the same things happen again … or perhaps we give up and don’t expect things to ever get any better.

Fortunately, there is a way to step out of this vicious circle: we all need to learn more about relationships and sexuality. Little is taught about it at home or in school, so that generation after generation, we start our sexual life with assumptions, beliefs, and fantasies that lead us to dysfunctional thinking and behaviors. There are a few courageous people who have taken on the task of getting sexuality out of the taboo zone and speaking openly about it in an educational and therapeutic way. We are happy to have one of these pioneers with us, Christiane Pelmas, who will share some secrets about how we can use our sexuality to live in mature and fulfilling intimate relationships.

Streamed live January 22, 2016

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About Christiane Pelmas

Christiane Pelmas

Christiane has been an individual and couple’s counselor and teacher/guide for more than 2 decades, a somatic sex educator and sex therapist, an author, speaker, and community leader, with a focus on soul encounter and soul initiation. She is author of numerous articles and The Women’s Wisdom Guidebook and Card Deck, as well as the co-founder of the Institute for Erotic Intelligence and a co-founder and principle teacher of both The Women’s Temple Collective and The Magnificent Lover courses for men, both of which focus on the themes of sexual/emotional sovereignty and erotic intelligence.

Her pioneering work, ReWilding, offers individuals, couples, and communities guidance in establishing and sustaining intimate relationships with self and the “more than human” world, with the understanding that these relationships are our primary partnerships, without which we are left not only in despair but also dangerous to ourselves and others.

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