The language of silence beyond your thought

with Christian Wolf

 Streamed liveon January. 25th 2018

00:00 Introductions and mechanics

02:21 Christian begins with a key word, inquiry, implied in the title, “The language of silence beyond your thought” beginning in his youth. It was a key word in escaping from the world he found himself in.

04:45 The language of silence drew him into the current paradigm shift, using tensions and polarities for navigation

07:00 What happened along the way? Meditation at age 30

08:00 What does silence beyond thinking mean? Christian says meditation means going beyond thought

10:00 The thinking self is not the identity, though most people think so, and that repetitive thinking is our “best product”.

11:55 Three kinds of thinking, some OK, some not so much

14:50 Most people tend to believe their thoughts, and then tend to act them out.

15:18 Difference between thinking and inquiry

16:32 What about ego in meditation. It’s a frame of uniquired childhood issues, leads to rationalising to linear thinking

19:40 Christian agrees to a short exercise, beginning with minute of silence. We each report our experience and Christian notes a move toward stepping back, toward witnessing

24:40 People are searching for freedom from thought, but seldom know that that’s where freedom is found.  A story of resistance to know what’s really going on within.  It can be scary!

28:30 More reflections on the nature of silence, both without and within and the possibility of merging them.  How much we miss!

Your mind can get jealous of silence!

34:00 The linear mind excludes “space”.

36:40 Workshops, he prefers not to work online, but in person

38:50 Men are conditioned in a certain way and linear thinking is a route to war, as illustrated in the new “Star Wars” movie.

41:46 Some comments from viewers.  Christian notes that with linear thinking, one cannot experience joy! He explains.

44:30 The great bonus of video over phone alone

46:10 What about “spiritual bypassing”?

49:48 Heidi gives an example. Christian tries to explain his idea of “silence” as an experience, and elaborates on how it helps to know what you really believe as your own, not of others (which can really challenge others!)

56:50 Takeaways: Christian points out that we are basically silence and joy, and thinking just distracts us from knowing that.

59:12 A wonderful photo of joy!

1:00:40 Mark reflects on his feelings as he has interacted, even humorously, with Christian.  Heidi recalls the transmission she felt when she came to “know” that you can’t think and feel at the same moment.

1:02:00 How to contact Christian:
Website is He’s in Innsbruck in the west of Austria

1:03:50 A thank you to our viewers…and good byes

The language of silence beyond your thought: Christian Wolf

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within the infinite
and timeless space
of being
from time to time
reality hits you


because you need to listen!


Christian Wolf writes:

Our world is characterized by a way of thinking that creates collateral damage all the way down. This is to a high degreer due to our conceptualized thinking.It is a way of thinking that roots in a Newtonian world view which is based on cause and effect. Consequentely in our daily lifes we have learned to listen to the thoughts in our head – which we believe are true in their basic sense. Nevertheless by looking at the state of the planet we can´t really keep up with this stance anymore. It´s time to change our way of thinking and hence our worldview. In essence this means to shift from linear thinking to holographic thinking. This is only possible by diving into the silence of being. As scary as this may look at first glance as much enriching it turns out with experience. Answers completely different to answers we are used/conditioned to hear from our linear mind will show up. Answers that are in coherence with our deepes essence. That´s the challenge and the shift we are ALL IN at this MOMENT in time and history. This includes a challenge to our current identity as human beings. Sideeffects and backlashes included!

“Life has an intelligence that is way beyond the intelligence of our limited minds. The more you are willing to trust that, the more free you will be.”

NOW! if the wind by touching your skin could tell you which way to move touching you soft and intense sometimes you just have to stay still in your NOW LISTENING to and feeling the movement of the wind NOW

“As long as you believe any concept, you’re going to impose it onto your husband, your wife, your lover, your children. Sooner or later, when you don’t get what you want from them or when they threaten what you think you have, you’re going to impose this concept onto them, until you meet it with some understanding. This is not a guess—this is what we do. We’re not attached to people; we’re attached to concepts.” – Byron Katie

Some spiritual traditions neglect the body completely. Even if your body is not your true self it’s an expression of consciousness experiencing itself via your body. Your breath is the connecting force between YOUR SELF and ITS MANIFESTATION in this world. maybe a hint to treat your body well.

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I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.” Albert Einstein


Christian Wolf is the owner of WHITE SPACE – Conscious Business Coaching
His primary aim is to inspire leadership beyond conceptual thinking.
 “white space”
Unsere Gesellschaft braucht in Wirtschaft und Politik Menschen, die als Führungskräfte den Mut haben, Weitblick zu zeigen, in Zusammenhängen zu denken und….