Women Matters

 A series with women in the Wisdom Factory

Streamed live on April 18th 2017

What are our resources to meet the present crisis of the world?

Bettina Hartmann, Heidi Hörnlein, GertraudWegst , Monika Schmidt and Tammy Lea Meyer discuss the burning question:

What resources do we have which we can use to meet the present state of the world? How does that which we see and hear happening impact our lives and what can we do to meet our personal difficulties as well as the challenges in our nations? What resources do we need to develop in ourselves and which ones do we already have, ready to go? How can we act meaningfully in the world to help to get back into a state of balance?

Our core team: Monika, Tammy, Heidi, Gertraud  and Bettina


Luna Ceovelli

Our guest this month: Luna Ceovelli

What are our resources to meet the present crisis of the world?

Streamed live April 18th 2017

1:40 Bettina: where to draw our resources from?

3 pillars Change goes from the inside out. The importance of communities to combine our unique perspectives: Unity in Diversity. Tune into higher consciousness

4:30 Tech-glitches, talking about gremlins: We should be grateful for the 95% where things work

5:54 Bettina recaps

6:35 Tammy: first taking care for myself to approach the world in a balanced way.

What is truth? Do the work while navigating the chaos. Meeting together is important to be able to make sense. While listening to higher consciousness.

8:48 Tech comments: please write your comments in the website

9:38 Heidi: ideal of a integer politician who speaks the truth: Willy Brandt. Trust in the people in the group depends

11:05 Welcoming Luna – “looking within” and Yin&Yang as the principle to look at things. Getting to the heart of who we are and tell the truth.

13:45 No absolute truth, but not fake news

14:27 Bettina: we were too much oriented outside, like the news: Now we cannot trust them anymore. Is this a push to go inside? Do things we can do ourselves! What do I know is true? Etc.

16:18 “Others should do something for us” – we need to give up this idea

17:25 Bettina: Balance humility with passion. We can control ourselves and demand integrity although we cannot control THEM

18:48 Tammy: Creating space: you can only change the world from where you are.

Power of women is to be able to hold many perspectives and holding space: have the sense of the whole within. Going to the place of power in the community. Designing interventions. Consciously chose and focus on the world we are bringing into form.

21:36 More about the “little interventions”: Tammy:

– creating community economic flows. Smaller: look at a challenge together and strategize how to meet them together. Reaching out to others with similar goals. Making visible the process by documenting.

24:18 What are the concrete ideas? What would the world look like with these interventions? – Help us and model empowerment for others. Conversations like ours have the capacity to be those interventions.

26:00 What is your piece? – Luna: words and heart. How do we move from the conversation into action: FLOCKING, the group mind, like birds flying. How can we get there as people? + Getting into the body. + Creating guidelines for each other. How can we get back into our body? What are the starting places for embodiment? – Luna talks about her constellation work guided by indigenous elders. Rituals to ground into the body, then presencing, flocking, creating the group mind together.

30:48 Bettina reports from her work in the business world: we need to have different ways to get into the body, for instance singing together. Stretching and little body exercise: find the little things which can invite people in and which are not too challenging. Remember all parts: mind, spirit, body, soul in little doses, small steps

33:50 Heidi comments on singing: the “present crisis” can happen inside when people are asked to sing and get tight: If we are able to meet our own inner crisis we transmit that things are doable and the others can try it, too, and we might be able to handle the big crisis.  Heidi’s experience with the embodiment crisis: how did she get out?

37:38 Tammy: connects the conversation so far: showing people what can be done is the empowerment. Recordings can be shared with others. Process of discovery with the intention to progress and take action. Tammy shares some guidelines.

41:28 Bettina: a short explanation of “Theory U” (the business side of constellation). Reach a deeper place of presencing. A good way of collaboration: “What wants to emerge?” – create a global culture which embraces processes like that. Enhances our “flocking” abilities. We need conscious flocking instead the unconscious way we are doing normally. We need to relearn these abilities.

45:12 Heidi suggests that Bettina would do a workshop with us in the next meeting (Find it here)

45:40 Comment Luna – explanation by Bettina: let’s not get into the way the little or bigger resistance which people have.

46:45 An analogy to fairytales

47:04 Tammy’s suggestion: Each one help one. Create a network of people: talk with each other and get to learn us better and help each other. Be in service. Butterfly effect.

49:33 Heidi: Including Gertraud and the ring-coaching concept. – talking about the gatherings in our house (Paradiso Integrale) Videos posted on Youtube

Letting go of perfectionism

52:38 teleportation: Star Trek: the 12th thing suggested by Star Treck has actually be invented now. The first transportation happened in a science lab. Waiting for teleportation as reality. Mark is lurking from behind.

55:15 “Meet the present crisis”. Relationships

55:56 Gertraud comes in: – she is surprised to be late. Talking about Ring Coaching

1:00:02 Heidi explains to Gertraud what we have planned for the next session. “Coaching” versus “help”.

1:01:35 Empowering people to resolve their own problems

1:02:00 Tammy clarifies her intent. What could be of help and then taking that action.

1:03:10 Which talents would we like to offer?


What are our resources to meet the present crisis of the world?

About Tammy Lea Meyer 

Tammy Lea Meyer

Tammy Lea Meyer

Tammy was born, works and lives on unceded Coast Salish territory, in a community home in South Vancouver, Canada. A media experimentalist, social change agent and systems thinker, Tammy is passionate about democracy, the development of a people-centred economy, and supporting the emergent shift of social and economic systems. Tammy believes that through collaboration and conversation, we can knit together the initiatives that already exist to design a deeply integrated commons. Tammy is passionate about holding space and fostering the voices of community members to share their concerns, their hopes, and their ideas for a more just and sustainable world.
You can check out her work on Medium and youtube.

About Heidi – Adelheid Hörnlein 

Heidi Hornlein

Heidi Hornlein

A native German and living in Italy for the past 30 years. I have an MA in communication science, was a professional singer, voice teacher, voice therapist before I was licensed in Gestalt Counseling and Transformative Coaching (Approach: ‘Feminine Power’ and related). I am also licensed as transformative leader. I am holding seminars and courses, live and online. My passion is 1:1 coaching for whatever difficulties people encounter in life, especially regarding relationships, but not only. AND I am passionate in doing live events like this one and HELP OTHERS TO BE CONFIDENT AND SHOW UP in public to bring their message into the world.

About Gertraud Wegst 

Gertraud Wegst. Portrait.

Gertraud Wegst

Gertraud was born as the middle one of 7 children in Germany though her heart swims in international waters. Master coach, trainer and change midwife with experience in the mission of being source of apprecitation for people and organizations she believes that the people’s past and present are rich with positive experiences and insights and can be an infinite source for development, performance and success, if they are listened to carefully and with appreciation. Supporting this process with her colleagues of The Appreciators in personal and group coaching and training for leaders and in companies and with various co-operations in networks, communities of practice up to the Unity in Diversity Appreciative Inquiry process for midwifing a system of influence that nurtures celebrates, and energizes work that mattters and elnivens makes her heart sing.


Bettina Hartman

Bettina Hartman

I would like to assist in bringing about consciousness and sustainable happiness in all our interactions, at every waking hour. At the supermarket, in the backyard, at Work, with friends, in bed, everywhere. If we include lucid dreaming, even in our sleep ? But particularly, my area of expertise is within teams and organizations, and my favorite book since 2015 has been Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux – it describes how wholeness, purpose and self-management is the new paradigm for organizations. I have a degree in engineering and certifications within project management, risk management, process facilitation, (group) coaching, etc.. having worked for 25 years in all sorts of Danish and international corporate, governmental and independent companies.

 I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark; I meditate and do yoga daily, and I am part of various integral practice groups, both online and In Real Life. I love to walk and ride my bike everywhere, and in my spare time I do gardening, read books, watch movies and spend endless hours online: to interact, to learn and to collaborate and co-create globally ♥.

 I find that the world has been run mostly on masculine, rational and action-oriented values for a very long time – now it’s time to allow both feminine and masculine values to work together! So that we can create new ways of working, not only in corporations but also in politics, in associations, etc. This requires not only a high degree of personal awareness of both talents and shadows, but also a high degree of awareness when communicating: Being aware both of myself, the other, the field between us as well as the collective consciousness. All while leading a conversation with one or more people … Not so odd, that this often doesn’t work out as intended!

About Luna Ceovelli

 Luna Ceovelli

Luna Ceovelli

True Health Warrior, Wellbeing Ninja – Her own journey through a life-threatening parasitic infection and learning to recover and heal body mind and spirit has led her to the work she does today.  Luna is the founder of ONE Daily Wellness and co-founder of the Women’s Wealth Network in Vancouver, Canada, she is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Nutritional Counsellor.  She works with clients in private practice coaching into the areas of reframing personal health, addictions, and directly addressing systemic underlying root cause issues.  She believes in personal empowerment first and the body’s divine wisdom and innate ability to heal.  She speaks on our intrinsic and intimate connection with the natural world; sacred living water, deep ecology, our indigenous roots and returning to right relationship and stewardship of the land and ourselves.

Luna is committed to a life of learning and continuos development, recognizing that every individual client and person she meets is also a sacred teacher.  In this way she wishes to remain rooted in her humility, her human imperfections and her humble offering of service.  She’s been on the front lines of transformation, knee dropping awe inspired awakening and dark nights of the soul have guided her to an engaged and continuous dialogue with what is.  Deepening her practice with Family Systems, she is a student of Bert Hellinger’s Systemic Constellation work through her masterful teacher, Jan Hull, She is also a student of Acharya Aman, YogaJyoti and the Vedic Jyotish Counselling System.  Luna lives and works on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples, whose land and elders continue to deeply inform her work.