March 10th at 10 AM PT/ 7 PM CET

Ageing – an awakening process with Lynn Kreaden


In search for suitable guests for our Conscious Ageing series I was referred to Lynn Kreaden who holds a reputation for her unique approach on healing and personal growth in the San Francisco area – where all advanced and innovative approaches seem to arise.

We had an inspiring conversation with her, in our :1 conversation as well as in the panel discussion and all the other encounters offline. Get inspired, too!

Lynn Kreadon

STREAMED LIVE HERE on March 10th 2017

Ageing – An Awakening Process with Lynn Kreaden

00:00 Introductions and mechanics

04:20 Lynn clarifies and describes her practice:  Helping women find their deliciousness!

05:50 Men are delicious too!  Men want intimacy (and women want equality!)  Both despite their protestations, especially as they age.

07:30 Changing needs as we age; no need for perfection, “There’s still a pussy underneath the hair.” Choice driven, not hormone driven.

10:17 Defining intimacy: the willingness to show yourself, no matter how scary or risky

12:00 The inner child comes out!  Knee jerk reactions.

14:18 Is this part of ageing, Heidi asks.  Yes!  Discernment!  Lynn’s grandmother.

16:20 No more loss, despite the usual presumptions

17:15 You can be super intimate even if none of your parts work.

18:30 “Have you ever been taken by a man?”  Things change but nothing’s wrong.

20:45 Becoming invisible or not wanting to be seen “that way.”

22:00 Many women confuse their attractiveness with themselves, until that attractiveness is gone!

The end of power trips as insecurity fades.

24:50 Working with millennials; incredible “kids” vs. older sex and shame

27:25 The heart and sex split often true of the young

28:00 Lynn tells a story on herself, “I wish I was wetter…” (If we had been younger we might have been freaked out.)  Stories of men who can’t get erections.  Illusions and new sexuality.

32:00 There are other ways to be in the world than what we think is “normal” and “right”.

33:45 “Our hands and our feet are directly connected to our pleasure center in our brain.” Wake up your hands!  Add mouth to that mix and …wow!  Mark’s experience as a young man.

37:35 We freeze areas of our body, block areas, where we don’t want to feel.  Relearning!

39:00  Lynn describes her methods of body, core, and bioenergetic healing.  How to open the body up.  Both individual and couple as well as group work

43:30 Does this work online?

46:00 Multi media approach

47:50 How to reach her (lynn  or  and customs south of the Alps, misconceptions of Europe in America.

50:00 Stories about Mark and Heidi and Lynn’s comments

52:00 Pilates and posture: Shoulders down, protecting the heart.  Try conscious looking!

54:30 Invitation to the after show chat on Facebook group Masterminding Integral Ageing, Thank you’s and good bye’s


Getting older has been touted as being about “the Golden Years”—and many of us may feel we’re carrying past burdens while at the same time facing new ones. On the one hand, we have the opportunity to heal old wounds, reap the rewards of living our life purpose and release old energies that no longer serve us. On the other hand, we face completely new challenges as our bodies, sexuality, and sense of self all change, irrevocably. As we come face to face with our mortality, can we move forward with the lightness and ease of earned grace?

Energetically, this is a time for a deep let-go, of self-imposed limitations, storylines about who we are, and expectations about what life could have been. We now have the wisdom to face life with a deeply felt, visceral grace—the joy and lightness that comes from saying “f*ck it”.

We are fortunate to know ourselves, our bodies, and our hearts, better now, than we ever have. By working with the subtle energetics of how we relate to  every part of ourselves, we can age gracefully, powerfully and with deep presence.

Lynn Kreaden will guide us in an exploration of energetic, personal, and relational fitness to experience a deeper sense of self-intimacy, as we find new ways to heal the past and relax into a deeply felt life.


LynnKreaden   has developed a unique somatic approach to healing, growth, and life change. In her work, she guides clients to renewed aliveness and vitality in their careers, relationships, and health—through practical explorations of sensual pleasure, open-hearted connection, and authentic expression of their personal gifts.

Lynn is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and a senior faculty member of the Institute of Core Energetics. She is the founder of Lifeworks NY, a holistic, body-integrative center, and has a private practice in NYC where she works with individuals, couples, and groups. She also has extensive healing experience with survivors of sexual abuse and trauma and those facing chronic illness.

Lynn offers experiential workshops and professional training internationally, on intuition and energy healing, deep relating, embodied sexuality, and authentic pleasure.

Her passion is helping people remember and live the deliciousness of their being at every level, in all aspects of their lives.



0:00  Intro: A “juicy conversation”

1:18 Marjorie enters the room – the “How-are-yous”

2:40 Marjories take-away of the main show: “Knowing that there is a person who is addressing these important topics”

3:10 “We think we know it all” – the change of life in later years (Mark)

5:15 prolonged life span –

5:55 Lynn joins the chat some technicalities, other person tries to come in.

7:30 Few people talk about “senior-sexuality”, parents are not supposed to have sex…… Mark tells the story of his mother in the nursing home having a boyfriend

9:43 Lynn talks about her experience with younger people: they have different types of relationships. What is the “stuff” which they don’t have as we had? Lynn explains, no labels, super-fluid…, not much difference between men and women in the group she is working with.

13:52 What are the challenges for the young people?-  Relationship aspects – because they use technology from birth on.

15:34 Marjorie: Do the younger people have any concept about what is happening in the world, like climate change: activist in early age, very awake. Shared economy etc.

17:15  The old ways are dying out.  – “OUR generation has to die out” in the face of what is happening just now (“old white men”)

19:05 Creativity and a fresh you on life – completely different from what we know. It is about connection, not about power

20:15 Thinking in terms of history, the planet? The different worries

21:10 America versus Holland (and Italy) concerning waste and renewable energies. A reminder of our goals in the 60ies – then we became “yuppies”. But if it hadn’t been for us then…

22:22 Marjorie talks about her community in North Carolina: Lynn’s experience might not be representative of the young people all over the country! Lynn expresses her shock about America, being Canadian

23:49 Some women of color are running in politics – Marjorie: the young people Lynn is talking about might need to learn to integrate the other young people

25:15   The “bathroom thing” in North Carolina. Will these young people be able to bring forth change? Lynn is excited about “these kids”

26:33 Mark talks about Wisconsin: people think they understand what is wrong – and go to the right.

27:15 Heidi asks about what we can do to help people to open up their minds and have a more comprehensive view. She talks about her “awakening” to reality in terms of the huge amount of horrible things which happen, like fracking, bullying, denying etc.) Falling into chaos, state of shock.

28:25 Why (some) women have voted for Trump – because he will blow up the system. Consequences for years…. Both parties are going to be different

29:40  “I cannot stay worried. What can I do TODAY to effect some change?” – move back to Canada? A solution?

30:40 Lynn leaves the conversation – off topic talk, also as a contribution to talk in public and show up for what we stand for.

31:52 Marjorie lives in the “Bible Belt” – how can you manage to live there? Online and a small local group. Input in an interfaith community.

33:12 In ways to evolve we need to accept people where they are, otherwise it could go into a kind of civil war. “ Love them”

34:00 separation and hate and disconnect – is not helpful, our perception of things might not be the right one, even if everything we know for ourselves tells us,. Telling the others that they are WRONG leads nowhere. If we were in charge???

35:30 What Marjorie does to manage their family relations: Agree to disagree – which is not always easy to do. And go on with LIFE (with the elephant in the room). Relate to each other as people and what we have in common. Be with the other position and really LISTEN to the other.

37:30 “When I am right, I AM RIGHT” – position.

37:50 When 2 brothers are high ranking in politics – in the opposite parties: an example to be.

04:00 Guests intro themselves: first Ann Roberts

08:00 Lynn Kreaden

10:50 Miriam van Groen

13:05 Bettina Hartmann

16:25 Monika Freuhrwirt

20:25 Tom Christensen

25:25 Martin Ucik

30:50 Ashton Applewhite

36:52 Jon Freeman

41:10 Hans Parge

45:50 Lowell Ann Fuglsang
52:10 Back to Miriam who has to leave soon: What is she curious about  and asks  how we (Mark  & Heidi) have changed.

57:44 Monika asks Jon’s question about how can we change what/how what we think  and so to Jon.  he responds re: the information changes what we consider to be reality…and read my book!
01:00:05 Lynn is back and recalls how she grew aware of ageing after surviving breast cancer tx at age 56 which propelled her into a growing intimacy with death, investigating the relationship with sex, intimacy and love and older age.

“Intimacy isn’t just about fucking!”

01:06:35 Ann jumps in reflecting on her long term relation with her husband and how that has developed after leaving the work world.  She’s learning how her body can lead her to healing and learning what she may be handing on to her children and grandchildren in terms of cultural baggage.

01:10:00 Tom is back with two thoughts.  First, we are a self selecting group of “curiosity addicts”. Second, falling into a conversation during meditation shows how automatic are the ways we go about in our everyday life.  How can we interrupt those automatic habits.

01:12:33 Mark and Heidi bounce off Tom’s remarks as applied to (their own) couple work

01:14:13 Bettina returns commenting on Tom’s idea of interrupting habitual patterns and the work of Bruce Lipton who stresses the idea of influencing the expression of our genes (which we once considered our destiny).

01.18:15 We call on Jon to speak on Epigenetics but he diverts to the importance of constellation work and how “the field” can generate very real family members, for example.  This he sees as how immense the flow of information is! Lynn responds with the idea of “emotional genetics”.

01:21:51 Tom responds excitedly re: the progress of cognitive complexity where we can look not at the past but on toward the future, past our ego.

01:23:42 heidi picks up on Tom’s remarks as reflecting the purpose of The Wisdom Factory and proposes regular meetings from these premises.
01:28: 20  We invite last words, from Martin, Ann, Zoom or not? Acknowledgements of the online audience.