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Is life extension possible?  with Nicola Bagalà


Life span has increased considerably during the last few centuries. In medieval times most people were dead before they reached 40, due to many reasons. In later centuries you find some people enjoying longevity, like the composer Johann Sebastian Bach (whose music I have performed a lot in previous years), who died age 65 – and was considered really OLD, while other proliferate composers died in their 30es, like Franz Schubert who died with 31 and had composed about 1500 high quality pieces.

Today the average life-span is 69 years and an increasing number of people live well and right into their 90ies. With the help of modern science we can expect to further expand the time we are able to live on this planet. In our conversation with Nicola Bagala we want to explore the reason why we would want to live longer, what would enable us to do so and what are the conditions which need to be met that further life-extension can become reality.

Nicola Bagala

STREAMED LIVE HERE on October 19th 2017

Is Life Extension Possible? Nicola Bagalà


00:00 Introductions and instructions

02:04 Presenting Nicola Bagalà

03:04 How did a young Nicola get interested in questions about ageing?

04:50 Other aspects of Nicola’s life

06:15 Typical ways we look at the last decades of life and how do you see them, Nicola:  “Nobody ever died because they were too healthy.”

08:40 Pacemaker cells? “Running out of cells” is a common way of ageing.  And ageing ITSELF is a sort of disease, depending on definitions.  More accurately we might consider ageing as a set of diseases.

11:20 The processes that lead to , i.e, Alzheimers or cancer or essentially the same as those “diseases” themselves.  At younger ages, these processes are not yet pathological in their expression

13:05 So, if we could control these disease processes, could we, say, live forever?  Well, that depends, Nicola replies. But the point of rejuvenation is not eternal life but good health.

15:52 What technology? Some clarification to begin with, like metabolism. There are 7-9 areas of accumulative damage which we may be able to treat area by area.  A series of different therapies.

19:27 Heidi asks about “inner technologies” which are not included in the conversation so far (Ken Wilber’s left side quadrants). Nicola asks for clarification

22:50 He sees the “left side” as still part of what affects the objective approaches he describes.

24:29 He describes some of the anti-ageing therapies. But they’re not available yet!  He relates the cumulative effects of multiple therapies that will still takes decades to become available, for our children and theirs

29:20 Currently promising therapies: senolytics which i finding ways to search out and remove senescent cells so that natural immunities will function better because the cells are more healthy.

33:20 Mark reports on a personal experience with healing, concluding that he must have the “proper” proportion  of senescent cells.  Ha-ha! And Nicola integrates the experience into his understanding of healing and now back to senolytics.

35:00 Interesting results in mice, human trials may be soon.  A comment from a watcher who notes some caution necessary, perhaps an autoimmune problem?

37:57 and the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) for more info about fine tuning how this targeting works. LEAF is an American charity for raising funding for ageing research

40:35 Ageing is not a very popular topic!  Also some technical experimentation by us!

42:05 What about telomeres? Telomeres are structures on the ends of chromosomes which “wear out” with age and normal cell division leading to a critical shortness so that they no longer allow for further division, hence ageing. But they allow all cells to continue to divide, including cancerous ones which take special advantage of the telomerase enzyme to grow vigorously.

43:40 Aubrey de Grey of the SENS Foundation could avoid the telomere problem with the infusion of stem cells! Another program called ALT (Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres) is underway to understand how cancers use this means to propagate.

46:47 Watchers’ questions: What does your guest say is the definition of life? Nicola’s response is interesting!  Age may be a factor in an unexpected way!  A spirited discussion follows! Nicola insists that the central issue is not age, per se, but HEALTH!

53:14 Marks so far unasked question, “What the hell is society going to do with all these old people collecting Social Security and old age pensions, etc?”  Nicola has thought about this!

57:00 Reactions from watchers.  Is coconut oil important for Alzheimer’s? No info from Nicola.

58:40 Last remarks from Nicola: Being sick is not fun. Getting sick is much more probable as we age so let’s begin working on

59:43 Thank you’s and goodbye’s and upcoming shows.

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0,16,15,”Markus Dieterle”,Attendee,”I often got the impression that a lot of people sort of “”dry out”” from not drinking enough, so that the body cells cannot work properly and die (we are mostly made of water, and need the water and salt levels to be right) – you often notice that from the skin…”,Chat

0,16,50,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”ability to rejuvenate is predicated on vibration. If we vibrate in joy, positivity and love, our odds improve tremendously.”,Chat

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0,17,45,”Vivekananda Rao”,Attendee,”Aging is also known as ‘cloning fatigue’ – our body cells have to continueously keep cloning themselves for the body to remain alive as a whole.”,Chat

0,18,32,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”body+mind+spirit – indivisible.”,Chat

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0,21,34,”Markus Dieterle”,Attendee,”Roland – interesting point… positive thinking is always supreme, and how we think about the world creates our reality”,Chat

0,22,59,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”I believe we are all these things – spirit+mind+body, and we create our experience. But, being human has its parameters. Circumstances and how we respond are two different things.”,Chat

0,24,28,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”””reasons”” are rationalizations, excuses, or…. motivations and inspirations.”,Chat

0,25,49,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”Agreed Markus. We are (or can be…) in control of what and how we choose to think and believe.”,Chat

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0,29,27,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”I’m not big on statistics. As long as things happen that I can only classify as miracles and superhuman, I will believe in that which I cannot see, and anything is possible… which will affect “”statistics.””ri”,Chat

0,31,7,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”It is definitely legitimate, Heidi. All of us are mostly observers or results.”,Chat

0,31,57,”Adelheid Hornlein and Mark Davenport”,Admin,”The best would be an integral approach, both perspectives and use when appropriate. That’s why we are “”Integralists”””,Chat

0,33,37,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”Connecting to “”spirit”” as a factor opens the conversation to having some integrated control, and not just be in the position to “”treat”” dis-ease, and include realignment to healthy process… which I am a believer in.”,Chat

0,34,36,”Adelheid Hornlein and Mark Davenport”,Admin,right,Chat

0,35,12,”Markus Dieterle”,Attendee,”This targeting of the “”bad”” cells seems difficult – my father actually died because of a defect in his immune system, which caused a constant overproduction of “”eater”” cells that normally destroy damaged cells – after a while, they started to attack healthy cells as well (which in this case destroyed the cells in his lung)…”,Chat

0,35,25,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”Integral is another legitimate view, Heidi…. not necessarily “”the best.”” That woiuld depend on who you/anyone are/is.”,Chat

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0,39,47,”Markus Dieterle”,Attendee,”It showed in the immune system, but it is a disease – a very rarely diagnosed one because the symptoms cane be very different . Look up under “”Wegener’s Granulomatosis”” (”,Chat

0,40,35,”Markus Dieterle”,Attendee,”…just want any new gene-therapy to be sufficiently safe…”,Chat

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0,48,13,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”Nicolas deals with human existence, which does not address spiritual life or any higher view.”,Chat

0,49,52,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”All “”we”” know is that human experience always involves some suffering.”,Chat

0,50,25,”Gina Donaldson”,Attendee,”lol I strongly believe with everlasting life and have had contact with spirits”,Chat

0,50,32,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”The body will get old. But the person needs not.”,Chat

0,51,5,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”Yes, Gina. I completely believe this.”,Chat

0,52,23,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”We, as humans, are not meant to see life from the “”highest”” view (Godliness?…) just the highest or best we can AS HUMANS.”,Chat

0,53,15,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”Nicolas’ message – align thinking with health.”,Chat

0,53,28,”Gina Donaldson”,Attendee,”agree that we should work hard at being healthy and not give up due to some arbitrary age”,Chat

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0,56,19,”Gina Donaldson”,Attendee,”in elderhood we should be working in something we love and invest in the work to figure it out.”,Chat

0,56,49,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”””…doing what you like!”” The big takeaway, Nicolas!”,Chat

0,57,7,”Markus Dieterle”,Attendee,”I guess we have to get to the “”Star Trek”” model of a future society, where people are working in order to improve themselves, not to earn a living….”,Chat

0,57,37,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”Actually in “”all-hood”” we should do what we love.”,Chat

0,57,41,”Gina Donaldson”,Attendee,”love what you do!!!”,Chat

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1,0,28,”Roland Takaoka”,Attendee,”Awesome conversation. Thanks everyone!”,Chat


A long-standing expat and a scientist at heart, Nicola is a mathematician with a varied range of interests touching several scientific disciplines and arts as well. Although what initially drove him to science was an interest in astronomy, physics, and  exact sciences in general, since 2011 he has gradually developed an ever-growing curiosity about biology, genetics, and evolution. This new passion arose from a somewhat sudden ‘discovery’ of the ageing process: Although he of course already knew that every human being is apparently doomed to frailty, disease, and death past a handful of decades of life, he had somehow neglected this obvious fact until some life events made it obvious. This realisation led to another, unexpected and exciting discovery: Not only an ever-increasing number of scientists consider biological ageing as a pathological process amenable to medical intervention, but some of them have already come up with plans to put an end to age-related frailty and finally make one of the oldest dreams of humanity come true—the wisdom of age combined with the vigour of youth.

In particular, Nicola was inspired by the figure of dr. Aubrey de Grey, the most vocal and tenacious advocate of rejuvenation biotechnologies aimed at rejuvenating the human body. After reading de Grey’s book Ending Aging in 2014, Nicola decided to become an activist and launched his advocacy website Rejuvenaction, whose goal is explaining in very simple terms what biological ageing is and how science may put an end to it, as well as addressing the concerns of those who fear defeating ageing might have adverse effects on people’s live or society.

Since 2016, Nicola is a volunteer for the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, a nonprofit advocating for rejuvenation science and crowdfunding basic scientific research to speed up the coming of future rejuvenation biotechnologies. In the future, he would like to get a second master’s degree, in biology.

He also writes on his personal blog from time to time and works on his own free science fiction ebook series—again, when time allows.


A recent article by Nicolà Bagalà:

Nicola Bagalà is on Facebook in Italian:

Also in English on Facebook: Rejuvenaction