Dec 2nd at 10 AM PT/ 7 PM CET

Integral life practices in any age?  Monia Fruehwirth


“Integral Life Practice” is a book that brings into practice what was  outlined in Integral Theory, created by the most translated – and most ignored – philosopher, Ken Wilber.

Integral Theory opens  minds to how reality is structured and how can we be in the world in the best possible way, approaching everything from as many perspectives as possible – and from all 4 quadrants.

Portrait of Monika Frühwirth

STREAMED LIVE HERE on December 2nd 2016

Integral Life practice with Monia Frühwirth

00:00 How to watch and listen…and introductions

05:10 Presenting Monika and how she became interested in Integral Theory (and what is that?) The early days…founding salons…loneliness…ongoing development

08:24 what does integrally competent mean? A brief description of quadrants…and Heidi adds some details

14:11 An Integral Life Practice for body, mind and spirit, being in the Now, especially as you age

16:05 What do you rely on? Mark’s response and Monika’s experience

19:30 Balancing distance and closeness, books! And feelings among (male) intellectuals..and eros, love

22:54 More about Eros, compassion, empathy…and feelings!  Even intuition!

27:13  How practice has changed for Monika over the years: shadow work and how we influence people without noticing it.  How Monika teases demons out

30:59  Witches and Feminism. Political correctness and how hard it is to become a man

35:18 “Sex in the Three Bodies” by Wilber

36:26 Sex as we get older, “Not a must but a can.” Tantra is not just about sex!

38:11 So tell us more about tantra!  It makes you dangerous, and alive!

40:04 How older people are “supposed” to be, becoming invisible at about age 80. So how can we be “seen” as we get older?  Breathing is key! Singing helps!

45:20 “How do you age, Monika?” I don’t!  (Humor helps.)  And Heidi asks what we two are doing and some shameless, yet appropriate, self promotion follows.

48:14 Monika: I have the privilege of finally being a private person…so you can hardly find me.  “My goal is my Self.

”52:07 Heidi: We’re lòooking for people who would like to come and live here in Paradiso Integrale

54:23 Cats and thank you’s and good bye’s


Any integral life practice needs to include practices of all four quadrants of reality. We need to look inside ourselves, with meditation, shadow work and similar practices. Then we need to find our place and contribution to the culture we are in and which we are co-creating. We need to be intellectually active, learn new things, read books in human wisdom areas – and we need to take part and co-create in institutions and communities.

Think about your life: where are you most interested? And which quadrants do you try to avoid? “Classically” women were more interested in the inner work and in creating connection – the left hand quadrants, while men were more concerned about knowing things, technology, science and so on. And they were  engaged in organisations, the church, the business, politics: all a men-dominated place.

What do we need to do to engage in an INTEGRAL life practice? Not only meditation, not only technology! What can we chose from all areas, and is there a time in life, a certain age, where we would do one version and not another?


Monia is speaking out of the experience of 7 decades of an intense life which was dedicated to the evolution of consciousness in herself and others.

Monia is a true leader. Thanks to her constant efforts the philosophy of Ken Wilber was introduced and spread in Germany. Her way of adopting leadership was – and is –  translating innumerable amounts of  texts, publishing articles, editing print media and creating the German Integral Association together with some like minded people.

Monia was one of the first women in the German-speaking Integral scene –  which at first was very “head biased” – the enthusiasm about a brilliant theory. She introduced into the Integral Community the “Feminine Integral Consciousness Field”, a self-organized group of women who tried to translate the theory into their everyday life practice. My friendship with her began with being part of this group of women and their attempt to find a FEMININE WAY of bringing the Integral WORLDVIEW out into the WORLD.