March 17th at 10 AM PT/ 7 PM CET

It is never too late to begin to eat the right way


Nutrition is daily. Nutrition is everywhere. Nutrition concerns us. And nutrition is not out there. We are nutrition. Every atom of our body comes to us through nutrition. Time to explore who we are in regard to this important issue. We don’t need more diets rules or prohibition. We need to take a look at ourselves, with clarity and an open heart.

Integral nutrition is not a new diet nor it delivers strict rules. It is an invitation to find your own nutritional truth, embracing it with compassion and at the same time setting a clear intention to an evolutionary impulse towards a more integral, joyful and sustained way of dealing with nutrition in our own life’s, as culture and as global community.

It is a developmental journey towards the delightful joy of nutritional freedom. A freedom that is rooted in the love and compassion for ourselves and all beings.

Dr. Sven Werchan

STREAMED LIVE HERE on March 17th 2017

It is never too late to begin to eat the right way with Dr. Sven Werchan

00:00 Introductions and mechanics (Sven promotes March’ for good road food)
04:25 Sven explains his “we are nutrition…” statement

06:40 Everything we eat is stored somewhere in our bodies

07:51 About taste and how it can be betrayed by industry, etc.

09:00 But our bodies cannot be betrayed! Real taste!

10:00 What about counting calories? What matters more is how much nutrition in micronutrients you get from your calories!

13:00 About micronutrients (bioactive substances) and the importance of variety

17:00 Vegetables vs meat, the evolution of wheat

19:10 What about nutrition and ageing?

20:15 The most important risk factor in getting a disease is to get older

21:00 Go easy on meat as you must counter that acid with base foods and balancing becomes more critical with age, as we become slower to recover

23:00 We eat less as we age so it’s important to vary greatly the micronutients.

24:10 Comments from audience; what about those free radicals? Green and red foods

He recommends “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman here, a cookbook listing also the highest density of micronutrients: berries, nuts -especially cashews for tryptophan Click in the link in the resource list on the right!

29:00 Methods of conservation? Raw is better! Fresh frozen is OK, red for eyes!

31:13 Prevention is much easier than curing! Epigenetics! What we eat can influence which genes are activated!

33:30 Smoothies! Great for older people with the most density of micronutrients

38:00 How microdensity has changed over the years, especially minerals.

40:20 Why organically grown food has higher microdensity

41:20 Subtle levels of nutrition, for example, how animals are raised

44:00 Psychological influences; we “make” food rules > stress hormones

47:35 Meat, fish and seafood questions, in terms of getting older, choose fatty fish from cold waters, 2 portions weekly for Omega 3 fatty acids, meat is hard on the earth, especially if not organic.  Choose white meat for colorectal cancer

52:31The cat interrupts discussion of difficulty finding good bio foods

53:00 Good non-meat sources of protein, harder to be vegan, but meat is not necessary. Take recommendations simply as suggestions! Listen to your body!

55:45  “I eat more more according to the energy I get from the food and from the way than from the amount of food I eat.” That’s another perspective.

57:30 All Omega 3 fatty acids come from plants!

59:00 Reaching the end, directions for finding the after-show chat, final integral comments and take-aways (Sven will eat meat with family at holidays!) and good-byes.



Nutrition plays a very important role throughout human life, but especially in older age. Our body goes through important physiological processes when it gets older and they can be influenced by targeted ways of taking in food. So with nutrition we can maintain our mental functioning by eating what nourishes our brain. Eating the “right” things will keep our joints healthy and  deflect arthrosis. There are ways of eating which influence the risk factors that exist for heart disease and circulatory problems. Even if we already feel the first symptoms, it is never too late to switch to the foods which foster our health in old age.

Dr. Sven Werchan is a practitioner of INTEGRAL NUTRITION and he will tell us more about how to grow older, in an integral way, which of course includes adequate nutrition.


Dr. med. Sven Werchan (PhD,) Nutritional Medicine, Psychotherapist, communication trainer, inspired by integral theory (K. Wilber, S. MacIntosh, A. Cohen) since 20 years, works as seminar leader, advisor, coach, lives in Berlin



0:50 Mark talks about the quadrants

1:31 Sven: Nutrition is not about “what we eat” but about the decision I take. So how do I take my decisions? The influence of others who might boycott our good intentions (the lower left quadrant)

3:40 Changing your nutrition implies a lot of structural changes – if not considered you just end up to do what you did before in your life

4:33 Implications for other realms of our lives. Considering systems which lead to the “right” decision.

5:50 Heidi’s story:

6:20 You can never have 100% right nutrition: Be free and decide freely in the moment what is the most important perspective right now! Svens personal story. Balanced decisions!

8:00 It is always important how MUCH you eat, not so much WHAT. Develop and ADULT approach! Sven’s explanation.

9:40 A developmental step is needed! (Dramatic changes have happened in nutrition in the past century)

10:10 New directions possible in the “third half” of life? – We can (and need) to find different ways.

11:45 The whole process of nutrition begins on the field. Going to the farmers market, also as a social event (LL). Heidi’s experience with buying on the market versus supermarkets.

13:40 Gratefulness. Having enough to eat after millions of years where food was a big issue. We cannot handle yet the abundance of food yet: eat everything when it is there is the primordial pattern.

15:10 The after war syndrome – finish what is on my plate

16:15 Advice: Prolong life through eating less, by 20-30%. Overeating puts limits on life span.

17:58 It will take generations to find a balance. Learning to deal with nutrition is a very important issue for our life on the planet.

18:40 Heidi talks about our self-poisoning,

19:25 Sven: Poisoning is beyond our understanding

20:05 Importance to stay optimistic despite knowing what is going – Heidi shares about her experience with the insights about what is going on 

22:15 Sven acknowledges the sharing to create a culture together – Sven will link our talk to the talk – and to support what we are doing

23:50 Inspiration is energy and energy is the future, also in terms of medicine

24:20 What we will eat NOW after the show

The conversation of WOMEN MATTERS we talked about is HERE