Let’s not waste precious time with Ulrike Haiden and Harald Kastner

The live broadcast  on January 20th at 10 AM PT/ 7 PM CET needs to be rescheduled because of Harald’s illness

We will reschedule the conversation after the end of this series.

Please watch our last conversation with both of them during the Relationship Series here:


Let’s not waste precious time with Ulrike Haiden and Harald Kastner

Conscious Ageing

Conscious Ageing

In our show Ulrike Haiden and her soulmate and business partner Harald Kastener will talk about their personal story which is leading to recurrent periods of death threads by a chronic illness.

How do we handle the finiteness of our lives when we get directly confronted with this possibility? Is it different for younger people to live the illness and to face the threat of death? Is it different for older people and is there a way to “get better” in it?
Who do we chose to be in the face of severe challenge? How can we live a life with joy despite of all? and how can we use best our precious time?

We have important work to do and only a certain amount of time until death comes around.

So Let’s not waste precious time!

This is the message of Ulrike and Harald to all people of all ages. We don’t like to think about our time being finite, especially when we are young. We indulge in all sorts of distractions.  We think that one day we will understand who we are, what we are meant to do on this planet and we will do something really important. When we get older the urge grows to go out and live our true purpose and some of us find the way do meaningful things and discard the distractions. This is the natural progression of life.

But what if you realize from early on that your life might be shorter than you would like? What if you are seriously ill in early years? Does it affect what you are doing in your life and how you live it? Will you still be “wasting time” or will you put effort into finding out what your life’s purpose is. Will you eagerly follow up on your insights?

Harald and Ulrike will talk about how they have handled a severe chronic illness in both their personal and business relationship. We can learn a lot from them, whether we are suffering from physical problems or not. A good philosophy of life doesn’t depend on our present state but on our mindset – which can grow in all ages and situations.

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About Ulrike Haiden and Harald Kastner

Soulmates, married couple, and business partners since 1999, live a blessed love- & worklife generated by the consciousness of the finiteness of their shared lifetime and period of their works. They prioritize love and intimacy over vulnerability, meaning and purpose over distraction and focused actualization over undirected busy-ness. In their conscious business they support people who are alive to the evolutinary aspects of their careers.

They help clients to

  • live self-supportingly.
  • re-source themselves by following their central purpose.
  • bring forth their life’s work committedly.
  • thrive in a flourishing network of relationships.
  • deliberately impact the world.

Currently, they’re writing their first book, a handy guide book for life & career guidance. Potential Sponsors are welcome -> please talk to ulrike.haiden@integralepraxis.at about rewards and co-creative options for you and your stakeholders.

Ulrike Haiden, Integral Coach, Life-, Career- & Communications-Consultant, ulrike.haiden@integralepraxis.at

Harald Kastner, Integral Coach, Business Consultant, Adult Educator, harald.kastner@integralepraxis.at

Read their Blog http://blog.integralepraxis.at

Portrait of Ulrike Haiden and Harald Kastner