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February 20th at 10 AM PT/ 7 PM CET

Stories from Past Lives

Der Blick in frühere Leben

With/Mit Viktoria Duda

Wenn man über vergangene Leben spricht, denkt man oft an Hokuspokus, an Kartenleserinnen auf Jahrmärkten und ähnliches. Aber darum geht es gar nicht in der Arbeit von Viktoria Duda. Es geht darum, die Seele zu erforschen in der Tiefe ihrer Erinnerung.

Man muss nicht an vergangene Leben glauben und daß das, was man in den Rückführungssitzungen erfährt, wirklich und wahrhaftig stattgefunden hat. Vielleicht ja, vielleicht nein, wer weiß? In der hypnotischen Sitzung ist man gleichzeitig hellwach und tief versunken in der Imagination, die bildlich oder auf andre Weise auftaucht und manchmal sich zu einer ganzen Geschichte verwebt.

Wir tauchen ein in das individuelle und kollektive Unbewusste, in das Reich der Archetypen, um unsre Vergangenheit, unser gegenwärtiges Leben und die Zukunft besser verstehen zu lernen. Ein höchst spannender Prozess!

Wir haben ein ähnliches Gespräch bereits auf Englisch geführt, (gepostet weiter unten auf dieser Seite), das mich inspirierte, mich von Viktoria auf die Reise führen zu lassen. Ein Abenteuer in den Innenraum unsrer selbst und der gesamten Menschheit.

Past lives constitute one of the most intriguing and infuriating intellectual challenges to those who study the psyche in depths.

In therapeutic settings and sometimes also spontaneously, memories emerge which appear to be from a past life. What can a therapist or a consciousness researcher do with such narratives? Dismiss them as impossible or qualify them as mere confabulations? That may sound the logical way, yet by doing so we would discredit the amazing transformative and healing power of such deep psychological material.

In this talk, we discuss the richness of the stories which emerge from regression sessions, their possible psychological and metaphysical interpretations and the value they can add to our every-day lives and evolution

Viktoria Duda
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 LIVE HIER am 24. April, 2019

Das Video wurde auf Wunsch aus der Veröffentlichung herausgenommen.

Dr. Viktória G Duda

Ist Sozialanthropologin, Hypnotherapeutin und Autorin. Sie hat ihre Karriere als Juristin in Wien angefangen, aber eine Reihe von spirituellen Grenzerfahrungen hat sie dazu bewegt, alles über die Natur der Wirklichkeit zu überdenken und wieder zu studieren. Heute erforscht sie die spirituellen und multidimensionalen Aspekte des Bewusstseins, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung von Erinnerungen an früheren Leben im therapeutischen Kontext. Sie hat in verschiedenen Ländern gewohnt, wie vor allem Deutschland, Österreich, Mexiko und England. Heutzutage verbringt sie den größten Teil des Jahres in ihrer nord-ungarischen Heimat im Wald, arbeitet aber weiterhin international mit Klienten übers Internet und auf weltweiten Konferenzen. Sie ist Mitglied der Britischen Gesellschaft für klinische Hypnose.

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STREAMED LIVE HERE on February 20th, 2019

Viktoria Duda February 20th 2019

0:20 Monia introduces herself, she is co-hodting this event, asks immediately her questions to Viktoria: What was the incentive to go into hypnotherapy and into past lives?

1:18 Viktoria: she was raised in an academic family and is a big skeptic. Her first profession was lawyer. She had experiences which taught her that she has to change into a profession to understand human nature. Hypnotherapy in the rational realm. Tibetan buddhism: the concept of several lives.

4:10 Spontaneous memories. Reading books about that, synchronisitc events.

6:11 Monia asks about techniques. She shares her own technique. Relaxing and “the mist of time”. Energy work? International Academy of consciousness (Out of body experiences) IAC

9:25 Tap into the background of the client.

10:06 Monia: Thnic background. Past lives in different countries? It is easier to work with people from the far east where past lives are accepted. Viktoria noticed a pattern: Most clients interested are multicultural. Religious background, also Christians.

13;25 Monia: tibetan buddhism. Her own past life experiences happened in a different culture.

15:15 Coordinate system: you see where the graph is going. You start to see a pattern, where the psyhe is going, continuing in the present and future. What would happen if you didn’t change anything? Future life progressions. Do you fulfill your life’s mission?

18:00 10 or 12 sessions and you can see the graph, therapeutic work might be needed.

18:40 People change their gender in past lives? What stories come up in the sessions? Encountering the dark sides of past lives. Especially when zhey were the purpetrators., shadow WORK.. the person they see in past lives is not very flattery! Katalyst for evolution.

23:38 Monia:Shadowwork is needed every day. V: See that tese things are there and then move on from that point. How do you make it into something positive: finding the positive intent.= training for tolerance.

26:10 Heidi; become aware of the evil deeds in past lives torealise that we have a choice.. V: most crimes have been committed by following orders.

27,15 Conscious ageing>: does this work help with dying,

27;50 V: “training for dying”. It always goes on, no big dark end. Cycle of day and night. People lose the fear of death. If people forget the previous experience they are afraid of death.  Age is becoming very unimportant..

29:52 It is never to late to work towards your dreams in this life. From the incarnasionist paradigm it is never too late to pursue your dream. You can be reborn in an envirnoment which supports your dream. Age doesn’t really matter as it seems to be .

31:40 Monia: how do the patterns manifest? V: “condensed experiences” Themes keep coming back.  Monia shares her experience: people were not ready to continue the work she had done. This happens also in this life!

34:40 The question of interpretation. We shouldn’t take them too naively! Metaphoric technique used also in normal psychotherapy.

36:05 Heidi shares the work of a friends father where the stories of a medium could be verified. Do you believe in past lives? Look in tghe evidence. Ian Stevenson and John Tucker: work with children who spontaneously remember things which she couldn’t know. Working with children is more authentic, they don’T have an agenda.

39:00 Even everyday memory is not straight forward. Memories might not be factually, but psychologally acurate.

41:10 Body symptoms? Monia shares her experience where she would have been hung as punishment. You could see that on her neck! The body of this life remembers! Birthmarks mach with past life. At the beginning these things scared Viktoria, now she knows that it is only some sort of memory. You don’t have to re-experience the whole trauma again, only be aware of its existence.

44:25 Viktoria shares a story from her work with a client.

46:00 This work maybe is not for everybody. It is not to be taken lightly. But if a person is not ready, nothing really is happening.

47:18 Monia: WHO remembers? 2 theories: emotional overwhelming experiences or it has to do with evolution where the mind wants to remember.

48:43 Heidi: WHO is remembering?  The somebody in our present life, or the one in a past life? V: the whole topic is a huge intellectual challenge! What do I say when I say “My past life” Who is that past “I”? – Now she believes that there is no such thing as “my past life”, but consciousness which is making experiences and dividing itself in these mans lives. Consciousness remembers. But Viktoria uses “my past life” for those which are most organically connected with the present life. It is one consciousness which re-incarnates. Without ego.

51:45 My present I is a stage of the evolution of consciousness. Viktoria shares her experience with creative writing of her novels. She wants to stay with her characters when she had finished the novel. “Don’t worry: the end is not the end, you will be equally in love with the next story” This is the same with life which we believe to be the most important story. In next life TAHT will be the most important story. The story is eternal, changing always.

55:00 Closing starts: Heidi is curious to do some work with Viktoria. Would I be able?

V: explains the difference between regressions and meditation. How do the sessions go? “Retrocognition” by Wagner Alegretti. The therapist is important for the session not to go down into dream stage where they wouldnÄt remember later or they get caught in endless details.

59:40 Viktoria share how people can contact her and work with her.  Be part of her research project!!

1:01:20 Monia: there is no “end of the day”. She likes Viktorias energy and enthusiasm. Viktoria: you own this joy when you are doing your mission. Ther is nothing more reason to find that and no search wasted, if you are 10 or 100 years old.

We will do another conversation in German.


We find ourselves living our lives and rarely have the time and willingness to reflect on its nature. We think that it is just what it is. We believe that we have the choices to be in one way or other and that things happen to us mainly by chance.

But is that really true? In the last century many studies have shown that we are not independent creature in the sense that we are born as a white slate where we then accumulate our experiences and that our learning will perish with our departure from earth.

We are conditioned, not only in our childhood by our surroundings, but from much earlier, in the womb and even by previous generations. And we will leave a trace in the future with whatever we chose to do in our lifetime.


is a social anthropologist, hypnotherapist and writer. She began her career as lawyer, but a series of awakening experiences prompted her to rethink everything she knew about the nature of consciousness and study again.

Today she is researching spiritual and multidimensional aspects of consciousness, with special attention to past life memories emerging in therapeutic settings. She lived in many different countries, notably Germany, Austria, Mexico and England.

Now she spends most of the year in her forest retreat in the Northern Highlands of her native Hungary, but continues to work with clients internationally over the internet and at world-wide conferences. She is member of the British Society for Clinical Hypnosis.