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Conscious Ageing wrap up debriefing April 14, 2017

00:00 – 00:43  Mark does not cope well with feedback (technical, not critical!).

01:50 List of the series guests: Ashton Applewhite, Jon Freeman, Monika Fruehwirth, Hans  Parge, Durwin and Christopher Foster, Michaela Boehm, Martin Ucik (soon to be in conversation on our site with Tom Habib), Harald Kastner and Ulrike Haiden (had to be postponed due to his illness), Miriam van Groen, Ann Roberts, Connie Corley, Tom Christensen (due back again on our site May 2 with Monika Fruehwirth), Lowell Ann Fuglsang, Myste Lynn, Lynn Kreaden, Sven Werchan, Bettina Hartmann, and, finally, Terry Patten with a great message and a wonderful transmission, followed by a week later by a panel discussion with eleven of those guests above present.

09:35 Current guests in the green room: Roland Takaoka, Hans Parge, Marjorie Shalita and Gina Donaldson 10:25 A debriefing from the perspective of the viewers. Marjorie begins with an appreciation of the series, noting the importance to her of going along with ageing and not opposing it.
14:00 Roland can’t explain some live streaming techy stuff.

15:00 Lowell Ann Fuglsang joins the green room.
16:00 Hans weighs in emphasizing Sven Werchan input on nutrition.  We propose an upcoming conversation between the two.

18:33 Lowell Ann shares a concern re: continuing with a minimal degree of mutual trust, not with a large zoom group, and getting the “message” out one person at a time.

22:17 Heidi has solved the live streaming problem! The URL changed!
23:07 Gina compliments our wide range of guests and their topics, Including “Not retirement, but re-wirement!” Neighbor Lowell Ann describes Gina’s services.

28:50 Lowell Ann plugs a book: an M.D Atul Gawande’s “Being Mortal” as someone promoting a very non-standard look at ageing.

31:05 Mark and Heidi remark upon the big change in viewing death 3 years ago.

32:14 Roland wants in to express how all these older people in our series were very much ALIVE, not at all with one foot in the grave…and telepathy!

35:34 The many aspects of ageing, including music, animals, alternate living situations, etc. Please refer interesting older people to us to consider for a show with us.
40:45 Marjorie brings up the Divine Feminine and continual expansion and the continuation of consciousness even if there be ecological catastrophe.

43:50 Jordan Peterson’s lectures on psychology and how we are ancient, but the result of archetypes that have their beginnings in pre-human life, sometimes pre-mammalian and even earlier.  Heidi gets personal.
48:25 Lowell Ann reports on Ageing from a Millennial’s perspective, and asks about different cultures look at ageing and dying.

50:48 How Han’s life has changed after “retirement”. He expands…and mentions a new book: Bullshit!.  He asks about purpose.

55:42 Roland stresses living in the moment, moment by moment… with an illusion of death.  He wants to expand into joy.

59:34 How can we live in joy, etc. when we are so stressed out by jobs, family, etc?  It’s easy for us at our ages to forget the trials of growing up, even our own old trials

1:01:15 Heidi responds by noting that we can abandon being victims so that we can go toward the ends we choose, even though life is not easy!

1:02:45 Roland continues with considerations of polarity which opens up more a philosophical discussion which predominates for the remainder of the session. How to deal with negativity.  Heidi disagrees on the role of poles.  Dualistic thinking. Gina bows out, Marjorie joins in with paradox.  Relationship of body and spirit.  More Jordan Peterson. Very juicy conversation!  Heidi plugs “Archetypes of the Soul” in German by Hasselmann and Schmolke. Not seeing others as others but as those who are living out “my” shadows.  The limitations of how much we can help.  Setting boundaries or are we all in a video game, so to speak.  The self-correction of the universe, but only after suffering.  

1:24:17 No conclusions but we all have more to say. Final remarks and goodbyes until the next time….

Conscious Ageing - Connecting with our audience

We have successfully ended CONSCIOUS AGEING – the weekly live show with a bunch of very inspiring guests. Last week 11 of them have gathered in a panel discussion and all of them expressed the desire to go on with group meetings and discussions about important topics, Ageing and Agesim included.

So be sure to stay connected if you are interested in pursuing the topic.


This week’s broadcast gives YOU, the AUDIENCE of our series, the possibility to meet us live, tt tell us what were the highlights for you and what you would like us to include in the future. So please feel free – and courageous – and come inside the green room. Have a webcam and earbuds ready to go and click on the link which will be published here in the comment stream about 30 min before showtime.

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