Women Matters – A series with women in the Wisdom Factory

Edition #1/2017 on January 15th:


The new season (2017) begins with the topic What is your North Star and all women are invited to share their intentions, projects and whatever they think is important for the personal and collective sphere.

Our core team: Tammy, Gertraud, Heidi and Monika

Welcoming today



Women matters #1/17

Women Matters: What is your North Star?

Women Matters

Women Matters

TIMESTAMPS of the conversation

0:54 Bettina presents herself

2:15 “Reinventing organizations”

3:20 Gertraud talks about the collaboration with Bettina and the context

5:20 Appreciative Inquiry in Business, Gertraud talks about a meeting “People Matters” = what people need to work together

7.40 Heid asks Gertraud for her book and for her future plans

8:00 Appreciation: How to create flow and meet the numbers

10:14 Disconnection and judgment, being in opposition. Practice: not be offended

11:30 judgement and resignation (Gertraud).”The more I am righteous, the more the other one has to reject what I say” – letting go of opinions!

13,20 Who can stay all time in the ideal world? Not always we are able to have an open heart. How can we act in a good way? Example: car accident.

16:00 welcoming Tammy

16.28 Heidi: what you oppose something is the same as succumb. It starts in the communication

17:20 trying to get Tammy online

17:40 Gertraud: where are our buttons that people push – breath, step back for a bit.

18,45 Heidi responds to “breathing”. Become aware of the moment when you still can stop. The need of a practice to get to know ourselves

20:25 Meditation and give words to what is going on, but we also need to have a way, language and accepted behaviour to actually step out for a moment from what is going on. Transparent communication taught by Thomas Hübl. Cultural barriers to that way of communicating.

22:50 Heid’s Feminine Power training does similar things: This is my northstar!

24:40 Tammy joins – a time zone glitch. In response to Bettina: It needs courage to meet the tension, to respond instead of react. What might be our collective North Star

26:40 personal North star of TAmmy: connection and conversations with people all over the world as human beings having grounded and rich conversations, challenged humanity right now and what we can do about it. A learning journey. Show up as we are.

30:50 Gertraud. Talking about the UNO – acknowledge for what it is created for and even if it doesn’t work perfectly, but it has brought countries together. Different perspective on the world: See WHAT is working without neglecting what is not working. Don’t take for granted what IS WORKING.

33:00 Heidi: we expect perfection and through the baby out with the bathwater. Appreciation is hugly important, talking aaBOUT PATRIARCHY: STRONG OBJECTIONS  – is it really true? There were advantages, otherwise we hadn’t kept staying in

35:50 Bettina: Harmonious diversity. Feminine is traditionally good in inclusion, make room for all.

37:50 Being inclusive creates space: the feminine principle. Masculine and feminine

39:00  who is next in speaking? Tammy gives some consideration – the position of the moderator? The difference of public conversation and private

40:50 Tammy: sensing into what to do next. T wants to be present to what is going on in the world.

42:50 It is time to talk about other “quadrants”

43:20 Tammy : we are at a crisis point on the planet – ecological and political problems. A line between people and corporations and the manifestation of power. – Be in service to seeing the unified stand. Being participants in the birthing of a new world.

47:39 Heidi: ideological thread – in Canada and the laws to limit free speech which can lead into a totalitarian state: Dr. Jordan Peterson on Youtube: the minority is taking over the power over everybody else-

50:00 being attacked and trashed: How can you keep yourselves open when you get attacked: Heidi’s goal for the next year, be calm even when people trash you. Not being afraid to talk openly about things

52: 10 Truth versus truthfulness

52:35 When we repeat what we know what is not working – if the fear is big allows you bad means for the good? You ruin the values of societies. It is only 60+ years ago, we should remember. Valuing human lives and what does it mean? In the time of interne

55:12 Gertraud – why did the German population didn’t say anything? A german professor explains that in early 30ties wouldn’t have accepted, but people got used to it. Dehumanizing went gradually. Martin Niemüller says: “I didn’t say anything because I was not………..”

If you get in fear-mode you jump into the same pitfall.

Taking what is working and normalize that instead of the fearful things. Fear is the worst adviser.  Gertraud: not become fearful as Northstar.

“Thinking partnership”with Nancy Klein.

Re-humanising people with whom I am in fear

1:00:00 beginning the closing

Tammy talks about CBC and Canada. Charter of rights and freedoms of Canada. 1981, fundamental freedoms. Part of the constitution.

1:04:00 we need to stand with each other

1:05:30 Heidi: The mean green meme exaggerates

1:06:15 Gertraud: 1st article of the German constitution will be on the first page of their book. The first article cannot be changed, not even with ⅔ majority

1:08:40 Bettina, the Danish constitution is much older, has similar articles about human rights. We need to protect it and not take it for  granted.

About Tammy Lea Meyer 

Tammy Lea Meyer

Tammy Lea Meyer

Tammy was born, works and lives on unceded Coast Salish territory, in a community home in South Vancouver, Canada. A media experimentalist, social change agent and systems thinker, Tammy is passionate about democracy, the development of a people-centred economy, and supporting the emergent shift of social and economic systems. Tammy believes that through collaboration and conversation, we can knit together the initiatives that already exist to design a deeply integrated commons. Tammy is passionate about holding space and fostering the voices of community members to share their concerns, their hopes, and their ideas for a more just and sustainable world.
You can check out her work on Medium and youtube.


About Heidi – Adelheid Hörnlein 

Heidi Hornlein

Heidi Hornlein

A native German and living in Italy for the past 30 years. I have an MA in communication science, was a professional singer, voice teacher, voice therapist before I was licensed in Gestalt Counseling and Transformative Coaching (Approach: ‘Feminine Power’ and related). I am also licensed as transformative leader. I am holding seminars and courses, live and online. My passion is 1:1 coaching for whatever difficulties people encounter in life, especially regarding relationships, but not only. AND I am passionate in doing live events like this one and HELP OTHERS TO BE CONFIDENT AND SHOW UP in public to bring their message into the world.


About Gertraud Wegst 

Gertraud Wegst. Portrait.

Gertraud Wegst

Gertraud was born as the middle one of 7 children in Germany though her heart swims in international waters. Master coach, trainer and change midwife with experience in the mission of being source of apprecitation for people and organizations she believes that the people’s past and present are rich with positive experiences and insights and can be an infinite source for development, performance and success, if they are listened to carefully and with appreciation. Supporting this process with her colleagues of The Appreciators in personal and group coaching and training for leaders and in companies and with various co-operations in networks, communities of practice up to the Unity in Diversity Appreciative Inquiry process for midwifing a system of influence that nurtures celebrates, and energizes work that mattters and elnivens makes her heart sing.

About Monika Schmidt 

Monika Schmidt

Monika Schmidt

Monika is a native Bavarian and grew up as the youngest of three. As a mother of two, she went through the wide range of educational everyday experience throughout thirty years. In her professional life she is engaged with all levels of school education up to university as well as in coaching and consulting with all, students teachers and parents. Monika started her “life in social media” in early days of Facebook, but turned out as an evangelist with Google and Google+.
A huge caesure in her life was to be diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago. Like an earthquake, nothing looked like it was before. She is trying to verify the basic believes she held. Now she tracing the changes about what it means. The “role” of being a women-wife-mother-individual has changed several times in her life and is still being created new, every day. Glad to be here!

 Bettina Hartmann says:

Bettina Hartman

Bettina Hartman

 I would like to assist in bringing about consciousness and sustainable happiness in all our interactions, at every waking hour. At the supermarket, in the backyard, at Work, with friends, in bed, everywhere. If we include lucid dreaming, even in our sleep 🙂 But particularly, my area of expertise is within teams and organizations, and my favorite book since 2015 has been Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux – it describes how wholeness, purpose and self-management is the new paradigm for organizations. I have a degree in engineering and certifications within project management, risk management, process facilitation, (group) coaching, etc.. having worked for 25 years in all sorts of Danish and international corporate, governmental and independent companies.

 I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark; I meditate and do yoga daily, and I am part of various integral practice groups, both online and In Real Life. I love to walk and ride my bike everywhere, and in my spare time I do gardening, read books, watch movies and spend endless hours online: to interact, to learn and to collaborate and co-create globally ♥.

 I find that the world has been run mostly on masculine, rational and action-oriented values for a very long time – now it’s time to allow both feminine and masculine values to work together! So that we can create new ways of working, not only in corporations but also in politics, in associations, etc. This requires not only a high degree of personal awareness of both talents and shadows, but also a high degree of awareness when communicating: Being aware both of myself, the other, the field between us as well as the collective consciousness. All while leading a conversation with one or more people … Not so odd, that this often doesn’t work out as intended!