In past years we streamed these conversations live. At the moment they are recorded and uploaded to Youtube. Live streaming is planned aagain for later this year.

A series of LIVE CONVERSATIONS among women from Europe, USA, Africa  and Canada. All about how we women can contribute to creating a better world. We are exploring our potential, our gifts and the fields we can give our contributions in our unique way and with our unique skills.
This series is free and permanently accessible on this website. If you want to participate in the conversations, please connect!

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The women of Women Matters talk about their lives and what is going on right now.

In their last meeting the women of WOMEN MATTERS talked about the ways they pass the Christmas holidays. We talk also about the tendency to suppress the religios traditions and substitude them with a pure commercial event. Is this right for us? Why are traditions and rituals important? And what significance has music and art in all that? WOMEN MATTERS exists since 2016. Women from 3 continents meet almost monthly to share experience, knowledge and findings. Find all episodes at https://thewisdomfactory.net/women-matters/

This time, Watch here   https://youtu.be/jODh7Y7sJR0

The women of Women Matters talk about their lives and what is going on right now.

THis time, Christine talks about the Integral COnference in Sedona which she and her husband Rom Habib were part of. In the second part we talk about silent retreats: Do they make sense? To whom? Should one do that and why?

Watch here