Ulrike Haiden and Harald Kastner

Walking the purpose way as a Conscious Business couple.

In our last episode of season #3 of the Wisdom Factory, we want to bring together both sections of our topic: relationships at home and at work.

How does the relationship of a couple evolve when both partners work closely together in their own business? How is the business impacted by the collaboration of two people in a committed personal relationship? What is easier or more difficult this way than in collaborative settings with relative strangers?

Harald and Ulrike are collaborating in their “Integrale Praxis” in Vienna, Austria, offering business consulting and coaching, especially for start-ups. They are passionate about bringing the “Conscious Business Model” to German speaking countries.

Streamed live April 01, 2016

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About Harald Kastner

Harald Kastner

Soulmates, married couple, and business partners since 1999 say: “In order to keep doing what we love doing—supporting people to master personal and career shifts—we had to change a lot, and we have to keep changing to keep going. In order to manage constant change and transformational work, the integral map serves as a brilliant navigation tool for our and our clients’ lives and businesses.”

As a team, embracing feminine and masculine aspects as integral life and business consultants, we love to support changemakers to become fully-fledged co-creatives!

About Ulrike Haiden

Ulrike Haiden

A growing number of people are on the verge of leaping into purpose-driven, self-supporting, co-creative, and free careers. Would they rather start out with a guiding career map or conscious business canvas, if they had the chance to do so? You bet they would. Fear is the most entangling and powerful employer.

By crafting your vision of the future, by sharing your vision with supportive, like-minded people, by mapping out a conscious business canvas based on integral insights, by meeting, collaborating, learning in feedback loops, networking, and creating, you become the change you want to see in the world. That’s the best way we’ve figured out for creating thriving lives and businesses so far 😉 .