2017, July 7th at 10 AM PT/ 7 PM CET

Ways to connect and collaborate in bringing forth the future


Everywhere in the world, people show up with ideas and initiatives and they compete for the attention of a receptive audience. As long as we remain isolated fighters for the good, insisting on our own ideas and fighting against what others do on similar domains, we remain a part of the problem and the solutions seem to be ever far away.

Marco Morelli

STREAMED LIVE HERE on July 7th 2017

Ways to connect and collaborate in bringing forth the future with Marco Morelli


00:00 Introductions and messages

02:30 Marco begins at the beginning, the college years, meditation, Naropa University, writers that made him feel different than he had “before”, Ken Wilber and collaboration, co-authoring with Terry Patten and Adam Leonard “Integral Life Practice”

10:16 Moving on to more creative work, marriage, children, house, and to how to interconnect with others working in isolation.

12:50 Difficulties!  Problems that must be faced: finances, for example, and the competition that traditional approaches presume and that we inherit and inhabit. Cosmos Cooperative ( was founded as a basic structure for this examination. Uncompensated work with value but is not compensated for.

19:50  The Belbin Team Test: what are the strengths and weaknesses of each of us, the communion and the agency

22:14 Heidi’s experience with her women’s group, Marco’s similar experience.  The GROUP experience!
26:48 We need gooey fingers!  We need many many conversations that eventually form a kind of milieu which can filter and refine perspectives (a la Albert Murray).

30:00 You can’t get there until you know what you’re doing.  But you can’t know what you’re doing until you get there!  (just like “real” life!)

31:12 We are infants in the “conversation space” because we presume we are separate, to begin with.  But our very language has to start from a different spot. Marco explains how he is “done with” just working for himself in isolation, beginning in unity!

34:05 (Compliments to a commenter, Roland Takaoka, for his long-term contribution to our show’s development) Struggles with the money question, creating our own currency.  The generational thing! Why do we “work”?

40:00 Heidi brings the questions back to the basics: How do we transform people to make these collaborative changes?

41:12 Marks asks how we on the micro scale work together?  Is that a model that we can scale up?  First, we cooperate with our own self!

How does the media we use affect how we can be together? Heidi goes back to the individual level.

44:10 Marco points out the inherent language problems even at the individual level: chicken and egg questions. What can we learn from examining “20th-century thinking” and the horrors that produced?

48:50 How to deepen state experiences that can last for longer periods

49.20 Sloterdijk’s book “Bubbles” and how we create our loneliness, our aloneness, and how we enter a communal space where we can share what we have learned while alone.  A model for us to do this, the importance of literacy, of READING! A much more complicated process when we add media to the mix.  Priceless!

55:22 Free jazz!  But what if we let an author or artist introduce NEW material to what we already know! Novel ideas are a must!  And our individual lights shine through the prism of the new creation.
57:10 Where is this “book club” going next?  Marco can’t say because he doesn’t want to be the one who dictates what’s next for the group in the “Cosmosphere”. Podcasts: Infinite Conversations, a forum at, the journal Metempsychosis, Reader’s Underground.

59:00 Marco, “I would like to create a space where anyone who’s part of it and has an interest in exploring a subject matter, reading a particular book, a particular author, and doing that with others, can find them and use the tools that we have, the forum, the hangouts, the publishings [?] to have the conversations that they feel are worth having…and then for those conversations to become a public resource where I may not have read that book but I may notice something that you’re saying in the course of your conversation and learn something from that….[continuing]….”

1:00:20 Marco asks for help!  He likes smaller groups that can cross-pollinate between groups.  Make him write it down so we can let him just be another member!

1:03:30 Links, how to connect, thank you’s and goodbye’s, last words, promote each other with feedback, recognition, criticism, etc.

Out of consumption and into creation!


During the past decades, many individuals have been waking up to the call to actively engage and do something which has a positive effect on the future. We had come to the understanding that we humans have an enormous influence on how the future on earth will unfold and we feel an obligation to take on that call and the responsibility connected with it.

Many movements were created, like Greenpeace, and similar associations who, by political activism or direct actions try to move the wagon into the right direction. Without a doubt, all these initiatives have had some effect on the public and even on politics and the legal system, but it seems as if with the resolution of every problem 100 new ones appear and cry for attention.  So what can we do to respond to that?

What if we could connect and combine our ideas and initiatives? What if we could find a peer way of co-creation by letting go the need to be the only leader, the only creator, the only authority in the field? What if we could find a way to grow up personally and thereby become able to effectively collaborate for a common purpose? Wouldn’t that be a much more likely way to succeed in finding the necessary solutions, more quickly and effectively than what we can reach alone, each of us in their isolated corner of the world!

Technology allows us to come together in such a way. Now we need to find the platforms and the people with whom we feel like collaborating and co-creating!

That’s why we are presenting a person who has a vision about how this can happen: Marco Morelli. He shows us what he has already created and hopefully, you in the audience will feel inspired to connect and co-create on his platform – or go out and look for a similar connection with other global initiatives.


Marco V Morelli is the founder and CCO of Cosmos Cooperative and creative director of Metapsychosis Journal.

He studied Philosophy and Comparative Literature at Binghamton University, and worked for Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute from 2003 to 2007, co-authoring the book Integral Life Practice, before leaving to follow the pathways of art.

His podcast,Infinite Conversations, is hosted at He is currently at work on a new book of poems, stories, and essays titledI AM THE SINGULARITY.