Women Matters

 A series with women in the Wisdom Factory

Bettina Hartmann, Heidi Hörnlein, Gertraud Wegst, Monika Schmidt and Tammy Lea Meyer discuss the burning question:

How can we stay excited and helpful in order to continue our service of the world’s transformation towards a sustainable future? There are so many problems and emotionally difficult situations in our communities and between the countries of the world that it is not always easy to maintain the positive spirit which we need to be helpful for a change toward the better. What can we do to resist the temptation to despair and hopelessness? How can we keep up our personal energy and inspiration and the connection and the spirit of collaboration among us change makers in the world?

Tuesday, March 14th at 10 AM PT / 6 PM CET  

 Be aware of the time change – differences in Europe and USA!!

 How can we stay inspired to work towards a sustainable future

Our core team: Monika, Tammy, Heidi, Gertraud  and Bettina


0:00 Intro

1:50 Bettina: different layers of the question: Who am I? What are my talents? How can I support the values? – first I have to know myself!

3:04 Tammy chimes in and talks about our previous conversation in February 2017

4:00 Tammy shares a teaching by Randy Shaak

: The Quote for our show today! present time, present place, being present, having presence, being pleasant

5:12 Gertraud shares a breathing practice, with basic explanations about adrenalin and oxytocin in our bodies and the exercise.

8:28 Beginning of the exercise and sharing the experience

10:00 Bettina’s morning breathing practice – breathing is an old remedy! Heidi thanks for the good reminder

11:00 Exhaling as most important thing! And breathing into the belly

12:18 Tammy’s experience How can we stay inspired with the high levelo of fear in the world? – What is actually going on?

13:21 Bettina wouldn’t start with this question. She would start inside herself and not outside of herself. Heidi: a combination of both

14:20 Gertraud. Her book about collaboration and appreciation. She explains the basic guidelines. Bring yourself into a thinking and sentient human being!!! Abandon the stem brain mode! How to get back into the flow?

17:55 Heidi: We need to be taught how to do this!

19:32 Bettina doesn’t find it difficult – she doesn’t feel the obligation to be all the time engaged. We are bound to be stressed when we overvalue the outside events, which are not more real that what happens in our lives directly.

21:45 How to watch the news. Don’t stay in the terrible experience!

22:35 Heidi: the ability to cry for the whole world. An obligation to do something.

24:00 Bettina: don’t identify – otherwise you cannot be of service

24;43 Gertraud: First do the practice and feel stable and protected, then expose yourself to what is going on in the world! Example: Be like a medical doctor! Stay compassionate, but not pity and get sick yourself!

27:28 Tammy: Having a practice. How can we model for each other to be more present to be able to better understand what is going on.

28:35 Tammy shares a practice of self-love

30:40 Heidi’s addition “Femophobia – How women have become men” by Tovi Browning

32:30 Perfectionism as a barrier – allow to celebrate the 80% a story by Bettina – we need to find a balance: Heidi’s experience as a singer

34:30 Gertraud – celebrating is a crucial part of everything! You need to have a break! A practice they did in their coaches training – the shocking experience.

38:05 Applying the ideas to politics of the present time. – connect to the possinble future and live it right now! Gertraud’s inspiration.

40:07 Bettina agrees – meeting positive people – creating the Universe you want to see! Due your best!

42:00 Heidi: my life is like a puzzle

42:52 Tammy: THIS IS IT. We have the opportunity to do something different. How can we help to lift each other up and create together the future we desire.

45:10 What steps do we take as we are taking them, right now. – Heidi shares her experience during our conversation here: from negative mood into the positive.

46:00 Gertraud: how the world occurs to me makes the difference of what my reality of being is.

47: 35 What happened in a workshop: the recognition of the own shadow.

48:40 “ahimsa” – harmlessness state: “I don’t have the intention at all to harm anybody”  A story by Gertraud.

50:30 We give our power away by allowing others to “make” us angry

51:00 we need a practice and the recognition of the own patterns

51:35 Question: What are we inspired about right now?

57:12 If WE can do that together, then we are hopeful that it can go out into the world and inspire others, directly or indirectly. This can lead to the future where this way of coming together is normal


How can we stay inspired to work towards a sustainable future

About Tammy Lea Meyer 

Tammy Lea Meyer

Tammy Lea Meyer

Tammy was born, works and lives on unceded Coast Salish territory, in a community home in South Vancouver, Canada. A media experimentalist, social change agent and systems thinker, Tammy is passionate about democracy, the development of a people-centred economy, and supporting the emergent shift of social and economic systems. Tammy believes that through collaboration and conversation, we can knit together the initiatives that already exist to design a deeply integrated commons. Tammy is passionate about holding space and fostering the voices of community members to share their concerns, their hopes, and their ideas for a more just and sustainable world.
You can check out her work on Medium and youtube.


About Heidi – Adelheid Hörnlein 

Heidi Hornlein

Heidi Hornlein

A native German and living in Italy for the past 30 years. I have an MA in communication science, was a professional singer, voice teacher, voice therapist before I was licensed in Gestalt Counseling and Transformative Coaching (Approach: ‘Feminine Power’ and related). I am also licensed as transformative leader. I am holding seminars and courses, live and online. My passion is 1:1 coaching for whatever difficulties people encounter in life, especially regarding relationships, but not only. AND I am passionate in doing live events like this one and HELP OTHERS TO BE CONFIDENT AND SHOW UP in public to bring their message into the world.


About Gertraud Wegst 

Gertraud Wegst. Portrait.

Gertraud Wegst

Gertraud was born as the middle one of 7 children in Germany though her heart swims in international waters. Master coach, trainer and change midwife with experience in the mission of being source of apprecitation for people and organizations she believes that the people’s past and present are rich with positive experiences and insights and can be an infinite source for development, performance and success, if they are listened to carefully and with appreciation. Supporting this process with her colleagues of The Appreciators in personal and group coaching and training for leaders and in companies and with various co-operations in networks, communities of practice up to the Unity in Diversity Appreciative Inquiry process for midwifing a system of influence that nurtures celebrates, and energizes work that mattters and elnivens makes her heart sing.

About Monika Schmidt 

Monika Schmidt

Monika Schmidt

Monika is a native Bavarian and grew up as the youngest of three. As a mother of two, she went through the wide range of educational everyday experience throughout thirty years. In her professional life she is engaged with all levels of school education up to university as well as in coaching and consulting with all, students teachers and parents. Monika started her “life in social media” in early days of Facebook, but turned out as an evangelist with Google and Google+.
A huge caesure in her life was to be diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago. Like an earthquake, nothing looked like it was before. She is trying to verify the basic believes she held. Now she tracing the changes about what it means. The “role” of being a women-wife-mother-individual has changed several times in her life and is still being created new, every day. Glad to be here!


Bettina Hartman

Bettina Hartman

I would like to assist in bringing about consciousness and sustainable happiness in all our interactions, at every waking hour. At the supermarket, in the backyard, at Work, with friends, in bed, everywhere. If we include lucid dreaming, even in our sleep ? But particularly, my area of expertise is within teams and organizations, and my favorite book since 2015 has been Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux – it describes how wholeness, purpose and self-management is the new paradigm for organizations. I have a degree in engineering and certifications within project management, risk management, process facilitation, (group) coaching, etc.. having worked for 25 years in all sorts of Danish and international corporate, governmental and independent companies.

 I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark; I meditate and do yoga daily, and I am part of various integral practice groups, both online and In Real Life. I love to walk and ride my bike everywhere, and in my spare time I do gardening, read books, watch movies and spend endless hours online: to interact, to learn and to collaborate and co-create globally ♥.

 I find that the world has been run mostly on masculine, rational and action-oriented values for a very long time – now it’s time to allow both feminine and masculine values to work together! So that we can create new ways of working, not only in corporations but also in politics, in associations, etc. This requires not only a high degree of personal awareness of both talents and shadows, but also a high degree of awareness when communicating: Being aware both of myself, the other, the field between us as well as the collective consciousness. All while leading a conversation with one or more people … Not so odd, that this often doesn’t work out as intended!