Martin Shervington

Relationship building through social media: How it works and why it is so important.

Social Media has taken over the function of coffee houses, beer cellars and bars. People meet while sitting at home in front of their computers, or in the Underground with their cell phones, immersed in a shiny – and unreal – world. Nothing wrong about it as long as we keep in mind the differences between these worlds and understand the pitfalls.

There is no doubt that the internet has opened a completely new possibility for connection between all of us, wherever we are in the world, which simply wasn’t possible before. We can now build real and deep relationships without having ever met in person. And to do that we need the same skills of relationship building as we do in “real life”. Otherwise we get lost in a flood of temporary “connections” which give us the illusion of togetherness but that actually can evaporate in a nanosecond.

Social media allows to create real connection in various levels and grades. Martin will talk about how to build meaningful relationships via social media. He is a true expert in doing this himself and we will hear why this is so important in our times, for our personal life and for our work life.

Streamed live March 25, 2016

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About Martin Shervington

Martin ShervingtonMartin is an explorer of consciousness, a marketeer, a writer on communication including Google+. He is a big fan of Ken Wilber, Robert Kegan and the whole integral world. He is also the author of 8 books and scripts with a psychological twist.

Martin says about himself:

I have a Law and Business Studies, LLB (Joint Hons), PG Dip Organisational Psychology, Master Practitioner NLP and have spent almost 20 years working as an executive coach, business consultant and marketing psychologist; I’m now based between the UK and the USA, depending upon clients. I also work a lot in Europe and South America.

He helps people to build their brand on Google+, and enable a community of people to fall in love with what they do; so much so, that the Google Search algorithm cannot resist giving them incredible results.