December 18th at 6PM CEST/ 9 AM PT

The Multidimensionality of our Bodies


In the last meeting of “Women Matters” we  talked about Eros, personal experience and what it is.The 3 different impulses, the sexual, the creative and the spiritual impuls. This leads us into wanting to explore the spiritual dimension as can be experienced with our bodies.

There are at least 3 bodies which we inhabit, not only one, our physical body, to which we are so used to. For a short introduction please read the word sof Ken Wilber below.


This conversation was a live experiment on December 18th 2018

We met on Zoom and transported it into Youtube Live stream. We ended up being only Moniy and Heidi, starting out with the “three bodies” explained with Ken Wilber’s integral theory. we ended up talking about different things, connected with us being women in this world and interested in what is “right” for our lives, now and in the future.


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“There are different components making up what we thought was just one unified item… The same thing is true with the body.  When we look closely at the body and we find out that human beings don’t have just one body…   It is maintained by various traditions that human beings have at least three bodies.

We’ve talked about these before because each of these bodies is, in a sense, the mass-energy that supports different states of consciousness.

This was a huge breakthrough and a big understanding that helped us grasp, not only what the body means, but what these different states of consciousness meant — and how they are actually tied together with a bodily foundation, a bodily ground that is inextricably one with the state of consciousness that goes with it.

We found, for example, the subtle “dream” body. When you get into the dreams state, you lose the sense of the physical body. It’s nowhere to be found. But, you do seem to have a body made out of light and images and luminosity and energy and so on. That’s a subtle body. 

Then when you get into deep formless states, then you have what’s called a causal body. It is called causal because, as the world manifest, as it comes out of spirit and moves down into soul, into mind, into body, into matter , the first body that emerges is the causal body. It’s the body that is the subtlest of all the bodies. It’s the finest and the original body that is manifested in the universe. It’s called causal because it actually causes all of the lesser events in this universe. The causal body causes the subtle body and the subtle body causes the gross body.

These are also supporting states of consciousness to go with them. If you want to get back to the ultimate source, if you want to get back to pure spirit or consciousness, if you want to get back to the ground and goal of all of reality itself, then you can as it were climb these bodies back to their source. In doing so, you’re climbing these states of consciousness back to their source as well.”

As you can see, when it comes to understanding the multidimensional nature of our body, it’s far more rich and profound than meets the eye.  We have a waking (gross) body, a dream (subtle) body, and a dreamless (causal) body.  And each of these bodies is intrinsically woven into corresponding states of consciousness.

Have you ever had a dream where you felt something incredibly profound?

I once had a dream that I was on a lush tropical island, overlooking a sparkling sea.  I looked to the sky, and there were these incredibly beautiful orange cream clouds.  As I watched them pass by and I felt an ecstasy wash over my whole body.  It was as if my body tingling and scintillating from head to toe.   But what body was tingling?  My waking body  was unconscious on a bed.  If I could feel my actual skin, there were pajama pants on, and an eye mask on my face… but I wasn’t feeling my gross body.  Instead, I was feeling my subtle body filled with the sublime beauty of the moment.

But you don’t have to be asleep to feel your subtle body.  You can feel it while meditating, in a session with a skilled energy worker, while making love, or during a walk in nature.

What we discover when we learn how to consciously cultivate each of these three bodies, is that there is far more to us that we’ve ever realized.  We are connected to a vast spectrum of awareness, wisdom, and power that can aid us in healing, actualizing and awakening us to our highest and fullest potential.


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