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Martini Rieser

Martini Rieser – de Veen B.A. Malerin, geboren in Zeist, Niederlande. Verheiratet, zwei Kinder, lebt und arbeitet freiberuflich im kreativen schöpferischen Bereich in Kritzendorf, Österreich.
Diplom Kreative Art: „Art Fundamentals“ Sheridan College Oakville, Canada mit Auszeichnung.
Ausbildung “Art Education”, “Das Zen des Sehens”, “Das Zen im Tennisspiel” an der University of Toronto Canada, Auszeichnung “The Best of the Year” Verleihung C. Morton Preis.
Sommerakademie Salzburg, Rudolf Kortokraks, “Schule des Sehens” nach Oskar Kokoschka.
Langjährige Erfahrung in der Begleitung von Erwachsenen Bildung an der Volkshochschule Klosterneuburg, und privat.
Maltherapie im Wilhelminenspital Abt. Onkologie Prof. Heinz Ludwig Wien.
Malunterricht Schule für Allgemeine Gesundheit und Krankenpflege im Wilhelminenspital Wien.
Sonderschule Klosterneuburg.
Im tätigen Leben eingehende Beschäftigung mit Malerei – Mystik – Zen und der Bibel – Märchen. Praktiziere Zazen seit 2005 bewusst bei Ermin Döll im Kardinal Könighaus Wien. Franziskaner-Theologe-Autor
2010 – 2011 Auftragsarbeit Malerei für Ermin Döll: “Das Wasser des Lebens”.
2013 Leitung und Begleitung von offenen Zen-Meditationsabenden, Ein- und Weiterführungsseminare St. Vitus Kritzendorf
Internationale Teilnahme an Gemeinschafts- und Einzelausstellungen.



Martini Rieser: MädchenMartini Rieser: Mädchen


Martini found me and the Wisdom Factory by coming across a German speaking Women’s group called “The Women at the virtual fountain” (Die Frauen am virtuellen Brunnen). She was working on the theme then and enjoyed to join the conversation group there and then also the Women Matters  group in English.

Despite huge connecting problems she never gave up. Sometimes she was there just listening when no microphone or video worked, but she stayed and enjoyed it, often she sent her comments afterwards via email. In the last sessions she finally made it to be in the Zoom room with all of us.


The previous session with Martini staying in the background

MARTINI’S comment on the session:
Thank you for being our Guidance of being in flow within this special Space hosted by Heidi´s grace – gratitude!
At your age in de middle of the 1970ties I experienced this flow intensify – consciously during my Art-Education Studies at the University of Toronto. In the Studios at the Tennis court in everyday life. I did not understand what it was, everything seemed to me like a big mystery, I just wondered, I thought every body experiences this. But when I communicated it they did not understand my wondering. One day a teacher said to me : Martini you are painting like Zen. I was shocked because I dedicated myself in compassion to Christ. I studied Comparising Religion as well and Music History and cried very often just by listening, I was overwelmed by all the Beauty. Just like I was sitting on the Tennis Court and did not understand what was going on at the Tennis Court. I did not understand anything it all happened to me because I naturally participated for over 100%. What was going on, I went into a fenced – in place, followed the rules and the Ball went where it should go. This became an important Painting for me! The same experiences in Painting, the brush was doing the work. Listening to the music I became one with the composer. Later I studied for 2 years Solo Singing in Vienna at the Konservatorium overwelming!. After more as 75 years of wondering, I am very pleased that you made me aware that in analogue I feel intuitively more at home (established) as in digital. I am scared in the digital technics. I guess I am not precise enough. One thing I know being open in the now and being empty in the head ist the greatest Thanksgiving, that is all we need than we flow in Love and visa versa, the love flows in us. The seeds of happiness within, we just have to let them flourish. I enjoyed your guidance Thanks a lot Eiko and the warmth participation of all of you. Eiko enjoy your beautiful work I do
Love Martini