2015, December 15th at 10 AM PT/ 7 PM CET

Growing older without Big Pharma  Dr. Viviane Carson


Healing ourselves is becoming ever more important in our times where we are immersed in all kinds of possible threats for our physical health. Main stream medicine still relies mainly on pharmaceutical cures for symptoms which appear in some distinct parts of our bodies. The body is still seen as separate parts with not much connection among each other.

In the past few decades the findings of the connection of body, mind an spirit become ever more convincing and also the notion that it healing is more than eliminating the disturbing symptoms. When we know the root cause for the symptom we can effectively be healed with the help of a competent healer – and our own effort and will to become healthy. That doesn’t exclude pharmaceutical products when they are needed, but the big money won’t be made anymore on our illnesses when we begin to engage in our healing process in a holistic way.

Dr.Vivian Carson

STREAMED LIVE  on December 15th, 2015

Dr. Viviane Carson - Healing without Big Pharma

2:00 – Introducing our guests
4:05 – Dr. Carson bio and credentials and how it all began
5:50 – Monika Fruehwirth with some questions
7:25 – How does Dr. Carson begin with a client, relaxation first
8:35 – A healing method that works on 7 levels: 1:psychological, 2:mental and 3:emotional levels,then the 4th:physiological (body) level, then the 5th: biochemical, then 6th: the genetic code, and finally the 7th: spiritual and so we get to the root cause in 3 treatment sessions.
11:30 – More on the Root Cause and who does this work for
12:30 – Healing vs. cure and how she chooses clients
13:16 – Connection and a testimonial, and an indictment of “pain management”
16:30 – No. 1 and No. 2 causes of death
17:25 – How to convince clients that her approach works, the importance of imagination, with examples
21:00 – ”Witchcraft!” cries and converts, importance of communication, especially of feelings
24:20 – How do you detect the root cause? Lots of intuition.
25:00 – Her book: You Are More Than Your Body, seven Steps To Healing Body, mind and Spirit
25:17 – Prevalence of PTSD and how it’s alleviated
28:25 – “Every “dis-ease” begins in the mind and ends up somewhere in the body.”
30:00 – Blaming oneself for their illness? No. Just cause and effect.
32:00 – Putting the client in charge of their own unconscious mind.
32:55 – And the collective unconscious?
37:04 – There can be more than 1 “root cause” incident in one’s life.
39:10 – What about the refugees coming into Europe now? Prevention?
42:25 – Treating little children, even infants, even by Skype
45:35 – What about starting a school for training others? Can you teach intuition?
48:54 – Viewers comments and responses; opening to love
52:20 – Importance of music…and some shameless self promotion
55:33 – Dr. Carson’s web address: www.
56:50 – Thank you’s and good by’s


Most people fear illness and old age because they have seen so many older people in decline and afflicted with disease . Both seems to be inevitable in our collective belief system. And so we try to ignore the fact that we get older. We desperately put lots of effort into “staying young” with market offers, cosmetics, exercise programs, youth-pills, etc. We hope we won’t get older like everyone else, and if we should get ill, our high tech medicine which will oil our engine and make it work again, like before.

But this is not the HEALTH we need if we want to be joyful, happy and pain-free in  our older years. Health is much more than working out regularly and giving up smoking. These are useful things, for sure, but only a drop in the ocean of health and real wellbeing in our lives.

Healing ourselves means healing not only our body, but all aspects of our being. Drugs play much less a role for keeping us healthy than commonly believed and propagated by conventional medicine. Fortunately, we are on the verge of a big shift in medicine with integrating new paradigms like epigenetics and energy healing.


Doctor Carson has several degrees (a total of seven) and two doctorates including degrees in Psychology, Metaphysical Science, a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and certification in 17 sub-modalities.

Dr. Carson is also a Certified Energy Therapist, Certified Domestic Abuse Specialist and is trained in E.F.T., Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time-Line Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, E.M.D.R., The Radiance Technique, Reiki, The Reconnection/Reconnection Healing TM  and many other certifications, all registered professional techniques.  She is also an ordained minister.

With over 30 years of experience in leading personal growth workshops and seminars and one-on-one counseling, Dr. Carson has developed a unique methodology she calls “Psychobiophysical Healing”TM to effectively empower clients to achieve mental, emotional, physical and biochemical changes very quickly.