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Is Post-Modernism Good or Bad? – or just a transitory “green” stage of development?

The "good thing" and the "bad thing" about Post-Modernism or the Green Meme, as it is called in Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics. An invitation for important people to unite their forces! We are observing two influential groups talking about "Green" or "Post-modernism". Both are right, but have the tendency to stress only [...]

Facilitating the growth of young leaders with Fred Jones

Fred Jones When people get older they often feel distant to the younger generations and at the same time they perceive themselves as not really belonging to the "world" anymore, especially when they are retired and lack life purpose. Well, we know from psychology that our beliefs are constructed by ourselves [...]

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Unmasking Internalised Ageism with Susan Farling

An interesting conversation with Susan Farling about our tendency to see everything through the filter of age. It is surprising how much we have internalised AGEISM, the discrimination by age, towards people of all ages. In the episode we talk especially about the older years of life and how older people themselves reinforce the [...]

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Gender topics on The Wisdom Factory podcast

    WOMEN AND POWER A conversation with Prof. Dr. Barbara von Meibom Intimate Couples becoming 2nd tier explorers A conversation with Dr. Tom Habib MEN WOMEN AND POWER [...]

Healing from Depression – naturally

How to handle Depression effectively? A conversation with Dr. Viviane Carson Depression is an expression of our being. It can be healed often and not always necessarily with traditional methods like antidepressives - although they might be useful at times and in certain circumstances. How can healing take place and health be maintained [...]

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Meditation and Relaxation Audios

Guided Meditations created and spoken by Heidi Hornlein You can use these guided meditations for relaxation and for deepening your practice for personal growth and development. Some of the audios are part of a online course called "A relationship beyond your wildest dreams" at https://beyondyourwildestdreams.org [...]

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The Feminine in Integral

Online conversations among women who are part of the "integral community" and who met in person at the Integral European Conference in Hungary 2014 and 2016 These are the extracted audio files from the Video Live conversations. You can find them on Heidi's Youtube Channel [...]

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How to change the mindset of both men and women

We are caught still in the old mindset in many ways. Women don't fully appreciate the role as mother and caregiver and if they want to maintain their jobs and follow up in their careers they get stressed out. They still do the main part in child education - although an increasing number of [...]

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Gender roles and the abuse of men

Two women and two men coming together to discuss ways of being in the world which genuinely express the power we have as men and as women. In this first excerpt of the one hour long conversation we consider the influence of culture and the time when we are brought up. Gender roles [...]

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