About Heidi

HEIDI HORNLEIN is the leading force behind the Association “Il Paradiso Integrale”. She has lived for more than 30 years in Umbria, Italy. She works as a coach both online and in the Paradiso Integral. She runs the Wisdom Factory´s live webinars alone or with other co-hosts after her husband and collaborator Mark Davenport passed away in 2018. She enjoys talking with people who want to share their experience, knowledge and wisdom with the world.

Bewusst Leben und Sterben

Deutsche Version BEWUSST LEBEN, BEWUSST STERBEN (CONSCIOUS LIVING, CONSCIOUS DYING) Eine Gesprächsreihe über Leben und Tod, die stattfand im Oktober/November 2018 Hauptserie 2018 auf Deutsch Alle Videos der Hauptserie 2018 2019 ALLE [...]

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Hierarchies and more

BLOG - CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER About Hierarchies, Spiral Dynamics and the integral worldview HEIDI IN CONVERSATION WITH DOUGH BREITBART People today reject hierarchies - and throw out the baby with the bathwater: In a private conversation with Dough [...]

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Towards The Highest Stage of Love

BLOG - CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER Towards The Highest Stage of Love DR. TOM HABIB AT THE IEC CONFERENCE 2018 Integral European Conference (IEC) in its third edition took place in  Siofok at Lake Balaton in Hungary. People interested [...]

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