Is Post-Modernism Good or Bad? – or just a transitory “green” stage of development?

The "good thing" and the "bad thing" about Post-Modernism or the Green Meme, as it is called in Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics. An invitation for important people to unite their forces! We are observing two influential groups talking about "Green" or "Post-modernism". Both are right, but have the tendency to stress only one [...]

Old age is not a disease: Marc Blesoff in the Wisdom Factory

Marc Blesoff was in conversation with Heidi and Mark about the topic AGEING IN PRISON. Watch live or in replay here! Read below an article, written by Marc Blesoff and published in a local newspaper before. Reading his text inspired us to invite him to talk with us within the CONSCIOUS AGEING series. He presently [...]

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There is no difference between men and women – really?

There is no difference between men and women - really?   The threat to freedom of speech. Men and women are equal, right? There are people who declare in public that there is no biological difference between men and women and that our idea of gender - if we are a woman or a man [...]

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