Elizabeth Schmidt-Pabst: Leben und Sterben aus der kulturellen Perspektive

Leben, Sterben und Kultur Verschiedene Kulturen, verschiedene Weisen, dem Tod zu begegnen. Aus der Erfahrung einer Hospizarbeiterin HEIDI´S INTRO Wir leben in einer Kultur, in der der Tod negiert wird. Leben ist alles, [...]

Co-creative conversations: an example

CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER - CONSCIOUS AGEING Preparing for the conference: an example for a co-creative conversation Five women came together to prepare for a shared contribution for the upcoming Integral European Conference. During the conversation they realised that [...]

Embracing the Ageing Process with Toni LaMotta

VLOG - CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER Embracing the Ageing process We have the chance to change perspective on Ageing. It is widely a taboo and everyone tries to stay as young as possible. But what if we embraced the gifts which come [...]

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