Daniel Juling: Orthogonale Führung

CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER Orthogonale Führung: ein Gespräch mit Daniel Juling Heidi schreibt Wo viele Menschen zusammenkommen, da benötigt man früher oder später eine Möglichkeit, diese zu koordinieren, oder anders gesagt, sie zu führen. Das gilt für Unternehmen [...]

IEC and after

The impact of the Integral Conference in Hungary   In May 2016 Mark and I attended the IEC (Integral European Conference) in Hungary. Mark had become very interested in the topic “Ageing” which he combined with his interest in Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics. He offered a [...]

The learning continues

The learning continues: Live Streaming and Website After negative experiences with a virtual assistant I convinced myself that I had to learn how to do the website stuff myself - another huge challenge which cost me an incredible amount of my life time, but I learned a [...]