Alia Aurami – Integral Subculture

CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER The Integral subculture and the UFO topic - a conversation with Alia Aurami Heidi writes I met Alia several times at the integral conference, especiall during the past 3 years, when the conference took [...]

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Barbara Küchler

CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER Macht, Entwicklungsstufen und die Rolle von Frauen - mit Barbara Küchler Heidi schreibt Unser Zeitalter ist durch Machtkämpfe geprägt, in der Wirtschaft, den Finanzen, der Politik, aber auch im privaten Leben. In der Coronakrise [...]

IEC and after

The impact of the Integral Conference in Hungary   In May 2016 Mark and I attended the IEC (Integral European Conference) in Hungary. Mark had become very interested in the topic “Ageing” which he combined with his interest in Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics. He offered a [...]