Empowerment of women and girls in Kenya – with Linda Shuma

CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER - THE AFRICAN DIALOGUES Women and girls' empowerment:  A conversation with Linda ShumaLinda describes the work she is doing in Kenya to help women to step up in order to create a better life in their country [...]

The Pandemic seen through the lens of Spiral Dynamics

CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER - THE INTEGRAL AFRICAN DIAOLOGUES The pandemic seen through the lens of the spiral with Dr. Loraine Laubscher and Jon Freeman A draft for the upcoming Integral European Conference online Register for the conference May 27th - 31st HERE [...]

Co-creative conversations: an example

CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER - CONSCIOUS AGEING Preparing for the conference: an example for a co-creative conversation Five women came together to prepare for a shared contribution for the upcoming Integral European Conference. During the conversation they realised that [...]