Sharing Corn – a concept for a different life. A conversation with Hannelie Venucia

Heidi writes

Last year we could witness a situation where many people lost their businesses, their income and even their homes. After the End of the Corona measurements – if they ever end – a huge percentage of people in the west will be pushed into poverty and in the less fortunate countries into hunger and starving. At the same time the accumulation of money of the richest people in the world has increased in an incredible way. The gap between these few ultra rich people and us “normal” people has become such an abyss which makes one sick when only thinking about it. A single person. Like Bill Gates, owns more agricultural land in the US than anyone else, even combined. His accumulation of wealth surmounts the amount of what single states have at their disposition to run the country.

Bill Gates as a farmer, what would you think that he would do? Help Monsanto and other chemical monsters? You bet. He doesn’t make the impression of being willing to share anything with anyone, despite his labeling himself a “Philanthropist”. If he was such, he would share his richness, give substantial amounts to countries with severe humanitarian problems instead of trying to earn even more money by pretending to “help” them, as documented widely in his engagement for vaccinations. What he and similar people are doing is the antidote to human life aligned with nature and soulful human community.

What can we do when we realise what is going on in the world? Give in to the abuse of power? Become depressed, ill and even suicidal with the conviction that we are powerless against such overwhelming demonstrations of power? Not a good choice, it enables the evil doers and doesn’t help to change for the good.

What if we tapped into our innate wisdom? What if we developed our full humanity by growing up and getting aware of our personal power? What if we came together and supported each other and, by developing healthy communities, created an antidote to the craziness of the present time?

The story of “Sharing Corn” makes clear that we ourselves thrive when we help others around us to thrive – and if we remain egotistically concentrated on ourselves our initial thriving diminishes and disappears. With other words: the best way to do good to yourself is doing good to others, to your community.

We are called to embrace this way in these times of disruption and global – maybe even cosmical – transformation. Greed and egocentrism has brought us to the breakdown, it doesn’t work anymore, it won’t get us out of this very severe crisis. A leap in consciousness is called for, the resolution of the problems from the next level. It won’t be a technical and materialistic solution, but a shift in the souls of people toward love, toward collaboration, co-creation and joy.

Many people and small pockets are working on this new way of being in the world for a long time. Now it is up to the rest of us to join forces and bring forth the change in human consciousness and behavior. Please get inspired by Hannelie Venucia who shares with us her book “Sharing Corn” and inspires us to join her and many others on the way towards love and peace.

Videopost for Mai 2021

About the book called “Sharing Corn” by Hannelie Venucia.


0:00 Heidi’s intro

0:45 Hannelie introduces herself briefly

1:15 Heidi’s appreciation of the book. Made of pure love.

1:55 The story of “sharing corn” and how sharing makes sense. Planting seeds. Transformation into new levels of awareness.

4:10 Heidi’s experience of how things were different only 35 years ago, when people helped each other.

5:40 Hannelie’s prototyping of conscious living  at the U-Lab and consequences. Italian community culture.

  1. Loss of the lifestyle of community.:30 the drainage of the ecosystems by not planting seeds and regenerating.

8:55 “Orange” ideology: do what you can do – without considering the consequences. The loss of “blue” values (Colors of “Spiral Dynamics”. No counterbalance by “green”

11:20 Starting the journey by realising what is missing to What is emerging. Expanding awareness. A new era emerging. The ability of noticing the impact of what are we doing. Increasing awareness.

15:20 A documentary about the financial collapses in 2008 made her realise of the possibility of a new type of economy. Following the spiral of what is alive instead of following which is life draining. WHich part of the brain  do we act from?

18:30 You cannot resolve the problems on the same level where they were created. Awareness and consciousness is a tool now. The crash is happening now, covered by the Corona story. The impact of what is going on now: Increased learning and awareness. 

22:45 With Corona people are provoked to start to question their way of life. The 70year cycle: the sequence of chaos and order. People need to explore their boundaries – last generations grew without boundaries.

26:30 Positive initiatives going on under the surface. The vision for the future?

27:50 Living from the heart, thriving, starting from our essence.Blossoming, flexibility and freedom. Putting seeds in the ground which might be hard to break through.

31:10 The Plastic problem. Time to grow and nourish as opposed to destruction and exploitation. Finding the balance. Becoming sensitive to what is needed. Awareness.

33:50 Awareness as most important feature, also in leadership. Understanding, being present, noticing what is going on.

36:30 Awareness and the courage to act right, even running against the official line. Example: Corona patients treatment of a group of Italian doctors.

38:15 Citing. D.H.Lawrence. Importance of living from the heart. Heidi’s observation of people in “purple”. Considering the levels of development. 

41:15 How is it in Africa? Hannelie responds, example Covid. People respond with less fear, survival often is part of their daily life. The core life primal energy present. People detached from survival level have more fear. Need of embodiment practices.

46:45 How Hannelie arrived at her understanding of life. Uzazu: the work with primal energy. Sharing her learning with other people, also in workshops. 

49:45 Energy accumulating in different places differently. Hannelie’s experience of that in Italy and Africa.

52:00 Heidi on the beauty of Italy.

53:35 How can people be guided into this sort of experience? Embodied thinking workshop on her website: applicable everywhere. Live and online offerings, ec. “Change workshop”. 

58:50 Coming back to Hannelie’s book: Sharing Corn: Leadership and Self-Leadership Awareness Journal (Constructing and embodying new models of understanding volume 2)

About Hannelie Venucia

Although we have never met in person, I, Heidi, feel very connected to Hannelie and inspired by her work and her presence in my English speaking women’s group WOMEN MATTERS 

There we got a glimpse of her joyous presence and her ability to lead. She led us through various exercises, it was a real joy. More about her work, her skills, her engagement in the world you can find in  my conversation with Hannelie about Africa HERE