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What about our POSSIBILITIES  when we get older? with Jon Freeman

In our collective understanding getting older equals losing. Losing youth, flexibility, beauty, memory, and what not. We believe that illness is inevitable, just a question when it begins and then never stops – until the very end. No escape.

But we want to escape death and, collectively, we are engaged in the immortality project. We are already living longer, statistically, because of better healthcare. But lately we have found out that many drugs first seem to help and then bring us nearer to illness and death. What to do?

If we don’t immediately become immortal, at least we can examine our beliefs and our practices we are eagerly engaging in. Do we really only LOSE when we get older? Or do we gain some things which were not available before? What new possibilities arise when we leave the attempt of remaining young for ever?

Jon Freeman expanded  his research into possibilities in all areas of human life. He will share with us some of his insights. For deeper engagement with his inspiring research read his books. You find them on Amazon by clicking on the links on the right.

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About Jon Freeman

Jon Freeman is old enough to know better, but… to hell with that.

 He is a generalist in an age of specialisms, still exploring life’s edges, around people, motivations, finance, better ways for organisations, mind-body medicine, creative consciousness and human futures.  He is the author of two well-reviewed books and numerous articles.  He is a certified trainer in Spiral Dynamics and Spiritual Intelligence, but still trying to figure out what he will do when he grows up.  In 1990 Jon appeared on the UK’s number one national TV talk show to talk about physical immortality and is not dead yet.

The live broadcast was streamed on Friday, November 25th 2016

Visit Jon’s website: for general background on the book we were talking about in the show

Here a  link to a short (1:25) video which Jon has mentioned during the show. It is on the laboratory proof of psychokinesis  

Visit also Jon’s Facebook page around his second book “Reinventing Capitalism”  



00:00 Introductions

03:30 What has science to do with possibility and how does that relate to ageing in this unpredictable century?  Two stories and life changing incidents

08:30 What those experiences taught me about the limitations of modern science and medicine, an upside down view of what energy and consciousness are

10:25 Information and consciousness are not a results but a driver! What that means…

11:50 Princeton Anomalies Research studies show how our mental activities can affect material results (1 trillion to 1!)
13:20 How that relates to Ageing?  We don’t know how MUCH we can consciously affect it

16:34 Big changes will come when we COLLECTIVELY put our attention into the active creation of new realities.  What else could we do?
20:00 Resistance to the possibilities of change.  What keeps us from being fully alive here and now?  Red pill or blue pill?  Both Mark and Heidi respond for themselves. Jon explores the possi

24:35 It more affects how you might live with an increasing HEALTH span!

25:30 Multiple lifetimes? Possibility is about what you can do, not what you must do.
28:20 What about people’s refusal to change, because of age, of fear?

30:25  Woody Allen’s joke about dying…and what that means.  Choices!

32:00 How far can we go in “thinking” our way out of Ageing?  How can we maintain health and perhaps access what we may need to maintain it?

34:40 How to combine “mainstream” science and medicine with this “esoteric” stream?  It’s not a “head” or “mind” matter.  What Jon does.

38:12 Getting in touch with the body…and with pain

43:40 A gift of ageing!  Putting the universe back inside of us

46:20 A dog story and capacities we all have.  Time is a gift of Ageing.

50:40  What about this “Field” thing?  Humility and unlimited possibilities!

54:02 A diabolic question: Science and Hubris?

57:05 And what about Brexit and Trump and how that changes the world?

58:55 Last words, thank you’s and good bye’s

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