Uniting Multiple Intelligences in Service of Conscious Evolution

with Durwin Foster and Jeff Quintero


Streamed  live  on April 28th 2017

00:00 introductions

04:40 Jeff fills in the big blank between his careers in tech when he was “miserably successful!”and now in what is “consciousness work” in a framework that he calls “Qualence”.
09:58 How Jeff and Durwin started working together. Durwin explains.
12:30 Heidi asks the hard question: What is “IT”? Jeff explains the existential framework, what we know and what we don’t know, the dissociation of  the spiritual and the material in our world view as the root of our existential crisis.

15:30 Working with Nassim Haramein to co-realize our sense of reality. Heidi proceeds and asks Durwin about what is “real” and what is “good” he replies with the progression from the “am” and the “I”, onto the “me” and the “my”, then to the “we” and the “us”, onto the “its”.

19:36 Jeffrey adds more details of the map of Qualia with its 4 quadrants and 8 intervals, the elements of agency and communion. It shows us the laws of consciousness like physics shows us the laws of nature, the form that explains the function.

23:05  We come down to something more concrete, a practice or exercise to illustrate the abstractions mentioned above. Jeff has a few questions “that will sound out of context – because they are!” He uses “goodness” as an example:

#1: To whom does your goodness belong? How many answers are possible?    What are you part of?

#2: Where is your goodness emerging from and where is it flowing toward?
Jeff notes that there are only 3 possible answers to above 2 questions: to the Source, to yourself or to others.
#3:  What does your goodness specifically consist of?  All our qualitative attributes (which he lists).  There’s a chart on his website.

32:57 The above exercise gives us a way to distinguish between an insight and an idea. Jeff expands.

#4: What is your goodness for? It is your potential for causing more goodness, according to Qualence, says Jeff.  Our potential is our potential for causing more goodness, an improvement, from chaos to harmony.
38:32 Heidi gets personal and explains how the push for self-actualizations has emerged for her

40:52 The jump from survival and self actualization, where self actualization doesn’t mean self-sacrifice. Jeff claims the purpose of each human being is the same: to realize their goodness for the benefit of one another. We all have the same purpose but we each have a unique potential. Universal but particular!

43:25 Not about being good or not good as a moral point, but about goodness itself. But being “good” is a part of it.
45:18 Jeff defines goodness as”any attribute conducive to the improvement of life order.” He explains that we have been intuitively guided all along, that our intelligence is our capacity to realize our goodness, a qualitative directionality that guides our evolution to which we are intuitively connected, to our Divine Will.

47:05 The problem of Rational Fundamentalism, that is fundamentalism of any sort that devalues everything outside its province. Jeff expands that “spirituality is our capacity to align our free will toward an infinite, eternal, perfectly harmonious existence.”

49:10 From Rational Fundamentalism to Transcendental Intentionality. This is possible when people shift from the paradigm of the personal and particular self to the paradigm to the Holonic Self into a unified consciousness, like a whole population of an island that can unify when a tsunami is approaching. From competitors for life survival to being co-realizers for life fulfillment, which by definition means fulfilling our goodness potential for the benefit of one another-

51.15 Heidi asks doesn’t this require evolved people before it can happen? Jeff explains his faith in the millennial generation since 9/11 regarding a consciousness shift. He lists the many steps from the theory to a framework to a new perspective to expand our awareness to a willingness to its expression as new behavior.
54:00 How to reach those who have no interest in theory? Jeff sees possibilities.  Heid and Mark reflect on their experience during this video.  Jeff see this as possible without “sacrifice” as usually understood.  Heidi relates to this.  It must start with ourselves.  Then you can collaborate with others.

1:00:57 Conclusions, final remarks, plans for continuation, Thank you’s and good-by’s.

Some reference materials:

Transcend The Monkey at https://youtu.be/vaHQkimsmJk

Transition From Rational Fundamentalism to Transcendental Intentionality ( Seven 15 min videos )









Uniting Multiple Intelligences in Service of Conscious Evolution: Durwin Foster and Jeff Quintero

Here a brief introduction video to the topic

If we see ourselves as spiritual beings, why do we still find it so challenging to be good to one another?  How do we change this state of affairs?  The philosophical approach of Qualence proposes that we are in an existential crisis which dissociates us from our inherent goodness potential.  In this dialogue, Durwin and Jeff will describe the crisis, as well as how an integral ethics based on Qualence can help us break through to the state of transcendental intentionality from which an integral ethics must flow.  Jeff and Durwin will present à practical process called the “inherent goodness awareness expansion” for experiencing this shift in state.


For those with à primary background in Wilber’s work, this diagram helps illustrate the broad territory within which integral ethics is situated.


4 quadrants Wilber & Quintero

Soul Patterning


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About Durwin Foster

Durwin Foster, M.A., CCC (#0345)  is a counselor, researcher, and writer with a strong background in mindfulness-based and integrally-informed approaches to psychology. Durwin worked with Ken Wilber, a pioneer of integral theory, in the development of applications of integral theory to counseling and psychotherapy. Studying mindfulness in graduate school, Durwin was invited to an invitation-only conference with His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the topic of contemplative practices and health. Durwin has authored or co-authored several articles in peer-reviewed journals, including Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, Counseling and Values, and Transcultural Psychiatry.

His many scholarly articles can be found here:https://ubc.academia.edu/DurwinFoster 

His web page for his private practice in counseling can be found here:  www.durwinfoster.com.

About Jeff Quintero

As a pioneer of many new technology waves, published first multimedia magazine for Latin America, first Internet service provider for Brazilian corporations, designed, build leading B2B portals for Hispanic Entertainment Industry, and leading B2B portal for Latin America’s wireless and mobile industries.

For last 14 years applied and expanded Ken Wilber’s Integral Consciousness approach to conceiving a new life valuing framework, innovation method, and partnering model which he calls “Creational-Value Co-Realizing.” By leveraging the functionality of distributed P2P networks this model delivers a more purposeful way to capitalize on all the value dimensions of our humanity.

Durwin Foster & Jeff Quintero