Music and Memory: Discovering the Gifts of Age

with Jessica Roemischer

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Music and Memory: Discovering the Gifts of Age with Jessica Roemischer The Wisdom Factory The Wisdom Factory

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Most people fear old age because they believe that, some day,  their brain functions will decay. We now know from epigenetics that this CAN come true, especially if you believe it. And if you don’t do anything to keep your whole organism alive and well- included your brain – that decay is more likely.

Do you exercise for the body? Great, but what do you do for your brain?  Few people know about the power of music today, while in the past it was a most natural way of healing . Today we call this “music therapy”, but you don’t need a therapist to prevent decay. Go to a choir and sing, begin to play an instrument, listen to music and make music together with others. It will keep your brain alive and it nurtures your soul!

Jessica Roemischer has specialized in helping people to go where words cannot speak by means of her music . She is bringing huge benefits to people who are in a disabled state, where music can bring forth miracles. Her methods can quite as well be practiced to prevent any decay of our capacities in older years. Not pills, but MUSIC!

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In Duet with God: The Story of a Lifelong Friendship

by Jessica Roemischer

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About Jessica Roemischer

How can we expand our notions of aging to include the whole person – body, mind

and spirit? What if our 60’s, 70’s, 80’s – and beyond – heralded a release of our unique gifts and stories? For thirty-five years, Jessica Roemischer has used music and memoir to create a safe space for people of all ages and backgrounds. In recognition of the liberating effect of her work, Jessica has been honored with a CNN Heroes Award nomination, supported by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and singer-songwriter James Taylor, and has presented at the Oxford Roundtable, England. She is now working, particularly, with people in their later years. In this Wisdom Factory dialogue, we’ll explore the challenges of aging and the creative potential it holds.

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