Evolutionary development of our identity with conflict: Patrick Cassidy

BLOG - CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER Martial arts and personal development: conflict from thread to a source of wisdom When I first heard about Aikido, I was fascinated by the concept of reversing the energy of the attack to [...]

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Das System YOGA, integral betrachtet, mit Petra Nienaber

CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER Das System YOGA, integral betrachtet, mit Petra Nienaber Was ist Yoga? Es gibt viele Wege zur Erleuchtung und viele Möglichkeiten, trotz bester Absichten zu scheitern. Wir leben heute in einer Zeit, wo die spirituelle Leere [...]

Is Post-Modernism Good or Bad? – or just a transitory “green” stage of development?

The "good thing" and the "bad thing" about Post-Modernism or the Green Meme, as it is called in Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics. An invitation for important people to unite their forces! We are observing two influential groups talking about "Green" or "Post-modernism". Both are right, but have the tendency to stress only one [...]

Two Ways to grow Wiser: Separately or with a Partner

We didn’t expect to be challenged on this point as Heidi and I had each already committed to doing that Growth thing together.  It was included as a major part of the agreements we had made (and renew at each anniversary) before plunging into our relationship.  How did this challenge happen?   Let’s back [...]

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