The Integral subculture and the UFO topic – a conversation with Alia Aurami

Heidi writes

I met Alia several times at the integral conference, especiall during the past 3 years, when the conference took place online. We were in workshops together and in many socialising events, her face was very familiar to me. And so I was really pleased when I noticed her in the ongoing course led by Sean Esbjorn-Hargens. He was a keynote speaker at the Integral European Conference last May. His contribution was entitled: "Integral Noetic Sciences: The Mind, Reality & UFOs", which attracted me and finally brought me to his course.

So far, the topic UFO was not unfamiliar to me, but I was not really aware that serious integral practitioners have already been deeply into it. So most of the course participants are grounded in the integral approach - as well as in others. The course is based on three spiritual systems in comparison. It is about developing our subtle senses where unusual things are able to be perceived.

Coming back to Alia: I was really relieved to find my interest in such"paranormal" phenomena shared by many other integralists. Alia was great help for me to navigate the course where she is very active and visible. So I thought to invite her to give my readers and listeners a first impression on what integral practice can be, too.

Alia says

My sacred life mission: to amplify our human capacity for living, working, and relating within shared higher consciousness. My deepest joy is working co-creatively with leaders of world-changing organizations to operationalize a Turquoise worldview. Behind me are over six decades of practical and theoretical writing, teaching kids and grownups, clinical psychology, online and local community management, online conference design and implementation (one example), strategic and market planning.
I’m most passionate about researching, facilitating, and writing about “higher-consciousness we-spaces.” I’ve indulged my joy in writing several times through Integral Leadership Review. I support Integral City’s work by co-enlivening its core team. I’m nourished by living near mountains and sea in Seattle, USA.

Videopost for October 2022

About Alia

Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D., is Head Minister of a "micro-church" which is independent of any other church or religion, "Amplifying Divine Light in All Church." Everything she does is a ministry of the church. The primary ministries are and spiritual writing. The Integral-related blog is She is a very active elder who is currently also writing three books: on worldviews, Spiral Dynamics, and sexuality and a fourth book on gift economy.


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