Time, change, perception

Hannelie writes

In our last session ( July 31at, 2023) the matter that time is passing so quickly (our perception thereof) came up. The following day these wise words from Penney Peirce came into my field,  ‘The old world is (was) slow because of separation, gaps, and fear. The new world is fast because of interconnection. As we approach unity, life is more instantaneous. Our lives work by new rules based on the speed of the present moment.’ Likewise, our perception expanding from a linear, chronological, reductionist perspective to a holographic, exponential, multidimensional experience will change how we perceive and experience time.

I love the synchronicity, as our perception and experience of time will also be impacted when we begin to consciously embody our awareness/transformation.

The conversations took place in January, 2022


Gertraud Wegst. Portrait.

Gertraud Wegst

Portrait of Monika Frühwirth

Monia Fruehwirth

Hannelie Venucia

Martini Rieser

Martini Rieser

Christine King

Beatrice Antonie Martino


Heidi Hornlein

Christine Baser Habib

Christine Baser Habib